August 7 – 13, 2021

Prime Minister Scott Morrison at Parliament House on Thursday.


Morrison’s figures do not predict an end to lockdowns

“When Scott Morrison announced his four-phase road map out of Covid-19, he included phase C as the period when lockdowns would no longer be required and phase D as the period when Australia would be essentially as it was before the pandemic. ”

As Scott Morrison leans on ‘optimal’ vaccine modelling, the epidemiologists he commissioned say they can’t predict a return to normal.


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What makes Afterpay worth $39 billion

In seven years, Afterpay went from an idea to help an internet jewellery business to a company worth $39 billion.

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Almost all Covid-19 fines remain unpaid

As Victoria returns to lockdown, new figures show more than 30,000 Covid-19 fines in the state remain unpaid.


Morrison approached Tabcorp for Covid-19 lottery

The Saturday Paper has confirmed the government sought advice from Tabcorp on how a lottery could be designed to encourage vaccination, after the company indicated in July that it supported the idea.”

As Labor tries to capture the debate over vaccine incentives, the Morrison government has been working on a possible lottery.


Buying the Leppington Triangle

“Just before 5.30pm on Tuesday, too late for the news programs or daily newspaper deadlines, the government dumped a raft of documents in parliament that it had been trying to withhold.”

New documents show how the government came to pay 10 times the market value for the Leppington Triangle in Western Sydney.

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Bridget McKenzie and bushfire recovery grants

Questions remain about the allocation of bushfire relief funds after the Black Summer fires. But as new minister Bridget McKenzie takes over the programs, there is also increasing concern the money is being used for pork-barrelling.


Death of Belarusian activist treated as suspicious

Japanese defence white paper links the country’s security to Taiwan for the first time. Jacinda Ardern apologises for dawn raids on Pacific migrants in the 1970s. France to press ahead with vaccination passes despite protests.

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Cassandra Goldie
The true story of Morrison’s tax cuts for the rich

“Last week we learnt that regardless of which major party wins the federal election, tax cuts of $180 a week are locked in for the top 5 per cent of taxpayers. Following that revelation, it was rumoured that Labor would pay for the tax cuts by reducing services for cancer patients and older people with sore teeth, although it denied the former. For the government’s part, it plans to slowly starve our essential services and the safety net. ”


Paul Bongiorno
Morrison plays the other race card

“The setting for the government parties room meeting back in Canberra after the winter break was depressing. It wasn’t hard to see it as a metaphor for the deep hole in which the Morrison government finds itself. Having spent the first four months of the year assuring Australians the vaccine rollout was not a race, Scott Morrison is now in the race of his political life.”


Sky sees limits

It’s remarkably hard to get banned from YouTube. The platform hosts more than 500 hours of fresh videos a minute. That’s more content than even the most dedicated teenager in Sydney fighting lockdown boredom can watch in a lifetime. Almost all of that video – 720,000 hours’ worth a day – is of children unboxing toys or biting each other. The remainder is video of Alan Jones being sceptical about vaccines on Sky News.

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You call that a cabinet?

There are two overriding beliefs that guide Scott Morrison as prime minister: the first is a belief in secrecy, and his right to it when making decisions; the second is Morrison’s belief that his saying something makes it true.


Poll options

Rick Morton’s analysis of federal political and public divisions is thought-provoking (Rick Morton, “The political forces inside the anti-lockdown movement”, July 31–August 6). He cites examples …

PM doesn’t understand the reality

An article that is long overdue (Karen Middleton, “Vaccine bottleneck”, July 31–August 6). Of course, home care is a misnomer. It is not homes that are being cared …

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Jennifer Mills
The Airways

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Malla Nunn
Sugar Town Queens

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Sara El Sayed
Muddy People


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Future archaeology

Changes in the focus of archaeology are seeing it shift from a study of past civilisations to one that informs the future.

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The limits of telehealth

Telehealth has been a crucial part of medicine during the pandemic – although it has also been a limiting one.


Unbreakable Paralympian Carol Cooke

Whatever the obstacles faced by Carol Cooke, she’s found a way around them. Now the gymnast turned swimmer turned Para-rower turned Para-cyclist is on track for gold in Tokyo.

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“We will be working as hard as we can to make sure that come 8pm next Thursday we can be out of this.”

Daniel AndrewsThe Victorian premier announces the state’s sixth coronavirus lockdown. One more and he gets a free coffee.


“Police will allege in court the man knew information relating to the sexual abuse of a young male in the 1970s.”

Police statementNew South Wales Police Force confirms Hillsong founder Brian Houston has been charged with allegedly concealing information related to child sexual offences. Houston’s father, Frank, has been accused of abusing nine boys.


“If I was a car thief and went to the criminal court and said, ‘I’m not going to steal a car again, don’t worry about it, take my word for it’, and they just let me go – it’s really not how the system works, is it?”

Ray FinkelsteinVictoria’s gaming royal commissioner expresses his doubts about Crown Resorts’ capacity for self-regulation. In fairness to car thieves, they hurt fewer people.


“He’s a winner to us.”

Abra BolThe cousin of Australian Olympian Peter Bol celebrates Bol’s fourth place in the 800 metres final at the Tokyo Olympics. Bol is still faster than anyone else in Australia.


“He had a warmth that he brought into the living rooms of millions of Australians.”

Peter CostelloThe Nine chairman announces the death of Brian Henderson, who read the news to Sydney from 1957 until his retirement in 2002. That’s the way it is.


“The scheme ... includes a one-off payment in recognition of the harm caused by forced removal.”

Ken WyattThe minister for Indigenous Australians announces that survivors of the Stolen Generations in the Northern Territory and the ACT will be eligible for compensation payments of $75,000. It follows a specific objection to such payments.