November 6 – 12, 2021

Former NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian outside the Independent Commission Against Corruption hearings on Monday.


Berejiklian ‘rorts’ nothing on the Morrison government’s

“Despite Berejiklian suggesting this kind of electoral bribery has always happened and that everyone does it, the reality is that it is happening on a far larger scale in recent times, and her side of politics is the worst offender. Case in point is the Morrison government at the last election.”

Three former heads of the prime minister’s department on the corruption of process under Scott Morrison.


Image for article: The two stories of the Glasgow climate summit


The two stories of the Glasgow climate summit

Just like its pavilion at the Glasgow climate summit, Australia is awkwardly wedged between the two realities emerging at COP26.

Image for article: What is going on with Australia Post deliveries?


What is going on with Australia Post deliveries?

As Australia Post records huge profits, its delivery system is in freefall. Will frustrated customers see a turn around by Christmas?

Image for article: Exclusive: Legal ultimatum a ‘slap in the face’ for mesh victims


Exclusive: Legal ultimatum a ‘slap in the face’ for mesh victims

The shifting of liabilities between shell companies has left thousands of women harmed by transvaginal mesh implants with no one to sue for proper compensation.

Image for article: Inside Scott Morrison’s election strategy


Inside Scott Morrison’s election strategy

As Scott Morrison moves to an election footing, he is basing his strategy around trust – hoping to relate it to economics rather than honesty.

Image for article: British fishing trawler sparks diplomatic row with France


British fishing trawler sparks diplomatic row with France

Tonga goes into lockdown after repatriation flight brings first case of Covid-19. Egypt lifts state of emergency but new laws give more powers to the president and military. Japan’s new leader Fumio Kishida secures election win.

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Tim Costello
Crown has grown into a monster and must be split up

“Back in 1997, when Crown casino opened its massive Southbank ‘entertainment centre’, I was possibly its best-known public critic. It was a time for compulsory cheering after Crown’s lavish opening, but I was disturbed. I said it is too big and too powerful, with so much money flowing that politicians and media will not even know when they have been bought. This memory was triggered as I read the findings of the Finkelstein Royal Commission into the Casino Operator and Licence.”


Paul Bongiorno
How Morrison spectacularly failed the diplomacy test

“In one of the most remarkable developments, certainly since the Second World War, an Australian prime minister has leaked a highly confidential security document against an American president. Think about that. On the international stage, Scott Morrison put his own domestic political interests ahead of maintaining public trust between Canberra and its most important strategic and treaty partner, the United States. ”


John Hewson
When will Morrison learn that a slogan is not a policy?

“When will Scott Morrison and the Liberal National Party realise that three-word slogans are not a policy; indeed, they may not even be an effective way to deliver the desired marketing message? In the past two elections we were bombarded with ‘Jobs and growth’. Absent any detail, we were left asking, Which growth? In what sectors? On what time line? The latest slogan covering the absence of policy detail is ‘Technology not taxes’. ”

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Lonely and innocent

Omid Masoumali was 22 when he arrived on Christmas Island. Days later he was taken to Nauru. When interviewed, he said he had no existing mental health issues. He was found to be a refugee but was not offered settlement in Australia. The Queensland coroner heard that he was warm and funny. His partner described him as optimistic, confident and cheeky. His mother described the death of her only son as an “eternal, unbearable grief”. The coroner said: “Her son had died in a foreign country, lonely and innocent.”


Consumers’ part in climate change

Thank you, Marian Wilkinson, for highlighting the Australian government’s obscurantist response (“How the gas lobby captured Morrison’s Glasgow response”, October 30–November …

Indigenous Australians let down by courts

The killing of an Aboriginal woman by police has established once again that our courts are operating as intended – purely for the benefit of white people (Jesse Noakes, “A …

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Image for article: The Inseparables

Simone de Beauvoir (translated by Lauren Elkin)
The Inseparables

Image for article: Fulfillment: Winning and Losing in One-click America

Alec MacGillis
Fulfillment: Winning and Losing in One-click America

Image for article: Shoko’s Smile

Choi Eunyoung (translated by Sung Ryu)
Shoko’s Smile


Image for article: Spring sourdough spaetzle with peas and things


Spring sourdough spaetzle with peas and things

Image for article: First Nations students and finding the right pathway


First Nations students and finding the right pathway

As an honours student studying philosophy at Melbourne University, having just missed out on a Rhodes Scholarship, Warumungu man Ethan Taylor is interested in the production of knowledge and justice.

Image for article: How to talk to the vaccine hesitant


How to talk to the vaccine hesitant

As the pandemic enters a new phase, a friend shows how patience and compassion can unpick vaccine hesitancy.


Muggsy Bogues, the NBA’s shortest player

In a league dominated by men built like skyscrapers, 160-centimetre Muggsy Bogues went from being the butt of jokes to the stuff of legend.

Image for article: Muggsy Bogues, the NBA’s shortest player




“Ratings are an erratic beast.”

Alan JonesThe veteran broadcaster announces that Sky News will not renew his contract. He leaves behind decades of offence and at least one race riot.


“I’ve spoken to my GP and the advice I’ve got is, ‘You’re not mentally unwell, you’re just an idiot.’ ”

Tim SmithThe Victorian Liberal rejects calls from his own party to resign after drunkenly smashing his Jaguar into a fence. He called it the worst mistake of his life, which suggests the alcohol or the crash also affected his memory.


“We didn’t steal an island. We didn’t deface the Eiffel Tower.”

Barnaby JoyceThe acting prime minister defends Australia’s handling of relations with France. This is the same man who once split his trousers open before a meeting with American bankers and used a safety pin to conceal his “red grundies”.


“The idea that a nuclear reactor ... can be treated like a power pack from Bunnings is incredible. I mean, it is just bullshit.”

Malcolm TurnbullThe former prime minister expresses doubt that Australia could acquire nuclear submarines with a reactor that lasts for the life of the boat. To be fair, we can’t even find a prime minister who can last the term of a government.


“I’ve always been of the view that if we had a globally ... and consistently applied carbon price that would be the most efficient way to get to net zero by 2050.”

Mathias CormannThe OECD secretary-general backs a price on carbon. It’s almost as if he was never Finance minister in the government that dismantled one.


“My name is Cleo.”

Cleo SmithThe toddler is found alive and well 18 days after she disappeared from a remote camping ground in Western Australia. The state’s Police minister, Paul Papalia, described it as “a ray of sunshine in an often dark world”.