April 9 – 15, 2022


Prime Minister Scott Morrison.


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Political prisoners

Scott Morrison always framed it as a kind of moral vanity. Any justness was a threat to our borders. The slightest decency would undo the system he had built to stop the boats. In private, he said there could be no gap for the light to get through. He talked about indulgence. He presented what he was doing to refugees as difficult and right.


Unmasking the PM

Karen Middleton has uncloaked the Liberal Party preselection process for the sham that it is, complete with religious and racial overtones (“ ‘Actually a Moslem’: The true story of Morrison’s …

Karma chameleon

Unlike the present Liberal prime minister, I am not a believer; however, I strongly believe in karma. Sometimes, for me, it takes far too long for karma to manifest. When it does, be prepared for the devastation …

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Mirandi Riwoe
The Burnished Sun

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Becky Manawatu

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Georgina Arnott (ed)
Judith Wright: Selected Writings


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Steak tartare and burgers

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Documenting Hong Kong’s banned revolution

Forbidden in Hong Kong and China, the documentary Revolution of Our Times, about the 2019–2020 protests by Hongkongers for freedom and democracy, is finding a strong audience in Australia.

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How scientists hope to preserve endangered marine life

Scientists are studying underwater topography, tides and cool currents to find places where threatened marine species might find refuge from climate change.


Loud, indulgent and fitting: Shane Warne’s MCG memorial

The state memorial service for cricketer Shane Warne juxtaposed the personal grief of immediate family with a boisterous public celebration of a life lived large.

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“If any staff member felt they had a poor experience in my office, then I apologise.”

Fiona MartinThe Liberal MP apologises after it was revealed 15 staff had quit her office. Complaints included that she had hired a former babysitter with no experience, which is essentially the definition of a political staffer.


“You better fucking do something.”

RayA pensioner confronts Scott Morrison in a pub outside Newcastle. The prime minister offered to take his details and sort it out.


“I didn’t win the election.”

Donald TrumpThe former United States president admits that Joe Biden won the last election. He is only 18 months and one Capitol storming late.


“We’ve passed the laws. We’ll throw the book at these people, because their behaviour is completely unacceptable.”

Dominic PerrottetThe New South Wales premier promises to crack down on climate activists who block roads during protests. It might sound dramatic, but he will do anything not to read.


“I don’t want to play politics with this, I just want to make sure people are getting the support that they need.”

Scott MorrisonThe prime minister agrees to partly fund a flood-relief package in Queensland, a day after refusing to contribute. Unfortunately, this is textbook “playing politics with it”.


“The Morrison government is taking action to safeguard the delivery of affordable, reliable power for consumers.”

Angus TaylorThe Energy minister announces a plan to force coal-fired power stations to give five years’ notice before shutting down. Mercifully, his government will only be given about six weeks.