September 25 – October 1, 2021

Cardinal George Pell at his home in the Vatican in May.


Exclusive: George Pell returned to Australia ahead of church reforms

Cardinal George Pell has spent the past several months in Sydney, as the Catholic Church prepares for its first reform conference in more than 80 years.



Covid figures: Splits emerge in government health models

“On Monday, researchers from a consortium led by the Doherty Institute held a media briefing regarding updated ‘sensitivity analyses’ of its original Covid-19 modelling.”

As contact tracing collapses in NSW, differences are opening up in the key health modelling commissioned by government.

Image for article: Healthcare workers suffering exhaustion and burnout


Healthcare workers suffering exhaustion and burnout

Australia’s healthcare workers are reporting that they are exhausted and burnt out after the pandemic wrought profound change to their work practices. As the health crisis continues, how can the quality of care be sustained?


Under the surface of Australia’s submarine deal

“On the morning of September 15, Paris time, the French government-owned Naval Group received a letter from Australia’s Defence Department.”

Hours before cancelling a $90 billion contract for French submarines, Australia was still telling the company to proceed with design – but the plan to renege had been in the works since 2019.

Image for article: Inside the Parklea prison Covid-19 outbreak


Inside the Parklea prison Covid-19 outbreak

Coronavirus has taken hold at Parklea Correctional Centre, with at least 140 inmates infected. Treatment is cursory and prisoners with the virus are largely prevented from contacting family members and even lawyers.

Image for article: Biden pledges switch from war to ‘relentless diplomacy’


Biden pledges switch from war to ‘relentless diplomacy’

Court orders Joko Widodo to improve quality of Indonesia’s air. A hero of Rwandan genocide is convicted of terrorism. Chinese property development company Evergrande collapses.

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Simon Rice
Unstoppable police force

“A tendency towards ‘strong policing’ has a long history in NSW. From the late 18th century, policing was carried out – often vigilante-style – by many different agencies for differing purposes and according to differing rules.”


Paul Bongiorno
Morrison, the jaded emperor

“Scott Morrison’s plans to make the looming election as much about keeping Australia safe from a Chinese threat as anything else have begun to take serious water.”


John Hewson
Christian Porter and the ‘born to rule’ mentality

“A fundamental weakness of our democracy relates to the funding of election campaigns and other financial support of governments, parties and individual members of parliament. This needs to be a fully transparent and accountable process.”

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Rupert bare

It’s a coincidence that as rioters were marching through Melbourne Scott Morrison was dining with News Corp executives in New York. It’s a coincidence, too, that the city’s Shrine of Remembrance looks a little like the United States Capitol Building.


AUKUS not in our interests

Thanks for your excellent editorial (“Losing to win”, September 18-24) on the nuclear submarines matter, and for including Hugh White’s sensible piece (“From the submarine to the ridiculous”, …

Regional alliances disturbed

The Morrison government’s decision to invest in nuclear submarines was kept secret, not just from France but also from Australians. It adds weight to the New York Times’ claim “Australia …

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Image for article: Believe in Me

Lucy Neave
Believe in Me

Image for article: Several People Are Typing

Calvin Kasulke
Several People Are Typing

Image for article: Take Care

Eunice Andrada
Take Care


Image for article: Potato gratin with ricotta, honey and thyme


Potato gratin with ricotta, honey and thyme

Image for article: The YouTube game


The YouTube game

Nearly a decade later, a random exchange between two men unspools the long tail of YouTube and viral videos.

Image for article: Cultivated tastes


Cultivated tastes

It’s time to start raising tomatoes – and take a punt on warmer weather to plant them out in November.


The big dance

Despite a hectic, Covid-influenced season, the AFL grand final is back in its traditional September slot. As fans await the opening bounce, two stories sum up the essence of the game.

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“Yes. I change a lot of nappies.”

Boris JohnsonThe British prime minister confirms for the first time that he is the father of six children and is expecting another. Finally an answer to the question: “Is Boris Johnson good at anything?”


“It’s so far out of hand now that I can promise you that no one is safe.”

Johnny DeppThe actor complains of an “instant rush to judgement” that exists in culture today. That’s not entirely accurate: a court took 16 whole days to decide it was “substantially true” to call him a “wife beater”.


“I dedicate this story to every single survivor of sexual assault.”

Michaela CoelThe actor wins the Emmy for outstanding writing on a limited series, for her show I May Destroy You. Her speech was the highlight of the ceremony.


“I’m an average bloke. I’m not someone that’s been groomed and been told I’m going to be prime minister from six years old.”

Dan RepacholiThe Olympic shooter and presumptive Labor candidate for Hunter apologises for social media posts, including one calling India a “shit hole”. Big talk for a man who lives in Cessnock.


“Keep your nose clean.”

Richard SutherlandThe New South Wales District Court judge decides not to record a conviction against Nicholas Drummond, who punched a woman in the face during a night out in Sydney. Sutherland said the woman’s dress could “have been perceived by a former student of Knox to be provocative”.


“Given that it was such a large earthquake, we should expect to experience aftershocks from this particular event.”

Trevor AllenThe senior seismologist at Geoscience Australia responds to a magnitude 5.9 earthquake outside Melbourne. It’s not clear what Victoria did to upset God, but it probably involved euthanasia laws.