September 18 – 24, 2021


An ambulance officer treats a patient in Sydney.


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Losing to win

Morrison’s decision to enter a trilateral pact built around nuclear hardware is a horrifying miscalculation. It places Australia on the front line of any future war with China.


Top-down poor leadership

Paul Bongiorno is eloquent about Scott Morrison’s multifaceted failures of leadership, including his ongoing, appalling dismissal of women (“The secret life of Scott Morrison”, September 11-17). …

Transparency on party donors essential

John Hewson (“Backbench presses”, September 11-17) laments the Morrison government’s inaction on key policies where action is clearly needed – climate change, aged …

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Image for article:  Beirut 2020: The Collapse of a Civilization, a Journal

Charif Majdalani
Beirut 2020: The Collapse of a Civilization, a Journal

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Claire-Louise Bennett
Checkout 19

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Michelle Tom
Ten Thousand Aftershocks


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Spring greens and shredded lamb shoulder

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Psychologists worried over long-term mental health issues

Psychologists are concerned about anxiety and depression becoming long-term problems due to the pandemic, with the worst effects felt by the young and the vulnerable.

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Esse Studios’ Edition Five collection

With the launch of her latest collection, Esse Studios founder Charlotte Hicks reiterates her commitment to creating feminine styles that are reliable and comfortable, and that focus on how a woman feels within herself.


David Smerdon’s rise to grandmaster

After failing to achieve his dream of becoming a chess grandmaster in Europe, David Smerdon returned home to Australia to pursue a career. But when the opportunity presented itself once more, he grabbed it with both hands.

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“I had high hopes for Mr Shelton and am sorry it has come to this.”

Fred NileThe leader of the Christian Democratic Party disendorses Lyle Shelton as his successor. Shelton said this is not how Jesus would act – forgetting that three days after dying he also changed his mind.


“I never thought dobbing and snitching was part of the Australian character.”

Tony AbbottThe former prime minister complains after being fined for failing to wear a mask. This is the same man who as prime minister urged public servants to dob in their colleagues if they mocked him online.


“And I want to thank that fellow Down Under. Thank you very much, pal.”

Joe BidenThe United States president appears to forget Scott Morrison’s name while announcing a deal for Australia to buy nuclear submarines. If the question is how much would it cost Morrison to become a memorable world figure, the answer is more than $90 billion.


“As a potential beneficiary I have no access to information about the conduct and funding of the trust.”

Christian PorterThe former attorney-general says he is unable to say who helped pay for his legal fees through a blind trust. Incidentally, Porter is pretty much out of blind trust.


“I apologise if that’s incorrect. It should certainly be the curfew.”

Matthew GuyThe Victorian Liberal leader apologises for sending a press release accidentally calling for an immediate end to Melbourne’s lockdown. It’s still not nearly as confusing as the time he put up “tough on crime” billboards while also meeting with alleged mafia figures.


“Unfortunate and not reflecting well on the minister.”

John GriffithsThe Federal Court judge asks Resources minister Keith Pitt to explain why grants were given to a gas company exploring the Beetaloo Basin, despite assurances the deal was not imminent. The likely answer is he just really, really loves fossil fuels and couldn’t help himself.