November 27 – December 3, 2021

Healthcare workers inside the Park Hotel in Melbourne, in a photograph taken by a Covid-positive refugee confined to his room.


‘This is a torture hotel’: Inside the Park Hotel outbreak

“The hotel is a Covid crime scene that should be closed. Two years ago they were transferred from Nauru and PNG for medical treatment, but instead they have been subjected to medical neglect and exposed to Covid.”

Detained in the same hotel from where Victoria’s second wave escaped, Covid-positive refugees describe conditions that breach the recommendations of the quarantine inquiry and feel like ‘torture’.


Image for article: What the religious discrimination bill is really about


What the religious discrimination bill is really about

The Morrison government’s religious discrimination bill is being rushed into parliament ahead of the election, although it fails to clarify key aspects of discrimination, including the treatment of queer school students.

Image for article: The murder of a 10-year-old girl


The murder of a 10-year-old girl

The murder of a 10-year-old girl by her teenage cousin has stunned a small-town community and torn apart a family. It has also exposed a system where extreme mental health issues have not been adequately prioritised.

Image for article: Government outsources aged care reform to management consultants


Government outsources aged care reform to management consultants

Eight months after receiving the final report from the aged care royal commission, the Morrison government is spending millions of dollars on management consultancies rather than implementing key recommendations.

Image for article: What does Shell’s takeover of Powershop mean for green energy?


What does Shell’s takeover of Powershop mean for green energy?

Shell is one of the worst polluters in the world. What does that mean for Powershop, the green energy provider in which it just bought a 100 per cent stake?

Image for article: Fears for Peng Shuai’s safety after sexual assault claim


Fears for Peng Shuai’s safety after sexual assault claim

Human rights groups want proof of Chinese tennis player’s wellbeing. Venezuela’s opposition performs dismally in polls for governors and mayors. Austria locks down as Covid-19 cases grow again in Europe.

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Emma Fulu
How to turn the Great Resignation into the Great Revolution

“Already, it has been called the ‘Great Resignation’. In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, people are quitting their jobs en masse. Bartenders, sales assistants, healthcare workers, teachers and tech developers are calling it quits – a record 4.3 million American workers in August alone. It is unclear whether Australia will have the same kind of worker revolt, but some predict we may see a similar trend in early 2022.”


Paul Bongiorno
A question of characters

“Anthony Albanese is convinced the tide is going out on the Morrison government. Scott Morrison senses it too, but, like King Canute, he is desperately trying to prove he’s still in control. The embattled prime minister is being swamped by almost unprecedented disunity and defiance of his authority within his ruling Coalition.”


John Hewson
Scott Morrison’s election lies

“It has been a widely held perception that politicians can play fast and loose with the truth. As with those who sell used cars, they manipulate data and events to suit what they think will be to their short-term political advantage. Donald Trump elevated this to an art form, claiming those who disagreed with him or questioned him on an issue were spreading what he called ‘fake news’.”

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The Nauru rapes

The first reports were about the guards themselves. They were allowing asylum seekers longer showers if they could watch them naked. Some were trading cigarettes for sexual favours. Credible reports followed of children being sexually assaulted in the detention camp on Nauru. Subsequent files would show at least seven children had been abused.


Howard began blocking on climate

Tim Flannery is too generous to the Coalition when he says they have been blocking action to slow climate change since the election of Tony Abbott in 2013 ( “Australia turned Glasgow into …

It takes more than market forces

John Hewson’s exposition of Scott Morrison’s duplicitous faith in market forces (“Market farces”, November 20-26) is neatly complemented by the report on Haiti’s “Democracy …

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Xavier Fowler
Not Playing the Game

Image for article: The New Curator: Exhibiting Architecture and Design

Fleur Watson
The New Curator: Exhibiting Architecture and Design

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Emily Ratajkowski
My Body


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Raspberry fool

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Academy of silences

While the Howard government is remembered for dismantling student unionism, the changes it made to university councils had an even more chilling effect on academics wishing to critique the universities where they work.

Image for article: Kindness can be contagious too


Kindness can be contagious too

In the midst of a lonely pandemic, there is evidence that kindness is contagious – only it can’t be neatly plotted on graphs or reduced to its reproduction number.


Tim Paine and the danger of redemption narratives

The man brought in to replace a shamefaced Steve Smith as Australia’s Test cricket captain has now also resigned in tears – but is he a victim of the inflated reverence placed on the position?

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“Yesterday, I went, as we all must, to Peppa Pig World… Hands up anybody who’s been to Peppa Pig World? Not enough.”

Boris JohnsonThe British prime minister bumbles through a speech in which he also impersonates a revving car. This same man has a vastly more credible climate policy than Scott Morrison.


“Religion and faith is also about humility and vulnerability.”

Scott MorrisonThe prime minister introduces his so-called religious discrimination bill. The “vulnerability” he mentions is mostly present in the gay teachers being sacked from schools.


“We won’t look back at people’s history, we won’t look at their criminal record.”

Harvey Manson JrThe head of the Grammy Awards defends nominations for Louis C. K. and Marilyn Manson. The organisation should just get with the times and create a category for best unrepentant abuser.


“We need to be realistic about the threat now and over the course of the next couple of decades.”

Peter DuttonThe Defence minister defends his comments about potential military conflict with China over Taiwan. It’s true that a lot can happen in a decade, unless of course this government is in office.


“You are finished in the next election. You’re gone.”

Jacqui LambieThe Tasmanian senator says Scott Morrison is the worst prime minister on record. She called him “incompetent” – which is especially pointed when you consider she came into parliament representing Clive Palmer.


“If not us, then who?”

Zoe DanielThe former ABC reporter announces she will stand as an independent against Tim Wilson. She plans to run on integrity, which is a real challenge to both major parties.