February 26 – March 4, 2022

New South Wales Premier Dominic Perrottet in question time last week.


Exclusive: Millions siphoned against Treasury advice

Secret documents show Dominic Perrottet’s office gave millions to a private project in the seat of a National Party defector, against advice and without the relevant department’s involvement.


Image for article: Russia invades Ukraine as West applies sanctions


Russia invades Ukraine as West applies sanctions

Jacinda Ardern urges anti-vaxxers to quit parliament protest. France to withdraw troops from Mali due to military junta’s continuing control. Ethiopia’s great dam project pushes ahead despite Sudan and Egypt concerns.

Image for article: Morrison moves to firm up leadership


Morrison moves to firm up leadership

As the Supreme Court is called on to settle preselection fights ahead of  the election, Scott Morrison is attempting to hold together the Liberal Party.

Image for article: Access to justice threatened by new rules for class actions


Access to justice threatened by new rules for class actions

A federal push to change the rules around class action lawsuits will make it more difficult for people to get justice from the courts.

Image for article: NSW fails to parole low-risk prisoners despite Covid-19 provision


NSW fails to parole low-risk prisoners despite Covid-19 provision

As the prison system faced the extraordinary risks associated with Covid-19, one state gave its commissioner the power to release low-risk prisoners. He hasn’t used it once.

Image for article: Australia's role in CCP power struggle


Australia’s role in CCP power struggle

Did Scott Morrison and Marise Payne drag Australia into a Chinese Communist Party power struggle that has seen senior security officials jailed, turning Beijing’s wrath from diplomatic chill to active trade sanctions and worse?

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Saul Griffith
The case for buying AGL

“Energy is on everyone’s lips. First, Australia’s two biggest energy companies announce they will retire coal-fired power stations early. Great news: this is what climate science requires. Then Brookfield Asset Management and Mike Cannon-Brookes make a stunning play to buy AGL and rapidly replace coal with clean energy. Also good.”


Paul Bongiorno
Emperor Morrison has no clothes

“Uncertain times are usually thought to favour incumbent governments, but that presumes these governments have retained more than a modicum of confidence among a majority of voters. Evidence is mounting that the Morrison–Joyce Coalition has failed to deliver enough to merit its survival.”


John Hewson
Battle for the centre

“As an average, generally unengaged voter, where would you go to get a balanced understanding of the issues and policy choices to be made at the next election? More than usual, this question is a difficult one to answer. ”

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Cruel inventions

Perhaps there is a second world, almost identical to the one in which we live. It has the same brightness and dark, the same politics, the same families and friendships. Except for one thing: the people in this world wrongly believe transwomen are ruining sport. They believe that these women are taking quota seats on boards and that they somehow make bathrooms unsafe.


RANZCP must step up for those in need

With his humane and incisive analysis of another health catastrophe, Rick Morton has done it again (“The truth on spiralling mental-health waitlists”, February 19-25) and nails the …

Living conditions need to change

It is true that the mental-health system is broken, but not in the ways Rick Morton’s article emphasises. His case study is telling because of the expensive resources directed towards the …

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Image for article: South Flows the Pearl: Chinese Australian Voices

Mavis Gock Yen (edited by Siaoman Yen and Richard Horsburgh)
South Flows the Pearl: Chinese Australian Voices

Image for article: The Ethical Investor

Nicole Haddow
The Ethical Investor

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Al Campbell
The Keepers


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Pesto & pistou

Image for article: Why are state governments curtailing rooftop solar?


Why are state governments curtailing rooftop solar?

The uptake of rooftop solar shows no signs of slowdown – but two states have now legislated to ‘curtail’ this power in order to stabilise the grid, a short-term solution that risks damaging investor and consumer confidence.

Image for article: Outside the gates of hell


Outside the gates of hell

As rain falls on the Park Hotel, memories return of those capricious days when freedom came for some detainees but not others – the difference arbitrary and life-changing.


Looking back on Nick Hornby’s Fever Pitch

Nick Hornby’s Fever Pitch captures a singular love of soccer. Although the game may have evolved enormously in the 30 years since its release, the book still has much to say about masculine frailties and obsessive fandom.

Image for article: Looking back on Nick Hornby's <em>Fever Pitch</em>




“This is an unprovoked, unwarranted, illegal invasion of Ukraine.”

Scott MorrisonThe prime minister condemns Russia’s decision to invade Ukraine. On hearing this, Vladimir Putin is reported to have broken down and has been reconsidering his actions.


“Over three million out of the five million people in Queensland didn’t get a say.”

Adrian SchrinnerThe lord mayor of Brisbane says Queensland should have another referendum on daylight saving. The idea was rejected by the state 30 years ago on the basis that they couldn’t wind their clocks back any further.


“I don’t expect them to send a car around at 2 o’clock in the morning and wake me up.”

David ElliottThe NSW Transport minister confirms that he went to bed before his department decided to shut down the rail network in response to industrial negotiations. Like the train system itself, he doesn’t work after midnight.


“No offence, Australia ... but never take the high moral ground with UK summer weather again.”

Piers MorganThe journalist arrives in Australia for a party with Lachlan Murdoch, celebrating 25 years of Sky News. His network is one of the few that sees weather as a moral issue and climate change as not.


“It does feel ironic for the editors to be cut out of the show.”

Jimmy KimmelThe former Oscars host complains about a plan to shorten the broadcast by announcing certain categories off screen. In fairness, editing has always been the weakest part of the three-and-a-half-hour ceremony.


“I don’t give a fuck. I just want to kill cunts.”

Ben Roberts-SmithThe soldier tells a colleague about his motivations in the army, according to testimony given by “Person Two” in the former’s defamation case. The trial continues.