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Just Joyce

For a politician to get noticed these days, they have to be spectacularly bad at their job. On this principle, the Coalition has produced some of the mightiest figures in Australian political history, characters who will be studied for generations to come, so future leaders can learn just how bad it can get.

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Says it all...

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Judgement at the ballot box

Hindsight gives John Hewson a persuasive view of the present government’s shortcomings (“On shame and politics”, June 26–July 2). It’s easy to agree with his litany of instances …

Better late than never

I was pleasantly surprised to read former Liberal Party leader John Hewson’s comments and assessment of Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s lack of empathy and detachment from the people of Australia. …

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Lucy Ellmann
Things Are Against Us

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Laura Elizabeth Woolett
The Newcomer

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Sophie Overett
The Rabbits


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Potato cakes

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Domestic mRNA vaccine manufacture

For months, experts have been calling for mRNA vaccines to be manufactured onshore. It’s not too late to kickstart the process, if the will is there.

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Tour riders wheels up for Tokyo Olympics

As if the narrow time frame between the Tour de France and the Tokyo Olympics men’s road race isn’t challenging enough, Covid-19 puts another spoke in the wheel.




“I’m not sure that essential oils, for example, would really be essential.”

Brad HazzardThe New South Wales Health minister clarifies what he means when he asks people to only leave their house for “essential buying” during lockdown. Even Pete Evans was confused.


“Nice that you’re there, giving a bit of intellectual clout.”

Alan JonesThe veteran broadcaster congratulates Barnaby Joyce on his new leadership role for the Nationals. There’s still a very good chance he meant “clot”.


“Those of us who make these rules have got to stick by them, and that’s why I’ve got to resign.”

Matt HancockThe British health secretary steps down after CCTV footage showed him engaged in a Covid-unsafe embrace with an adviser. He also left his wife, just to be sure.


“Reshuffle done from Danglemah this afternoon.”

Barnaby JoyceThe Nationals leader shares a photo of himself having a beer after reallocating his party’s portfolios. Danglemah, to be clear, is a town in NSW and not what Joyce calls his brain.


“It’s a gut-punch. What does it say about women’s words, a woman’s value, all the lives that he damaged?”

Victoria ValentinoOne of multiple women who accused Bill Cosby of assault reacts to his release from prison. There’s no joke for this one: a court found he had made an earlier agreement with a prosecutor that was to prevent him from being charged.


“I hope in distancing myself from them I am able to speak my mind without them suffering the consequences.”

Winston MarshallThe banjo player announces he is leaving Mumford and Sons so he can better express his right-wing political views. The man is as brave as a knitted vest.


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