October 30 – November 5, 2021


Scott Morrison listens to Energy Minister Angus Taylor (left) in parliament on Wednesday.


JC’s sister Bernadette Clarke outside the District Court in Perth.
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Roll reversal

The Morrison government’s intention to institute identification checks at polling booths is an answer to a problem that doesn’t exist. There is no evidence of voter fraud affecting elections. It is hard to see it as anything other than voter suppression. Or worse: a chance to claim that vote rigging occurred, to borrow the great lie of contemporary politics.


Universities are not a threat

Professor John Hewson’s article (“The dumb country”, October 23-29) is a timely reminder of the problems facing our universities, and the flow-on effects for future generations. Universities …

Morrison has a point

John Hewson is correct when he states that the Morrison government has missed the opportunity to reform the higher education sector, but then again so has every government over the past two or more decades. …

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Helen Garner
How to End a Story: Diaries 1995-1998

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Emily Bitto
Wild Abandon

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Max Easton
The Magpie Wing


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Comté choux

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Where does everything on the internet go?

Ever since the internet’s big-bang moment, archivists have struggled to keep up with its burgeoning content. It’s time to change the rules.

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It’s time for psychologists to recognise the importance of power

The criminal conduct of a senior psychologist – and his colleagues’ reactions – poses questions about the profession’s tendency to ignore context and focus on individual behaviours.


Paralympic swimmer Grant ‘Scooter’ Patterson on becoming bulletproof

Born with a rare genetic disorder, Paralympian Grant ‘Scooter’ Patterson has won fans the world over for his larrikin quips and easygoing nature. Now with Tokyo medals under his belt, the swimmer is looking towards his next challenge.

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“Barnaby Joyce is the whoopee cushion of Australian politics.”

Anthony AlbaneseThe opposition leader attempts to describe Barnaby Joyce’s contribution to debate. The metaphor doesn’t quite work: Joyce’s face is a far brighter shade of red and most of what comes out of his mouth actually stinks.


“We won’t be lectured by others who do not understand Australia.”

Scott MorrisonThe prime minister explains his climate policy. Outsiders might not understand an Australian man who fears commitments and overestimates his capacity to achieve.


“I’ve had a gutful … I’m instrumental in this parliament.”

Pauline HansonThe One Nation leader takes credit for the Coalition’s voter integrity bill, which will disproportionately affect Indigenous people. She just wants recognition, except not that kind.


“They are not just circumcising our country; they are castrating it.”

Malcolm RobertsThe One Nation senator posts a mock vaccination certificate claiming he has been “Fully Circumcised”. You’d fake the moon landing, too, if you knew alien life like this walked among us.


“Being your speaker has been an incredible honour.”

Tony SmithThe speaker of the house of representatives announces he will step down next month instead of at the next election. He got through his entire term without once chartering a helicopter to Geelong.


“I’m not interested in having a debate with them.”

Daniel AndrewsThe Victorian premier rejects opposition criticism of new laws that would invest him and his Health minister with extraordinary powers. Unfortunately, having “a debate with them” is sort of the point.