March 19 – 25, 2022

Scott Morrison visits a flood-affected property in NSW last week.


Morrison failed to act on flood relief ‘handshake’

As blame-shifting continues over the slow response to the floods in northern NSW, Scott Morrison has gone quiet on a support package agreed to with the state’s premier.


Image for article: Angus Taylor’s $3.5 billion carbon blunder


Angus Taylor’s $3.5 billion carbon blunder

A decision by Angus Taylor to open up the market for carbon credits has made it cheaper for companies to pollute and has transferred billions in value to the private sector.

Image for article: Households battling toxic mould after record rains


Households battling toxic mould after record rains

Rain in Sydney has led to an outbreak of mould, particularly in cheaper rental properties, with profound and insidious impacts on health.

Image for article: Small kindnesses at the Polish border


Small kindnesses at the Polish border

As refugees flee into Poland from the Russia–Ukraine war, stories emerge of small and sometimes illegal kindnesses.

Image for article: The reporting of the Zachary Rolfe trial


The reporting of the Zachary Rolfe trial

Following the acquittal of Zachary Rolfe in the shooting death of Kumanjayi Walker, a careful media offensive has begun in the police officer’s defence.

A firefighter in front of a burning building in Kyiv


Russia follows invasion with oppression and fake news

The US warns China against supporting Russia. UN estimates more than three million residents have left Ukraine. Volodymyr Zelensky says his country will never join NATO.

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Richard Denniss
Morrison’s economic lies

“Scott Morrison lies about the economy all the time. He can’t help himself. He tells big lies about transitioning away from fossil fuels and small lies about the role of his office in the way grants are directed to marginal seats.”


Paul Bongiorno
Albanese is triggering Morrison’s green-eyed monster

“There’s not much doubt about it: Labor’s Anthony Albanese is messing with Scott Morrison’s head. The prime minister knows he has the fight of his life on his hands – and so far, he’s losing it.”


John Hewson
Flogging a near-dead horse

“We have now entered the territory where governments throw policy integrity to the wind. That is, we are in the final days leading up to the so-called caretaker period, which starts from the point that the election is actually called, and during which governments are prevented from making any policy decisions.”

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Grasshopper government

The original judgement was described as novel but only by lawyers. To anyone else it seemed self-evident that a minister should consider the wellbeing of children when making her decisions.


Getting to the heart

Rick Morton’s reporting, time and time again, goes right to the heart of very troubling issues by telling the human stories that brilliantly take the reader on the journey with him (“I could see a …

A telling image

Your coverage of the NSW floods was compelling and the front-page photo by Natalie Grono was outstanding. How to begin to describe the emotions? Congratulations.

– Tom Moore, Shortland, NSW

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Image for article: The Party: The Communist Party  of Australia from heyday to reckoning

Stuart Macintyre
The Party: The Communist Party of Australia from heyday to reckoning

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Sue Orr
Loop Tracks

Image for article: Skin Deep

Phillipa McGuinness
Skin Deep


Image for article: Chocolate chip cookies


Chocolate chip cookies

Image for article: How prepared is Australia for its next big earthquake?


How prepared is Australia for its next big earthquake?

As well as providing vital insights into the risks from future earthquakes, Australia’s most sophisticated seismic network, run by Melbourne University, may also have a role to play in climate change mitigation.

Image for article: The harsh truths of independent politics


The harsh truths of independent politics

As an independent candidate running against the party machines, a contender in the Strathfield byelection found the odds were against her.


The chutzpah of the Showtime Lakers

It can sometimes feel like a frenetic comic book, but the new HBO series on the Los Angeles Lakers of the 1980s encapsulates the entertainment value of the team itself.

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“I’ve always been on the blue spectrum, and I didn’t think anyone owned colours!”

Dave SharmaThe member for Wentworth defends campaign material that borrows its colour scheme from the independents’ movement and limits references to the Liberal Party. He’s not teal, he’s just blue-curious.


“Stop pussyfooting around the fact that the problem is the protection of teachers.”

Stuart RobertThe acting Education minister claims the problem with state schools is teachers “who aren’t up to the right standard”. His own career, of course, is built on competence and not a shared belief in a selfish god.


“I’m not pretending to be anyone else. I’m still wearing the same sunglasses. Sadly, the same suits.”

Scott MorrisonThe prime minister suggests Anthony Albanese’s weight loss proves he is an inauthentic person. The only thing unbelievable about Morrison is that he’s prime minister.


“I’m saying to the union movement: if you promise not to strike for another year, I’ll give fare-free Fridays for a full year.”

David ElliottThe New South Wales Transport minister gives an ultimatum to the rail union. This might seem rash, but another option would be to pay workers fairly.


“I had concerns, but this was the response that had been discussed at a senior management level.”

Paulinka DudekThe Star Entertainment Group’s assistant treasurer gives evidence about a practice that helped hide $900 million in Chinese gambling transactions. It is beginning to look like the house doesn’t always win.


“ ‘Before this trip’s over, I’m going to choke a man to death with my bare hands.’ ”

Person 7A witness in the Ben Roberts-Smith defamation trial recalls a conversation overheard when the two served together. Unfortunately for everyone, the trial continues.