September 4 – 10, 2021

A Covid-19 patient being cared for in the intensive care unit of St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney.


Exclusive: Covid-19 hospitalisations three times higher than reported

Victoria and NSW are at a crisis point, with Covid-19 hospitalisations being underreported and cascading impacts on ambulance services and medical staffing.


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What can the world teach us about opening up with Covid-19?

As the federal government pushes towards reopening on the back of high vaccination numbers, the nation can learn its biggest lessons from other countries that have exited harsh lockdowns in a bid to establish Covid normal.

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What is behind Morrison’s positive shift?

While the government pivots to upbeat messaging and the AMA calls for greater honesty around reopening, the Doherty Institute modelling shows that lockdowns may continue, even at high vaccination rates.

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Family ties crucial to coping with the pandemic

In Western Sydney, multigenerational families living in migrant households are finding new ways to confront the pandemic.

Image for article: Why your current car may be the last fossil-fuel vehicle you own


Why your current car may be the last fossil-fuel vehicle you own

Australians are taking up electric vehicles in increasing numbers, but the country is still a long way behind Europe. Now states are offering incentives, and charging infrastructure is being planned, with price parity only a few years away.

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Biden calls Kabul evacuation an extraordinary success

Alleged mastermind of Bali bombings on trial in Cuba. China limits online gaming for under 18s. United Nations marks success of global ban on leaded petrol as Algeria runs out.

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Rory Callinan
The Brereton inquiry and the fall of Kabul

“In late May, Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Foreign Minister Marise Payne issued a joint press release announcing the imminent closure of the Australian embassy in Afghanistan due to the ‘increasingly uncertain security environment’. ”


Paul Bongiorno
Morrison in damage control

“Scott Morrison is flailing about as he struggles to get back on the ‘narrow path’ he keeps talking about to deliver him another election victory. Nowhere is this more obvious than the desperate damage control he embarked on earlier this week, when it was obvious he had misread the mood of the nation. Most particularly, what had escaped him was the deeper concerns of people in states free of Covid-19.”


John Hewson
The merit of privatisation has been lost through greed

“One of the most compelling public policy initiatives globally over the past several decades, but unfortunately one of the most poorly implemented, has been privatisation. That is the concept of transferring business, industry or services from public to private ownership and management control.”

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Taking the money

One argument is a slippery slope. If the government asked business to pay back $13 billion in undeserved pandemic subsidies, it would look a lot like accountability. And if they were to ask for that of business, then what accountability might they have to ask of themselves?


Letting women speak

Dhanya Mani has penned an elegy of profound emotional strength, every word expressing the dignity and significance of the life of her friend and confidante (“Remembering Kate”, August 28–September 3). …

Afghanistan left to the Taliban

Sarah Price’s piece “I am human first of all” (August 28–September 3) is a truly gut-wrenching one, which I read with a rising sense of despair. T. S. Eliot came to mind: …

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Scott Hamilton and Stuart Kells
Sold Down the River

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Morris Gleitzman

Image for article: The Magician

Colm Tóibín
The Magician


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Cabbage cream with cabbage, parmesan and toasted buckwheat

Image for article: How to write a song


How to write a song

Australian musicians including Bernard Fanning, Sarah Blasko and Paul Kelly  share the creative practices they have in common when writing songs.

Image for article: A pandemic of the homesick


A pandemic of the homesick

Homesickness is no longer classified as a disease, yet it causes both anxiety and depression. The pandemic has magnified the grief and loss of distance and separation.


Ben Simmons and the yips

Once revered for his on-court magic, basketballer Ben Simmons is now ridiculed for his brazen refusal to put up shots. What next for the out-of-sorts Aussie superstar?

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“So we threw the kitchen sink at it, all kinds of meds.”

Joe RoganThe world’s biggest podcaster reveals he took an untested ivermectin treatment after contracting Covid-19. The worming drug is mostly used on animals and libertarians.


“Not one person ever expressed offence.”

Erin MolanThe broadcaster defends a series of Asian accents she used on air, as part of her defamation case against Daily Mail Australia. She says she was not being racist: she was impersonating a racist scene from a film, which is different.


“He’s actually on the dishes, would you believe, because there’s just the two of us there.”

Josh FrydenbergThe treasurer describes living with Scott Morrison in The Lodge during lockdown. Other times he’s actually on quarantine and vaccinations, would you believe.


“Obviously the AFL has essential people. Mr McGuire is not one of them.”

Mark McGowanThe Western Australian premier confirms that Eddie McGuire will not be allowed into the state to cover the AFL grand final. Somehow a man with an 88 per cent approval rating is still finding new ways to be popular.


“I’m enjoying a week’s break in France. They’ve learned to live with Covid here not lurch from one damaging lockdown to another!”

Alexander DownerThe former Foreign minister enjoys a holiday in France. Most of the country has learnt to live with the virus, except for the 126,000 who didn’t and died.


“As of now, most abortion is banned in Texas.”

Marc HearronThe lawyer from the Center for Reproductive Rights responds to a United States Supreme Court decision that upheld Texas’s restriction on abortion access. The main family planning available in the state is once again school shootings.