January 29 — February 4, 2022


A nurse moves a patient from the emergency department Covid-19 red zone at Sydney’s St Vincent’s Hospital.


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Hand-to-hand combat

Scott Morrison wears a lot of make-up. He understands cameras: not how they work but what they do. In front of the press he never stops moving. They are small moves, back and forth, to make sure everyone has the shot. He understands politics is obligation and opportunity and that his skill is the latter.


Labouring under a misconception

It should indeed be obvious that a healthy economy requires healthy people but not, apparently, to Scott Morrison and Dominic Perrottet (Mike Seccombe, “Tracing the ‘nightmare’ reality …

Our health system in crisis

The article by Mike Seccombe tells a story of politicians leading the public up so many paths that have no exit point. We have gone from complete lockdown to so-called freedom days with the same pandemic, …

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Image for article: The Shortest History  of Democracy

John Keane
The Shortest History of Democracy

Image for article: The Furies

Mandy Beaumont
The Furies

Image for article: Stolen Focus: Why You Can’t Pay Attention

Johann Hari
Stolen Focus: Why You Can’t Pay Attention


Image for article: Golden chicken soup (calendula fever)


Golden chicken soup (calendula fever)

Image for article: How Australia is joining the race to mine the moon


How Australia is joining the race to mine the moon

In the international scramble for the moon’s resources, existing agreements may not be strong enough to meet the legal and ethical challenges.

Image for article: Jordan Dalah takes a bow


Jordan Dalah takes a bow

Jordan Dalah’s new line features giant sleeves and puffy bows, face-covering designs and foam rings. It’s spectacular, technically skilled and surprisingly wearable.


David Campese, the last dream seller

The on-field exceptionalism of Wallabies great David Campese has been somewhat overshadowed by his difficult off-field personality. A new biography hopes to shine fresh light on the legend.

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“If I were her I’d be going to give the prime minister a hug.”

Amanda StokerThe assistant minister for Women offers her advice to former Australian of the Year Grace Tame. But what’s a withering glare if not a hug from the eyes?


“Maybe you can predict out a week or three weeks or a month or a year, but the farther out you predict, the more your model is in error.”

Jordan PetersonThe psychologist and author claims climate modelling is unreliable because the time scales are too great. This is as true as his claim he can live solely on meat and hurt feelings.


“The government is off enjoying a day at the cricket instead of being accountable for the care for older Australians.”

Lloyd WilliamThe national secretary of the Health Services Union complains that Aged Care Minister Richard Colbeck went to the Ashes instead of fronting a Covid-19 inquiry. In fairness to Colbeck, no one died at the cricket while he was there.


“To keep bowing down to the media is essentially to allow them to continue to own the narrative around the world, above the truth.”

Laura ToggsThe daughter of Hillsong leader Brian Houston responds to criticism of a youth gathering that appeared to flout Covid-19 rules. The only thing they were spreading was love.


“We don’t intend to invade at all. It’s very regrettable that it’s been portrayed the other way here and by our Western partners.”

Aleksey PavlovskyRussia’s ambassador to Australia says his country is not planning to invade Ukraine. You can’t line up 100,000 troops on the border without people getting the wrong idea.


“What’s not fine is if that someone brings in a big banner and it’s got big poles attached to it.”

Craig TileyThe chief executive of Tennis Australia reverses a decision to ban T-shirts asking “Where is Peng Shuai?” Banners will remain banned, presumably because China said so.