March 12 – 18, 2022


A man outside his flooded home in Wardell, south of Ballina, NSW, this week.


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Capricious freedom

The message came from Mehdi Ali a day before the flight. The next evening he was going to be taken to the airport. He would be put on a plane and flown to America. After almost nine years, he would be free.


Floods of tears

Rick Morton’s piece about the New South Wales government’s shameful planning processes failing to ensure adequate social housing is entirely consistent with its reluctance to govern for all (“Public …

Make this carnage stop

Thank you so much for the brilliant article by Mark Edele (“Inside Vladimir Putin’s paranoia”, March 5-11). The dreadful scenes of slaughter and suffering in Ukraine are heart-wrenchingly …

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Les Murray
Continuous Creation

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Margaret Atwood
Burning Questions

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Ben Walter
What Fear Was


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Grilled pineapple with matcha tea, lime and coconut

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The dark curse of lantana

A toxic plant, allowed to thrive due to wilful ignorance, becomes an invading force that threatens to take root beyond the borders of one small urban garden.

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Remembering Moss Cass

Australia’s first minister for Environment and Conservation was a brilliant, bold and persuasive man who is remembered by his son as a scientist and a leader, an idealist and a visionary.


Shane Warne, thanks for the memories

As a man, Shane Warne was no stranger to controversy and scandal. As a cricketer, he was the stuff of legend. Now his untimely death has left millions of Australians in mourning for a deeply flawed and deeply gifted stranger they felt they knew.

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“We’re standing by those communities hit by these floods and will help them to recover and rebuild.”

Scott MorrisonThe prime minister promises to help those whose lives have been destroyed by flooding in Queensland and New South Wales. Of course, there are two very different meanings of the phrase “standing by”.


“You’ve got people who want to live among the gum trees – what do you think is going to happen?”

Shane StoneThe head of the federal government’s disaster recovery agency blames flood victims for the situation in which they find themselves. Frankly, it also sounds like a needless dig at John Williamson.


“He’s the worst Australian who’s not in jail.”

Mark McGowanThe Western Australian premier describes Clive Palmer in text messages made public during a defamation trial. Even in private, state premiers cannot stop fantasising about prisons.


“He suffered enormous damage to his reputation. It’s not a nice thing to be called a stalker when it’s utterly untrue.”

Mark DavisThe lawyer for friendlyjordies producer Kristo Langker confirms his client is considering legal options after NSW Police Force dropped all charges against him. The decision shows it is not illegal to be unfunny or talk to politicians in parks.


“It’s a non-story mate. My accountant advised me to set something up now in case I need it.”

Joel FitzgibbonThe Labor member dismisses concerns about the fact he failed to disclose the establishment of a business called Fitzgibbon Advisory. Coal hold-out doesn’t set up a lobby firm after politics – now that would be a story.


“If Labor is successful in the coming federal election, I will take my lead from Bob Hawke and his successor, Paul Keating.”

Anthony AlbaneseThe Labor leader outlines his vision for government. Reassuringly, he is still promising to be anyone but himself.