October 23 – 29, 2021

Pedestrians in Sydney this week, after the city’s lockdown lifted. Melbourne emerged from its sixth lockdown on Friday.


Opening up: Covid-19 cases could still reach 750,000

“As the nation reached its first major vaccination milestone of 70 per cent of the 16-plus population double-dosed on Wednesday, attention is now turning to those who will be most at risk of infection, illness and hospitalisation in the next six months.”

As the eastern states emerge from lockdowns, the pandemic isn’t over, it’s just changing shape.


Image for article: Coalition attempts to wedge Labor on immigration


Coalition attempts to wedge Labor on immigration

As Christian Porter is protected in the house of representatives, details have emerged of Alex Hawke’s attempt to wedge Labor on immigration.


Three interpreters killed in Afghanistan

“Two more interpreters have been murdered in Afghanistan, bringing to three the number whose deaths have become public this week.”

The Australian government’s emergency 449 visas are set to expire, as another ex-ADF interpreter has been reported dead.

Image for article: How the fight to save WA’s native forests was finally won


How the fight to save WA’s native forests was finally won

The battle to save WA’s remaining old-growth forests required activists to mobilise public opinion and pressure the government to see the financial, climate and biodiversity benefits of leaving those forests intact.

Image for article: Inside the fall of Hong Kong’s free press


Inside the fall of Hong Kong’s free press

Hong Kong’s journalists are being targeted, their offices raided and their work censored or shut down. While some reporters have self-exiled, those who remain ask: Who could be arrested next?

Image for article: The three-point plan Morrison needs to halve 2030 emissions


The three-point plan Morrison needs to halve 2030 emissions

For all the noise surrounding Scott Morrison’s supposed shift on climate targets, his changes are actually insignificant. But there is a straightforward, three-point path to cut Australia’s emissions by 2030 – if only there were the political will.


Myanmar releases political detainees after ASEAN stand

China denies testing a hypersonic missile at low orbit. International tourists are set to return to Fiji. Sebastian Kurz out again as Austria’s leader over embezzlement allegations.

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Richard Ackland
Judges v The Internet

“Judges, like everyone else, use the internet ferociously, which makes their hostility to it a modern-day conundrum. Their application of ancient judicial precedents to an evolved and different world is cockeyed, let alone unhelpful. ”


Paul Bongiorno
Morrison’s amazing disappearing government

“As the week dragged on without agreement the impression strengthened that Morrison was a hostage to the Nationals. His claimed strategy of patience looked increasingly like impotence. ”


John Hewson
What does the prime minister have against universities?

“Clearly our universities found themselves in very precarious financial circumstances, but the government ruled out any form of direct financial assistance during the pandemic.”

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Human lessons

When a person is burnt, it is not just their skin that is affected. It is not just the muscle or bones or tendons, the nerve endings that are deadened and become numb. In an immolation, the lungs are also damaged. These respiratory injuries are hugely painful.


Getting the wording right

Labor’s efforts to be a small target are making it virtually invisible. While acknowledging its difficulties in actively opposing a government that has few, if any, policies, Labor can assert expectations …

Every voter for themselves

Chris Wallace continues this nation’s political deconstructions, omitting the elephant in the room, the electorate. The electorate is akin to a “market” while parties are at the behest …

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Hannah Kent

Image for article: The Brumby Wars

Anthony Sharwood
The Brumby Wars

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Eugene Lim
Search History


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Scallop pie

Image for article: How accurate are rapid antigen tests for Covid-19?


How accurate are rapid antigen tests for Covid-19?

As millions of Australians exit lockdown, they will soon be able to test themselves for Covid-19 at home with rapid antigen tests. There are benefits to the tests, but concerns remain over accuracy.

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Love is not enough

It’s a relationship filled with passion and love, and also with rage and words of hate. Only after walking away from it, and acknowledging its true ugliness, can healing finally begin.


Newcastle United and the enduring power of sportswashing

A Saudi-led consortium’s takeover of EPL club Newcastle United has buoyed the spirits of long-suffering fans, reaffirmed the power of sportswashing, and driven a financial stake through the heart of the Beautiful Game.

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“Despite the billions of dollars governments invest in changing the lives of proles, their number increases.”

Pru GowardThe former New South Wales minister for Family and Community Services writes an opinion piece explaining that poor people are “often damaged and almost entirely lacking discipline”. Goward said this was a “Marxist analysis” – apparently without knowing what either word meant.


“I think it’s a workplace entitlement issue and I think it’s a broader discussion that should be had.”

Peter DuttonThe Defence minister proposes taxpayer funding for politicians to pursue defamation actions. This is a man who spent the better part of the past decade torturing people as part of his job – and is still worried about his reputation.


“From a Nationals point of view, we will not be supporting James on this position and he can go and get fucked, simple as that.”

Peter WalshThe Victorian Nationals leader condemns shadow minister James Newbury for changing the opposition’s stance on anti-gay conversion laws. The question of course is not whether Newbury can get fucked but by whom.


“I’m in a position of being asked to marry a girl that I haven’t met. That’s not how the Nationals party room works.”

Matt CanavanThe Nationals senator explains his continued objection to a net-zero target. The party might still be without a climate policy, but it has finally made clear its stance on arranged marriage.


“The objective seriousness of the crime was one of the highest order.”

Elizabeth FullertonThe NSW Supreme Court justice sentences Ian Macdonald, Eddie Obeid and his son Moses to between five and nine years in jail for their parts in rigging a coal exploration tender. Anyway, there’s no need for a federal ICAC.



Mike BairdThe former NSW premier giving evidence at ICAC describes his reaction to learning that Gladys Berejiklian had been in a secret relationship with another member of parliament. It seems like a credible response, given he had seen Daryl Maguire up close.