February 12 — 18, 2022

Scott Morrison after his statement of acknowledgement of harassment in parliament this week.


Exclusive: PM planned not to deliver abuse apology

“Morrison’s speech – and the one that followed from Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese – was only added to the proceedings hours before it was made. It appears Morrison decided to speak to avoid Albanese upstaging him.”

Scott Morrison intended to leave his abuse apology to the presiding officers, as he warned colleagues ‘if you take my legs out … you will suffer’.



How the religious freedom bill fell apart

“It was Morrison’s calculated refusal to extend more than minimal protection to gay students from discrimination in religious schools, and offer no protection at all to transgender students, that did it.”

As the government’s Religious Discrimination Bill collapsed, and five Liberals crossed the floor, the prime minister wedged only himself.

Image for article: Minister’s citizenship powers go to High Court


Minister’s citizenship powers go to High Court

A case before the High Court will determine whether a minister can unilaterally strip a person’s citizenship. The principle in question affects as many as one in three Australians.

Image for article: Tasmania searches for solutions to house vulnerable women


Tasmania searches for solutions to house vulnerable women

With an unaffordable rental market and long waitlists, women escaping domestic violence are acutely vulnerable. But projects to develop underutilised council land may hold the key to the crisis, with long-term economic benefits.

Image for article: The story of a life behind the aged-care statistics


The story of a life behind the aged-care statistics

Behind the numbers of elderly people who have died of Covid-19, and the glib dismissal of them by politicians, are stories of rich lives ended in often terrible loneliness.

Image for article: Moscow denies Macron’s claim of securing Ukraine pledge


Moscow denies Macron’s claim of securing Ukraine pledge

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken visits Asia-Pacific region to strengthen ties. A state of emergency is declared in Ottawa over ‘Freedom Convoy’. Iceland ends commercial whaling.

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Julianne Schultz
How Morrison killed the public service

“Two years ago, at the end of 2019, as the crises that would mark his tenure and demand an unprecedented public-sector response began to unfold, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced an apparently innocuous decision. It is one that has quietly haunted his government ever since.”


Paul Bongiorno
The narrow road to the Trojan Horse

“A hung parliament after the next election is emerging as a real possibility, enhanced by this week’s divisive religious discrimination debate. Among the winners could be the Greens and others who have stood up against a push to wind back years of Australian anti-discrimination laws for the sake of pandering to a loud fundamentalist Christian minority.”


John Hewson
The RBA’s inflated ego could make the housing crisis worse

“There is no doubt that inflation was brought under control through the 1990s, but there is a real debate about just how much of that was due to the management of monetary policy compared with the impact of a host of other factors including, importantly, Chinese manufacturing flooding the world with ever-cheaper product.”

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Let me be me

The strategy, finally, was that of a school bully: find the most vulnerable child on the playground and make their life worse. This is where the religious freedom bill ended up, sweaty faced and shirt untucked, laying into a kid behind the bike sheds.


An absence of caring

Rick Morton’s exposé of the inept policy behind “living with Covid” is appallingly unsurprising (“Exclusive: Robo-debt call centres take over Covid hotline”, February 5-11). …

Workplace ‘casuals’

It’s bad enough the Covid hotline is outsourced to the robo-debt company using mostly poorly trained and underresourced workers in difficult working conditions. But these “casuals” …

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Marguerite Duras (translated by Chris Turner)
Suspended Passion

Image for article: Cold Enough for Snow

Jessica Au
Cold Enough for Snow

Image for article: Only a Monster

Vanessa Len
Only a Monster


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Upside-down peach, almond and polenta cake

Image for article: How to lose yourself on the Bondi-to-Manly walk


How to lose yourself on the Bondi-to-Manly walk

After almost two years of life shrinking to a single postcode, Sydney’s Bondi-to-Manly walk feels as though it’s opening up whole new worlds – if only you don’t get lost.

Image for article: Wilderness of the imagination


Wilderness of the imagination

A painting by a forgotten artist, glimpsed in an auction catalogue, opens a world of intensity and connection.


What have we learnt from the Justin Langer saga?

Justin Langer was a dogged opener over many seasons for the Australian men’s cricket team. But after ascending to the role of head coach, that same gritty determination brought him undone at the hands of an arrogant Cricket Australia.

Image for article: What have we learnt from the Justin Langer saga?




“I never used it to be racist, because I’m not racist.”

Joe RoganThe podcast host apologises after a video compilation surfaced of him using racially offensive language. This is the impeccable logic of a man who made his fortune selling powdered masculinity to lonely adults.


“Now we have Nancy Pelosi’s gazpacho police spying on members of congress.”     

Marjorie Taylor GreeneThe Georgia lawmaker accuses the United States house speaker of monitoring politicians. Gazpacho or not, Pelosi is always ice cold.


“All Anthony would have to do is none of the things that Scott’s done.”

Grace TameThe former Australian of the Year offers her advice to Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese. Unfortunately, Labor’s strategy is to do everything Scott Morrison does, just a little less.


“I just want to start by saying that Citipointe church is no longer Brisbane’s best-kept secret.”

Mark RamseyThe senior global pastor of Brisbane’s Citipointe megachurch addresses worshippers. Most people would prefer recognition didn’t come from being associated with a regime of contracts used to bully trans teenagers, but you can’t have everything.


“If you’re a six and they’re a 10, it might not be your looks that they’ve been charmed by.”

James PatersonThe Liberal senator warns that foreign intelligence agencies might be using dating apps to access classified information. As always, the former Institute of Public Affairs staffer is speaking like a true four.


“Every family’s got this crazy uncle that wakes up from the rocking chair and sort of in a startled way shouts out something.” 

Peter DuttonThe Home Affairs minister rejects Bob Carr’s assertion that he was behind the text message calling Scott Morrison “a psycho”. Speaking of which, Carr once chose to publish a diary in which he described his own ambition “to have a concave abdomen defined by deep-cut obliques”.