May 21 – 27, 2022

Brian Houston in 2021 in Atlanta when he was Hillsong global senior pastor.


The Hillsong emails

Leaked emails show how the Houston family responded to the scandal that may have ended their reign at the top of the Hillsong megachurch.


Image for article: Board pressure after Grace Tame speech


Board pressure after Grace Tame speech

New details show how the Morrison government attempted to remove the chair of the National Australia Day Council.

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Testimony at the disability royal commission

The disability royal commission this week heard powerful testimony about a neglectful and mercenary approach to care at one of Australia’s longest-serving providers.

Scott Morrison speaks to locals at the Whitemore Tennis Club in northern Tasmania on Thursday.


Can Scott Morrison pull off another ‘miracle’ win?

In the final week of the campaign, Scott Morrison is relentlessly on message. He is focused on housing and older voters, following a playbook almost identical to the one he used in 2019.

Image for article: Election ’22: What will happen in the senate?


Election ’22: What will happen in the senate?

With several wildcards expected, the senate’s next crossbench will be instrumental for whoever forms government.

Image for article: Election ’22: Your guide to the key seats


Election ’22: Your guide to the key seats

The Coalition will lose government if it drops just one seat. Labor needs to win eight. Here is an essential guide to the electorates in close contention.


Finland and Sweden apply for NATO membership

New Zealand trials help for lower-income families to get electric vehicles. North Korea in lockdown as Covid-19 cases grow. US Treasury calls for regulation of volatile cryptocurrencies.

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Kevin Rudd
What happens if you win the election?

“Whoever wins this election, Australia’s next government will face enormous challenges across the full spectrum of foreign and domestic policy. But the arsenal of policy tools available to the incoming government will have been undermined after nearly a decade of short-term thinking, deeply politicised decision-making and misspent political capital. For the national interest, this must stop.”


Paul Bongiorno
Oh no, here we go again

“Expectations of a Labor victory today have been trimmed dramatically. Far from the landslide many were increasingly confident of just a week ago, forming a minority government is now widely seen as the best they can expect.”


John Hewson
A choice between two lessers

“Now that election day has finally arrived, it’s reasonable to ask: How much better informed are voters to make their choice? The campaign has certainly been neither a contest of policy ideas, nor of visions for our country’s path ahead.”

Letters, Cartoon & Editorial


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Life inside a lie

The government Scott Morrison leads has achieved less in three terms than perhaps any other in Australian history. What it has accomplished has largely made the country worse.


A return to decency?

When I migrated here in the late 1970s from a failed democracy, Australia was about to enter a time of great optimism. During the past nine years, however, the rise of self-interest, mean-spiritedness, inequality …

PM’s last-minute sell

Mike Seccombe (“What the Coalition is promising”, May 14-20) reports the Coalition economic promises are virtually matched dollar for dollar by the opposition. The beneficiaries are overwhelmingly …

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Janine Mikosza

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Claire Keegan
Small Things Like These

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Antigone Kefala
Late Journals


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Pumpkin and ricotta crespelle

Image for article: Songwriters living in fear of ‘stupid lawsuits’


Songwriters living in fear of ‘stupid lawsuits’

A slew of bitter copyright infringement cases brought against songwriters is forcing artists to purchase errors and omissions insurance, or risk legal battles and expensive payouts.

Image for article: Australian Fashion Week 2022


Australian Fashion Week 2022

Australian Fashion Week showcased wearable clothes in fresh silhouettes alongside body- and gender-diverse clothing, as well as some derivative and unimaginative offerings.


Greg Norman’s dubious links

Greg Norman’s ambivalence towards the atrocities of the Saudi regime are not born of ignorance but rather of a blinding obsession with bringing down the PGA Tour.

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“The result is an absence of checks and balances in Russia, and the decision of one man to launch a wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq. I mean, of Ukraine.”

George W. BushThe former United States president says what others have been saying for two decades. John Howard and Tony Blair are now the only people on Earth pretending it was a legitimate war.



Shane BazziThe refugee advocate celebrates a win against Peter Dutton after appealing the defamation case against him. Dutton’s not a rape apologist, he’s just a minister in the Morrison government.


“This deal cannot move forward until he does.”

Elon MuskThe entrepreneur demands that Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey release proof that bots comprise 5 per cent or less of the platform’s accounts. It’s the sort of thing you might ask before you made a $63.5 billion takeover bid, but we’re sure he knows what he’s doing.


“Where’s Luca? Please tell me he hasn’t gone off to the hospital.”

Scott MorrisonThe prime minister accidentally crash tackles eight-year-old Luca Fauvette on a soccer pitch. His policy is clear: boys play against boys or oversized man babies.


“It was for writing. It was not to, as you would have it, murder my husband.”

Nancy BrophyThe American romance novelist gives evidence while being tried for the murder of her husband. A lot of people regret old blog posts, but her 2011 piece, “How to Murder Your Husband”, really has aged well.


“It was frothing, the shell was bubbling. It was strange and frightening.”

Rachel WillsThe British scavenger hunter described driving home with what she thought was an antique canister in the back seat. In fact, it was a live bomb from World War I.