April 2 – 8, 2022


Scott Morrison outside Parliament House, Canberra, midweek.


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Locals walk through the demolished Trostyanets town centre in Ukraine


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Petrol money

This is the budget of an oblivious friend offering at the last minute to chuck in a little bit for petrol money. On every possible front it is a reminder of how little the Morrison government has done in office. On some points, there is a late attempt to fix things – not with any meaningful reform, just a bit of cash. For others, there isn’t even that.


Changes to NDIS

I am writing to clarify some inaccuracies contained in Rick Morton’s article “Age games” (March 26–April 1). The article misinterprets recent NDIS tender documents and policy settings relating …

Zelensky, the poster boy for democracy

Mark Edele (“How the war in Ukraine will end”, March 26–April 1) explores Vladimir Putin’s cleft-stick situation and the possible ways the Ukraine war could end. Putin’s …

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Jane Rawson
A History of Dreams

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Hannah Gadsby
Ten Steps to Nanette

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Lloyd Jones
The Fish


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Mustard fruits (mostarda di frutta)

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Creating software for the many, not the few

A world-first research project aims to build software tools that respond to myriad human traits and demographic factors, rather than just those that dominate.

Image for article: Remembering the tastes of Mini Bombay


Remembering the tastes of Mini Bombay

Unable to visit her family in Indore, India, due to the pandemic, the memory of childhood treats and speciality foods nourish a young woman living far from home.


Beveridge v Morris in the court of public opinion

The outburst by Luke Beveridge illustrates the problem when a coach’s duty of care to his players comes up against the media’s pursuit of information in the ‘public interest’.

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“They stated plain, public support for me while the mob was in its full fury.”  

Christian PorterThe former attorney-general thanks Peter Dutton and Peter van Onselen for their support. He used his parliamentary valedictory speech to warn of the risks of China and being accused of a historic rape.


“I am a work in progress.”  

Will Smith

The actor apologises for slapping Chris Rock at the Academy Awards. If anyone doubts his sincerity, the statement was issued just after he won the Oscar for best actor.


“... these were no ordinary floods.”

Scott Morrison

The prime minister addresses the second flood to hit the east coast in as many months. The point here is that Morrison is ordinary and only addresses what is ordinary.


“To listen to our national broadcaster or much of the media elite is to hear about a uniquely racist, selfish, slavish and monochromatic country.”

Lachlan MurdochThe chosen son of media mogul Rupert Murdoch addresses the Institute of Public Affairs. His company is working hard across the globe to make sure there’s nothing unique about it.


“I mean, I’ve got things to do.”

Matthew GuyThe Victorian opposition leader expresses frustration that he must isolate after testing positive for Covid-19. It’s not clear what Lobster Cave’s policy is on late cancellations.


“... there is now an expectation that state and federal government will just step up and pick up the pieces.” 

Shane StoneThe coordinator-general of the National Recovery and Resilience Agency complains about the expectations of flood victims. There is nothing as greedy as a family who’ve lost everything.