October 2 – 8, 2021

Scott Morrison and US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi outside her office in the US Capitol in Washington, DC.


Biden adviser: ‘I don’t know whether Angus Taylor is an ideologue or an idiot’

As Scott Morrison attempts to balance his weak climate policies with US ambitions, a key Biden adviser is returning to Australia to help revolutionise state responses.


NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian during the press conference to announce her resignation.


Who will replace Gladys Berejiklian?

Following the surprise resignation of NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian, four men are jockeying for the job.


Exclusive: Australia’s most vulnerable ignored in plan to open up

“On Thursday, September 16, days after the third Aboriginal person died in the western New South Wales Covid-19 outbreak, the federal government entered into an emergency contract for $275,000 to help boost Indigenous vaccination rates.”

A rush of government tenders to outsource Covid-19 responses shows who is most at risk as lockdowns end. The 20 per cent who will not be fully vaccinated when states begin to open are not anti-vaxxers but rather the most vulnerable.

Image for article: Lachlanland: the power shifts in the Murdoch dynasty


Lachlanland: the power shifts in the Murdoch dynasty

With strategic acquisitions by Lachlan Murdoch putting News Corporation and Fox in a strong financial position, and a float of Foxtel expected next year, power is shifting in the media dynasty.


How remote hearings have changed the Family Court

“To be able to attend court in their own home and have distance from the courthouse and from the other party offers real respite for many clients.”

With the Family Court remaining open during Covid-19 lockdowns, a pivot to electronic hearings has actually led to greater efficiencies and a gentler process for the parties involved.

Image for article: The activist facing jail for Macquarie statue protest


The activist facing jail for Macquarie statue protest

Activist Stephen Langford is facing two years’ jail for sticking a piece of A4 paper to a statue of Lachlan Macquarie in Sydney’s Hyde Park.


Germany waits for coalition after 16 years of Angela Merkel

Social Democratic Party leader Olaf Scholz appears most likely to be next chancellor. Vanuatu pushes for urgent action on climate change. US–China hostage diplomacy sends two Michaels and Meng Wanzhou home.

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Cam Griffin
Impact statement. 2021. DPP. Draft 3.

“The first impacts of the abuse showed up soon after the first assaults. Almost overnight my optimism vanished. I began to withdraw and isolate from both family and friends. My grades began to tank. I stopped sleeping and I suddenly couldn’t engage with things I loved.”


Paul Bongiorno
Is this Scott Morrison’s next miscalculation?

“Thirty-five thousand feet above the Rocky Mountains on his way home from Washington, DC, Scott Morrison indicated he had learnt little from the greatest miscalculations of his prime ministership, the ones about holidays and family.”


John Hewson
Morrison must tell the truth on climate

“Some in the Coalition act as if we can wait until, say, 2049 to then move towards net zero 2050, but all evidence suggests policy adjustments have to be front-end loaded if goals are to be achieved. ”

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The journalist and the mumbler

Scott Morrison’s smile lasts four minutes. He is offended by a question on the Quad. If co-operation is needed between India, Japan, the United States and Australia, the journalist asks, who is it needed against?


What would Jesus do?

The Catholic Archbishop of Sydney paradoxically quotes Jesus putting the service of others over power and control, as Mike Seccombe reports in “Exclusive: George Pell returned to Australia ahead of church …

One family and the Christian Brothers

In Mike Seccombe’s article, Tracy McEwan, vice-president of Women and the Australian Church, stated: “I don’t think you ever stop being a Catholic.” Believe me, my husband …

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Image for article: Permafrost

S. J. Norman

Image for article: Signs and Wonders

Delia Falconer
Signs and Wonders

Image for article: Bewilderment

Richard Powers


Image for article: Marinated eggs with pancetta vinaigrette


Marinated eggs with pancetta vinaigrette

Image for article: A new alternative medicine: ‘honest’ placebos


A new alternative medicine: ‘honest’ placebos

Australian healthcare workers are increasingly interested in prescribing placebos to patients, but the science to support their use is still being investigated.

Image for article: Has Covid-19 finally taught us to stop coming to work sick?


Has Covid-19 finally taught us to stop coming to work sick?

As we move towards a ‘Covid normal’ return to workplaces, the importance of sick leave has never been greater.


All guts, no glory: Brandon Jack exposes the ugly side of football

While most sporting memoirs paint a glossy picture of on-field moments, former Sydney Swans player Brandon Jack is not afraid to unmask the ugly side of his fleeting success.

Image for article: All guts, no glory: Brandon Jack exposes the ugly side of football




“Someone lied.”

Jean-Yves Le DrianThe French foreign minister offers his assessment of what went wrong with the country’s Australian submarine contract. Presumably he said “someone” because he too had forgotten Scott Morrison’s name.


“When should we stop clapping?”

Paul KeatingThe former prime minister condemns Scott Morrison’s submarines deal as a retreat to “the sweaty armpit of the United States”. It sounds almost erotic until you remember that the armpit could soon belong to Donald Trump again.


“You had the Victorian police lined up like stormtroopers, eventually charging them with rubber bullets and tear gas.”

Tony AbbottThe former prime minister defends anti-vax protesters who occupied the Shrine of Remembrance in Victoria, littering it with beer cans and pissing on its walls. Without meaning to be rude, other former prime ministers spent the week discussing the implications of international nuclear deals.


“To play Jimmy Savile was not a decision I took lightly.”

Steve CooganThe actor announces he will take on the role of Jimmy Savile in a BBC One drama series. You can’t fault the man’s range: Alan Partridge, and Alan Partridge if he molested hundreds of children.


“That will be a matter between me and the ballot box.”

Malcolm TurnbullThe former prime minister refuses to say whether he will vote for the Coalition at the next election. A senior Liberal hasn’t been this coy about his intentions since Scott Morrison did the numbers against Turnbull and stole his job.


“Too many MPs are worried about being cool rather than the consequences of their decisions.”

Bridget McKenzieThe leader of the Nationals in the senate complains that some Coalition colleagues are too supportive of action on climate change. The emissions are not half as worrying if you put them in a colour-coded spreadsheet.