May 7 – 13, 2022


Treasurer Josh Frydenberg and Prime Minister Scott Morrison in Melbourne this week.


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Last refugees of the scoundrel

By now it is obvious that people in detention are props to Scott Morrison. They are not human to him. They represent only voters’ fears.


The burning issue

So Anthony Albanese says “we’re going to get on with winning an election based on Labor principles about jobs, industrial relations and climate change” (Mike Seccombe, “The inside story of …

Who will give us a federal ICAC?

In his article “A matter of integrity” (April 30–May 6), Stephen Mutch wrote “My own view is that ... the federal Morrison government is unfit to hold office”, an opinion …

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The Influence

Ripley Kavara

Solange’s 2016 album A Seat at the Table is a touchstone for musician and visual artist Ripley Kavara.


Cold storage

“We called him Santa – unimaginatively, on account of his white hair – but we might as easily have arranged those same five letters in a different order. He did not come down our chimney, but he did make his first impression via trespass – hearing a noise, my wife found him in our backyard. You should know that my wife is not the shrinking sort and I’d generally fear for the health of anyone stupid enough to cross her, but that day she was tired – we had spent much of the previous night at the hospital with our boy. And now this stranger, in our yard, helping himself to the discarded palings from our recently replaced fence.”


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Chloe Hooper
Bedtime Story

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Catriona Menzies-Pike (ed.)
Open Secrets: Essays on the Writing Life

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Steve Toltz
Here Goes Nothing


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Roasted pumpkin with taleggio cream, sage and curry leaves

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Counting Australia’s Covid-19 deaths

In January, Covid-19 became Australia’s second leading cause of death after cancer. Although the disease is now less fatal, more people have died this year than in the past two years combined.

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The woman who would not give up

A years-long battle to have the psychological trauma caused by domestic violence correctly diagnosed and treated has finally resulted in Australia’s first specialised women-only mental health facility.


A gender-equal wave in the World Surf League

Since taking the reins as head of competition for the World Surf League, Sydney-born Jessi Miley-Dyer is barrelling ahead with plans to make the sport more gender equal.

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“I’m not easily offended. I think you’ve learnt that about me.”

Scott MorrisonThe prime minister responds to the New South Wales Independent Commission Against Corruption commissioner’s description of him as a “buffoon”. On balance, he probably knows it’s generous.


“… it was tractors I was looking at, so I did get into another website with sort of a very similar name and I watched it for a bit, which I shouldn’t have done.”

Neil ParishThe British Tory MP describes his route to a porn site while sitting in parliament, which led to his resignation. Note to readers, do not look at while working.


“I think it’s a sad dog that can’t learn anymore. I don’t want to be that sad dog.”

Bill MurrayThe actor acknowledges that his behaviour towards a woman on set caused the shutdown of his latest film. At this point the kindest thing to do would be to release him into the mountains of Uganda to live among his own.


“Hold everyone contributing to this disaster accountable, GOP & Dem obstructionists included.”

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

The United States congresswoman responds to the leaked draft of a Supreme Court opinion in favour of striking down Roe v Wade. Meanwhile, they’re still trying to steam the fake tan out of the White House drapes.


“It’s like when a girl orders a lobster and the 1985 Dom Pérignon on a first date.”

Daniel Lewkovitz

The Liberal Democrats candidate for Wentworth describes how he sees the relationship between Simon Holmes à Court and the Climate 200 candidates. It’s quite clear he’s never met a girl or a lobster, but he has seen Splash.


“That might leave me as not being the local member, which is of course not what I want.”

Josh FrydenbergThe treasurer explains one outcome of not voting for him to the Kooyong People’s Forum. It’s a lot to think about.