May 22 – 28, 2021

NSW police officers outside St Andrew’s Cathedral in Sydney during a ‘Rally Against Black Deaths in Custody’.


Morrison’s ‘unconstitutional’ crackdown on charities

“Under the changes, registered charities could be held responsible for summary offences – minor legal breaches – committed by their members or supporters.”

Sweeping new laws that could strip charities of their non-profit status for minor offences are intended to stifle protest, the sector warns.


Image for article: US sidelined in Israel–Hamas ceasefire negotiations


US sidelined in Israel–Hamas ceasefire negotiations

After nearly two weeks of intense fighting, the two parties have agreed to a ceasefire brokered by Egypt.

Image for article: Is a former Murdoch executive the ABC’s next best hope?


Is a former Murdoch executive the ABC’s next best hope?

As yet another funding fight looms for the national broadcaster, the government has appointed three new members to the ABC board.

Image for article: Government subsidises oil refineries


Government subsidises oil refineries

A week after the federal budget, the government has revealed it will spend more than $3 billion to bolster Australia’s oil refining capacity, and a further $600 million to build a gas plant in the Hunter Valley.


Senator challenges cabinet secrecy

“The national cabinet arrangement relies on the controversial cabinet office policy committee that Morrison created upon becoming prime minister. He is its only permanent member.”

Scott Morrison is using a special arrangement to keep the workings of his government secret, but independent senator Rex Patrick has launched a challenge to its legality.

Image for article: Centres for working women at risk


Centres for working women at risk

Despite this month’s federal budget pledging $3.2 billion to women, a critical front-line service has lost much of its funding and will likely close before the end of the year.


IEA pivots from pro-fossil fuel to pushing net-zero pathway

A Supreme Court ruling paves the way for Samoa’s first female prime minister. About 6000 asylum seekers cross by sea from Morocco into Spanish territory. A spike in Covid-19 cases across Asia.

Image for article: IEA pivots from pro-fossil fuel to pushing net-zero pathway



Chris Wallace
Labor’s election chances

“Against this alarming backdrop, one significant question is being asked about the Albanese opposition: Is it capable of winning the election that’s due some time in the next year? ”


Paul Bongiorno
Jumping on the campaign trail

“A government doesn’t spend $100 billion in a budget addressing every political problem, either of its own making or imposed on it, and leave anything to chance. Scott Morrison certainly didn’t this week. No sooner had parliament adjourned than he hot-footed it to Queensland – the state that did the most to save his government and without doubt holds the keys to the Lodge at the next poll. ”


The eye of the storm

It’s been a fairly quiet week for the Morrison government. In the limbo between the budget and next week’s session of parliament, everything’s gone a bit (more) dull in Canberra. We can expect several scandals to break simultaneously on Monday as everyone plays catch-up.

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Mass vax implosion

The Morrison government won’t say how much Covid-19 vaccine there is in the country. They won’t say to which states it has been sent or how much has been administered. When asked in private briefings, the answer is: “That’s information in confidence.” There is no public data to say why the rollout has stalled, or if it was hubs that produced a record day for vaccinations this week, or to show if that was related to supply. There is no data to say what is working and what is not.


A waiting game

The state of Josh Frydenberg’s supposed now open mind is very much a wait-and-see (Mike Seccombe, “What’s behind Frydenberg’s debt epiphany?”, May 15-21). Can we measure how far he’s …

Her choice of words

Amanda Stoker regards abortion as permitting women to avoid “the obvious consequences of their voluntary choices”, but she also wants to ban late-term abortions, even when a pregnancy was the result …

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Maria Fernanda Cardoso.


Artist Maria Fernanda Cardoso

For the past three decades, artist Maria Fernanda Cardoso has blurred the line between the natural world and human artifice, demanding that we look more closely at nature.

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A new touring work by the Sydney Dance Company, Impermanence, is a surge of energy and precision, urgent and unrelenting.

Image for article: Disney: The Magic of Animation


Disney: The Magic of Animation

ACMI’s spectacular exhibition of Disney animation – chosen from an archive of more than 65 million works – pays tribute to the lesser known but striking talents that helped to create this cultural behemoth.


Image for article: The Three Burials of Lotty Kneen: Travels with My Grandmother’s Ashes

Krissy Kneen
The Three Burials of Lotty Kneen: Travels with My Grandmother’s Ashes

Image for article: The Forgotten Menzies

Stephen A. Chavura and Greg Melleuish
The Forgotten Menzies

Image for article: Bila Yarrudhanggalangdhuray

Anita Heiss
Bila Yarrudhanggalangdhuray


Image for article: Quince jelly


Quince jelly

Image for article: Tasmania’s steam trains


Tasmania’s steam trains

Although Tasmania’s last passenger train service ceased operations more than four decades ago, rail enthusiasts still have ample opportunities to enjoy living history.

Image for article: Australia’s 3x3 basketball shot


Australia’s 3x3 basketball shot

As 3x3 basketball makes its way into the Olympic arena, the Australian women’s team is hoping to get a shot at a history-making medal in Tokyo.




“It’s an 11th order issue.”

Joel FitzgibbonThe Labor MP describes where he ranks climate change. Issues ordered 1 through 10 are all retaining his Hunter Valley seat in the heart of coal country.


We’re relying, I think, too much on individual public servants’ judgement and also their natural empathy.”

Linda ReynoldsThe minister defends a controversial proposal to introduce independent assessments to the NDIS. If the independent assessors also prove too empathetic, the government can always outsource the job to robots.


“That corrupt motherfucker.”

Barack ObamaThe former United States president reacts to news that Donald Trump was speaking with Vladimir Putin without aides on the call, according to a new book by journalist Edward-Isaac Dovere. Upon reflection, it’s a fairly generous description of the 45th president.


“It’ll eventually get to where straight white men are not allowed to talk...”

Joe RoganThe host, whose daily podcast is downloaded about 200 million times a month, and who just signed a $US100 million contract with Spotify, decries the silencing of straight white men by woke culture.


“It doesn’t matter whether you’re visiting a ship, an army base or an air force base, this just doesn’t happen.”

Neil JamesThe executive director of the Australian Defence Association expresses his surprise that Scott Morrison received a red-carpet welcome to an Australian military base. He should see the greeting the prime minister gets at a Hillsong church.


“It would have been a really good photo opportunity. You know, kind of like Boris and his NHS friends…”

Jenny McGeeThe New Zealand-born nurse explains why she declined to take part in a “clap for carers” event at Downing Street. McGee, who cared for the British prime minister when he was in intensive care with Covid-19, has resigned in protest at his government’s proposed 1 per cent pay rise for nurses.