September 11 – 17, 2021

Prime Minister Scott Morrison speaks to the media at Parliament House this week.


Exclusive: National cabinet told hospital crisis could last six months

As overwhelmed hospital staff prepare to triage patients based on age, a new briefing to national cabinet says the strain on the health system will last well into next year.



Government agencies worked against each other in Kabul evacuation

“Australian agencies mounting last month’s evacuation from the Afghan capital, Kabul, appear to have effectively worked against each other in the chaotic conditions, with Home Affairs issuing emergency humanitarian visas and some Defence personnel on the ground refusing to accept them.”

Reports from the ground show people with valid visas were forced back at the airport, amid allegations of a politicised process for claims.

Image for article: The mental health crisis facing young Australians


The mental health crisis facing young Australians

Despite government promises to increase funding during the pandemic, Australian experts are identifying a mental health emergency for young people.

Image for article: Monopoly money: Australian market concentration under scrutiny


Monopoly money: Australian market concentration under scrutiny

As the ACCC pursues BlueScope in court over alleged price-fixing, the regulator’s chair is pushing for far-reaching reforms to merger laws.

Image for article: Principals under pressure


Principals under pressure

Even as school principals face more onerous workplace demands, they are receiving less support, leaving many burnt out and disillusioned – and some under investigation.

Image for article: Women swept aside as Afghanistan renamed


Women swept aside as Afghanistan renamed

The Taliban begin second Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. Papua New Guinea struggles with vaccine rollout due to misinformation. El Salvador adopts bitcoin as legal tender.

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Karen Middleton
After the war on terror

“After the September 11 attacks, America was a nation bent on revenge. What is less understandable is why, in its planning for a war that lasted two decades, there was no reflection on anything but that. Now the same absence of reflection looks like prevailing again.”


Paul Bongiorno
The secret life of Scott Morrison

“Scott Morrison loves to keep a secret. It has become a trademark of his government and famously manifested itself long before he snatched the keys to The Lodge. It is serving him and the workings of our democracy poorly.”


John Hewson
What voters really want

“Voters are crying out for strong leadership on the big issues and for truth, integrity and accountability in government. There has been a massive loss of confidence, trust and belief in our politicians and in government processes in recent years.”

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Looking backwards

The letter is very clear. It is addressed to Health Minister Greg Hunt and was sent by Pfizer on June 30 last year. Four days earlier, the company had begun correspondence with the Health Department.


Home truths

It is alarming that so many people with Covid-19 are receiving care under the New South Wales Hospital in the Home program (Rick Morton, “Exclusive: Covid-19 hospitalisations three times higher than reported”, …

Undeveloped countries still paying

We have been told solar cells, wind turbines and electric cars will allow us to continue our obsession with continually increasing our personal consumption and save the planet as well (Mike Seccombe, …

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Image for article: Beautiful World, Where Are You

Sally Rooney
Beautiful World, Where Are You

Image for article: Title Fight: How the Yindjibarndi Battled and Defeated a Mining Giant

Paul Cleary
Title Fight: How the Yindjibarndi Battled and Defeated a Mining Giant

Image for article: The Sweetest Fruits

Monique Truong
The Sweetest Fruits


Image for article: Golden syrup dumplings


Golden syrup dumplings

Image for article: Why are frogs dying?


Why are frogs dying?

Green tree frogs and other frog species are dying off along the east coast of Australia and scientists are asking the public for help to discover the cause, or causes.

Image for article: Greece in Brunswick


Greece in Brunswick

A conversation between a daughter and her father sheds light on the experience of migrant communities – and on the process of accepting family.


‘I was sweating’: David Smerdon on playing Magnus Carlsen

The chance discovery of his father’s chess set had David Smerdon winning games before he could read and becoming an international master by age 14. Next he would go head to head with the world’s greatest players.

Image for article: ‘I was sweating’: David Smerdon on playing Magnus Carlsen




“There is still an attitude, a culture that excuses, justifies, ignores or condones gender inequality that drives, ultimately, violence against women.”

Scott MorrisonThe prime minister addresses the National Summit on Women’s Safety. He’s proof you can turn up as a man at a feminist conference and still draw exclusively on personal experience.


“Caught a couple of magic waves ... all ridgy didgy, even under the current, rather oppressive regime.”

Tony AbbottThe former prime minister explains that he was acting within the rules after being photographed without a mask in Manly. The man really did dismantle a carbon price in pursuit of his endless summer.


“What I didn’t know was that premier Gladys Berejiklian’s in a sprint while the rest of us are supposed to do some sort of egg and spoon thing.”

Daniel AndrewsThe Victorian premier vents his frustration at the division of Pfizer doses from Britain. Just a note to the premier: if there’s a spoon involved, it’s probably not a vaccine in your needle.


“I am on the side of the kids who are being kicked out of the classroom.”

Matthew GuyThe disgraced former Victorian Liberal leader and current Victorian Liberal leader makes his pitch for the state. School is as good a place as any to start for a man who looks as if he is the victim of a particularly spiteful wedgie.


“I am obligated to respect the decision of those members of the clergy who have a conscientious objection.”

Julian PorteousThe Catholic Archbishop of Hobart asks that priests who have refused to be vaccinated still be able to offer ministry in aged-care homes. Jesus was a fisher of men and who’s to say he didn’t use a dragnet.


“First he takes your legs … Then he takes your soul.”

Andy RoddickThe retired tennis star describes playing against Novak Djokovic. The world No. 1 will take anything, frankly, except the vaccine.