July 17 – 23, 2021


A nurse at the mass vaccination hub at Melbourne Showgrounds.


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Kevintervention for your Ruddspiracy theory

We don’t have great conspiracy theories here in Australia. Not compared with Americans, whose conspiracy theories are fantastic in their sheer creativity: an air force base in Nevada is secretly a UFO hangar, the CIA had president John F. Kennedy killed by weaponising grassy knolls, the moon-landing was filmed by Stanley Kubrick on a soundstage, and something metallurgically implausible involving jet fuels and steel beams and 9/11.

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Getting some answers

By now it is staringly obvious that we need a royal commission into the procurement and rollout of Australia’s vaccine program. This government held one into roof insulation and another into the renovation of an old kitchen, so it should not be too great an ask.


Calling out Frydenberg

Josh Frydenberg, when minister for the Environment (Mike Seccombe, “Exclusive: Frydenberg pushed AGL to sack boss”, July 10-16), instead of implementing policy, played politics by pressuring …

PM on the subs’ bench

Plaudits are due your editorial (“Bully for you”, July 10-16) for succinctly stating the unsuitability of Scott Morrison as prime minister. Devoid of ambition or action for Australia, there …

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John Byron
The Tribute

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Izumi Suzuki
Terminal Boredom

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Mark Brandi
The Others


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Duck breasts stuffed with prunes

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Window gazing

As coronavirus entangled us in global horrors, while at the same time confining us to our homes, corners of the internet brought the outside in.

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Ash Barty’s Wimbledon victory

Ash Barty’s win at Wimbledon last weekend was a childhood dream, fulfilled with grace and humility.




“Those responsible for this appalling abuse should be ashamed of themselves.”

Boris Johnson The British prime minister condemns the vilification of England’s Black soccer players. For a man expert in racism, he still has little authority on the subject of shame.


“…my clinical colleagues tell me that in fact the symptoms she is displaying are not those of a person who would have Covid.”

Bill BowtellThe public health expert responds to the government’s graphic coronavirus advertising. The actor’s symptoms are still significantly more real than the chance of a woman her age getting vaccinated.


“I have the hiccups 24 hours a day.”

Jair BolsonaroThe Brazilian president is admitted to hospital after 10 days of constant hiccuping, possibly connected to an intestinal obstruction. It’s likely his own body is finally rebelling against the misinformation he has spread on coronavirus.


“It’s important countries that are voting on this need to be able to say they have put their head under the water and have spoken to world experts.”

Warren EntschThe government’s “reef ambassador” prepares a snorkelling trip for UNESCO representatives in the hope of avoiding an “in danger” listing for the Great Barrier Reef. That, or he’s threatening to waterboard them.


“I did chuckle when I saw the story.”

Greg HuntThe federal Health minister shrugs off reports former prime minister Kevin Rudd helped procure a faster supply of the Pfizer vaccine. It’s nice to know there’s still time for a little chuckle: like, who called it hypoxemic respiratory failure and not Delta airways?


“While I’m humbled by the support, the situation has not changed and I will not be contesting the next election.”

George ChristensenThe member for Dawson resists calls from supporters of Barnaby Joyce to stand for another term, saying he would like to spend more time with his family. Joyce understands the sentiment, just not the concept.