March 26 – April 1, 2022

Minister for Industry, Energy and Emissions Reduction Angus Taylor.


Taylor’s office spent $1 billion on ‘sham’ carbon projects

Analysis by a former chair of the government’s carbon pricing integrity committee shows almost all the money spent on emissions reduction has gone to projects that did not contribute to reductions.


Image for article: How the war in Ukraine will end


How the war in Ukraine will end

As Vladimir Putin draws on lessons from Chechnya and his obsession with World War II, there are now five likely ways the brutality in Ukraine might end.

Image for article: Exclusive: NDIS reforms target children under nine


Exclusive: NDIS reforms target children under nine

Tender documents show the government is tweaking the National Disability Insurance Scheme to exclude thousands of children with disabilities such as autism.

Image for article: Delays are allowing abusers to hide assets from their victims


Delays are allowing abusers to hide assets from their victims

The federal government has done nothing to prevent child sexual abuse perpetrators from hiding their assets in superannuation, despite an announcement made four years ago promising legislation to assist survivors’ claims for compensation.

Image for article: Mark McGowan's message for federal politics


Mark McGowan’s message for federal politics

As the pandemic recedes from discourse, and the cost of living and climate change become voter priorities, what does Labor’s political strength in Western Australia mean for the federal election?

Image for article: AP reporter witnessed  ‘so much death’ in Mariupol


AP reporter witnessed ‘so much death’ in Mariupol

Samoa extends lockdown over Covid-19 outbreak. Killing of Rohingya by Myanmar army was genocide, declares United States. Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe free after six years in Iranian prison.

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Anjali Sharma
An open letter to Scott Morrison

“Have you heard of the five-by-five rule? Whenever something gets you down, you’re told to ask yourself a series of questions: Will it matter in five hours? Will it matter in five days? Five months? How about five years?”


Paul Bongiorno
‘They are cacking themselves’

“The equivalent of a political nuclear bomb hit South Australia last weekend and its shockwaves are reverberating through the nation. Blown to smithereens are the notions that the Covid-19 pandemic is a guarantee for the survival of incumbents or that opinion polls are not tracking the real mood of the nation.”


John Hewson
Can Morrison buy his way back into office?

“Talk about mixed messages on the economy. The government deliberately politicised the budget by moving it forward to March 29, so it could be delivered before a May election, and having set aside $16 billion in the most recent midyear economic statement for pre-election spending.”

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Chicken suit politics

Every three years, whoever leads the Labor Party is stripped to the waist, covered in tar and feathers, and marched through The Daily Telegraph’s newsroom, clucking and scratching like a chicken. The ritual is designed to debase the leader and show Rupert Murdoch’s dominance.


Real cuts in emissions needed

It’s hardly a “blunder” when a Coalition government decision results in windfall profits to a generous donor sector in preference to the financiers of the scheme – Australian taxpayers, …

Offsets not used for purpose

Mike Seccombe’s article prompts me to point out that the prime intent of carbon offsets is to accelerate and optimise overall decarbonisation efforts. Offsets are only meant to be used to offset …

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Charlotte Grimshaw
The Mirror Book

Image for article: Sounds Wild and Broken: Sonic Marvels, Evolution’s Creativity and the Crisis of Sensory Extinction

David George Haskell
Sounds Wild and Broken: Sonic Marvels, Evolution’s Creativity and the Crisis of Sensory Extinction

Image for article: Childless: A Story of Freedom and Longing

Sian Prior
Childless: A Story of Freedom and Longing


Image for article: Brussels sprout mallung


Brussels sprout mallung

Image for article: When the phone rings


When the phone rings

A series of tests led to an unexpected cancer diagnosis and a summer reflecting on life, luck and the diligence of two doctors.

Image for article: Gabriella Pereira’s Beare Park


Gabriella Pereira’s Beare Park

Gabriella Pereira’s Beare Park, launched just last year, seeks to balance fashion with style, creating locally produced, high-end clothing made from natural fibres.


Roman Abramovich’s crumbling web

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has thrown soccer powerhouse Chelsea FC’s future into limbo, with its billionaire saviour, Roman Abramovich, entangled in sanctions against his homeland.

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“If Albanese was asked about unconscious bias and cultural appropriation and critical race theory, all these things… he’d say ‘Oh yeah, they’re valid theories.’”

Mark LathamThe former Labor leader says he doesn’t believe Anthony Albanese represents “mainstream values”. Latham has a large scar on his forehead, presumably where they took out his brain.


“I must admit we were very disappointed and shocked to hear the news.”

Scott MorrisonThe prime minister responds to Brian Houston’s resignation from the Hillsong church after allegations of inappropriate behaviour towards two women. It does explain why Morrison tried to get Houston into the White House: he and Donald Trump would have gotten on famously.


“Political advertising should not be undertaken except when there’s an election on, and there’s no election on yet.”

Philip RuddockThe mayor of Hornsby warns that rubbish from bins with pictures of Scott Morrison on them may not be collected by council. As in office, said bins will be left to overflow with putrid garbage.


“Angus has united the energy sector in a way I’ve never seen in my life. Everyone disagrees with him.”

Malcolm TurnbullThe former prime minister criticises Angus Taylor’s woeful handling of the energy market. This is the same Malcolm Turnbull who appointed him to the ministry.


“I can no longer sit on the sidelines. Incredibly, it’s gotten worse in Canberra.” 

Nick XenophonThe South Australian announces he is again running for the senate. A lot has changed since he was last in office although his hair is still the same colour.


“I felt really annoyed about that. I found that quite threatening.”

Jacqui LambieThe Tasmanian senator says Scott Morrison threatened her with jail time if she talked about her apparent “deal” for voting to repeal medevac laws. This week, the government finally accepted New Zealand’s offer to resettle 450 refugees.