October 16 – 22, 2021


Brooke Johnson holds her son Christopher while a NSW Health worker takes a Covid-19 swab in Wilcannia.


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Moral capacity

The number on its own is terrible enough: in the past seven weeks, 100,000 Afghans have sought asylum from Australia.


Coalition’s lack of fiscal discipline

Good to read Rick Morton’s analysis of the hollowing out of the public service by this government (“How private management consultants took over the public service”, October …

We need a federal ICAC

The absolute hypocrisy of politicians clutching their pearls at the thought of public ICAC hearings is breathtaking (Karen Middleton, “Netting Porter”, October 9-15). They seem to conveniently …

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Pat Steir’s Waterfall Mirage, and Judy Watson (inset).

The Influence

Judy Watson

Judy Watson has been enchanted for almost two decades by the lightness and ephemerality of Pat Steir’s Waterfall Mirage.


Passing bells

“Atchison believed a church bell would be like the belt of his trousers. It would save him, save us all, from embarrassment. I have heard that many men in these parts see no need for conventional accoutrements such as underpants, but a bell was of a different order. It would keep us from being spiritually, civically, communally naked. Rung out and resonant rather than strung out and desperate. Selwyn Atchison, Presbyterian burgher, barley farmer and barely above the ruminant, would not settle for less. His happy collie came straight for me and my pocket of lozenges as Selwyn settled his dray and formally tap-tapped a bony knuckle on our rufous she-oak door.”


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Michelle de Kretser
Scary Monsters

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Valentin Gendrot

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Bronwyn Adcock


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Rhubarb compote with fennel pollen

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Why tinnitus is on the rise

The pandemic has seen an increase in people reporting tinnitus. Although the cause is not known, it could be related to the stress and anxiety of Covid-19.

The holiday feel and relaxed fit and fabric of Commas’ latest collection.


Sydney fashion label Commas

The designer behind resortwear label Commas has attracted local awards and international interest for his relaxed beach aesthetic paired with high-end materials.


‘I wanted to offer something new’: Brandon Jack on becoming a writer

In becoming a writer, Brandon Jack studies Charles Bukowski and Patti Smith with the same dedication as he trains for the AFL – but struggles with the final ruthlessness of memoir.

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“Tony Abbott is a failed and pitiful politician.”

spokespersonThe Chinese embassy criticises Tony Abbott over remarks he made in Taiwan regarding China’s human rights record. A rare moment where both parties are equally right.


“Today, Superman, the strongest superhero on the planet, is coming out.”

Tom TaylorThe DC Comics writer announces that the new Superman will be bisexual. His kryptonite is cuffed jeans and Brunswick share houses.


“We lost, in my opinion, because ... the contract is effectively the law.”

Peter RiddThe climate sceptic loses a High Court appeal over his sacking by James Cook University. The judgement was unanimous, which must have been especially galling.


“Australia, we’re going to the moon!”

Melissa PriceThe Science minister announces that she has signed a deal with NASA to send an Australian-built rover to the moon. At this point, the government’s only real constituencies are the mining sector and Rob Sitch’s production company.


“Worse things are said about judicial officers every day in court proceedings.”

Jacqueline MilledgeThe magistrate dismisses a New South Wales Police Force application to have videos relating to the arrest of a FriendlyJordies producer taken down. She said they were “absolute gibberish” but not “contempt of court”.


“She is basically anti-Covid and does not believe people should be forced into vaccinations.”

Damien PowellThe detective acting inspector says a Gold Coast woman has been charged with pretending to be a doctor and issuing 600 fake vaccine exemptions. Without being rude, that probably makes her more pro- than anti-Covid.