December 11 – 17, 2021

Prime Minister Scott Morrison and then NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian at Kirribilli House earlier this year.


Has Scott Morrison lost control of his party?

“We’ve gone from technically being in some sort of control to being nothing.”

Liberal insiders say the election will be won or lost in NSW, where chaotic preselections show the PM has lost authority over his party.


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Part one: The true story of the Covid-19 vaccines

In many ways the world was cruel to Hungarian biochemist Katalin Karikó, until she saved it.

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The Liberal pushing for an integrity commission

John Alexander wants the attorney-general to build a new cross-party integrity commission, worried the issue will ‘end up like climate change’.


Coalition targets Jewish voters in Goldstein, Wentworth

“The Liberal Party is seeking to shore up Jewish community support in key vulnerable federal seats in Sydney and Melbourne, with a heavily funded online attack ad against Labor over Israel. Spending on the ad has outstripped almost all other Liberal spots so far.”

Spending on ads attacking Labor over Israel outstrips almost all other Liberal spots so far.

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Who are the people failing Australia’s visa ‘character test’?

Under the amended section 501 of the Migration Act, the federal government has the power to cancel or refuse visas and deport people who fail a ‘character test’ – even those who assumed they were Australian citizens.

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The prison journals of Cardinal George Pell

Cardinal George Pell spent 13 months in prison before his conviction for child sexual abuse was overturned by the High Court. During his time in jail, he wrote diaries musing on faith, sport and life.


US diplomatic boycott of Beijing 2022 escalates friction

Kanak leaders call for the latest independence vote to be postponed in New Caledonia. Aung San Suu Kyi is sentenced to detention again. Ukraine appears in Vladimir Putin’s sights.

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Tony Windsor
A letter to future independents

“So you want to be an independent in the next federal parliament. You’ve had enough of the two-party game-playing of the Westminster system and believe there should be a better way of doing politics, something different to the traditional headbutting and pointscoring. You’re sick of the way in which the major parties impose political staffers and time-servers on the electorate. This article gives you some idea of what you may expect during the campaign and, if successful, what to expect if elected. It is based on the experience of someone who was an independent at both state and federal level for 22 years.”


Paul Bongiorno
White knuckle dragger

“Three years after winning the leadership, the reality is setting in about Scott Morrison. The chance of him winning again are slimmer than before. The idea that he is a government unifier and a change from Malcolm Turnbull has shifted. The photo opportunities aren’t cutting through anymore.”


John Hewson
What Adrian Mole tells us about Scott Morrison

“Surprisingly to many, the Coalition has consistently maintained its poll lead over Labor on the question of who would be ‘preferred economic managers’. Although there are a host of other issues that will feature in the coming election campaign – most relating to questions of integrity, accountability and climate change – Scott Morrison and Josh Frydenberg will undoubtedly seek to run on economic management.”

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Don’t hold your breath

The report is about media diversity, which in Australia means it is about Rupert Murdoch. Most strikingly, it recommends a judicial inquiry into the media with the powers of a royal commission. Again, because this is Australia, it means a royal commission into Rupert Murdoch.


Wilson’s credentials on climate change

As a qualified carbon accountant and possessing postgraduate qualifications in energy and carbon management, including studying greenhouse science and executive education at the University of …

High-pressure campaigns

Mike Seccombe’s article demonstrates the promise of the independents movement and the pressures they can expect to face. If we elect well-qualified independents who can wield significant influence …

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Judith Brett
Doing Politics: Writing on Public Life

Image for article: Crimes Against Nature: Capitalism and Global Heating

Jeff Sparrow
Crimes Against Nature: Capitalism and Global Heating

Image for article: The Dawn of Everything: A New History of Humanity

David Graeber and David Wengrow
The Dawn of Everything: A New History of Humanity


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Mu-mu cocktail

Image for article: ‘I'm not going to sugar-coat it': meet 2021's most resilient school leavers


‘I’m not going to sugar-coat it’: meet 2021’s most resilient school leavers

For some young people, finishing school in a global pandemic was made more difficult by the compounding effects of disadvantage.

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What you need to know before signing up to Elon Musk’s Starlink

With alarming amounts of space junk already in orbit, Elon Musk’s Starlink will launch as many as 42,000 mini-satellites. These could bring improved broadband to remote Australians but at a significant environmental cost.


Hannah Mouncey on finding herself

As a member of the Australian handball team, Hannah Mouncey felt at home on the court. But off it, she was in turmoil knowing she was about to ‘set fire’ to her life.

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“I thought it was topical ... Like any Halloween costume, I guess you’re trying to excite people, entertain people.”

Barclay McGainThe Andrew Laming staffer explains why he came to a party dressed as Kyle Rittenhouse, the teenager acquitted after shooting two Black Lives Matter protesters. He does look remarkably like Rittenhouse, which is a big part of the problem.


“The rest of the free world, please stand with us, please support us.”

George ChristensenThe Queensland MP calls for international protest outside Australian embassies, to condemn public health measures. No one in the history of the world has ever been more disenfranchised by being in government.


“Our team has been pretty surprised at how aggressive the government has been in this matter.”

John RuddickThe Liberal Democrats candidate says his party will go to the High Court after being told its name was too similar to the Liberal Party’s. There are further concerns over his surname and a popular abbreviation of the term ridiculous.


“In fact, no one would care whether they come or not.”

Wang WenbinA spokesman for the Chinese foreign ministry dismisses Australia’s announcement of a diplomatic boycott of China’s Winter Olympics. It’s true – but China also shouldn’t be abducting athletes who credibly accuse officials of abuse.


“I love utes. How good are utes? And how good would a big ute be? That’s what I’d say.”

Scott MorrisonThe prime minister voices his support for a “big ute” in Geelong. His own government’s policies have ensured that making a novelty vehicle on a stick is the only way a car-manufacturing industry will be restarted onshore.


“I did wrong. I should have considered the situation more carefully.”

Sanna MarinThe Finnish prime minister apologises for leaving her work phone at home and clubbing until 4am, so missing a notification that her colleague had tested positive for Covid-19. Globally, this is still gold-standard for responsible government.