May 28 – June 3, 2022

Penny Wong (left), Anthony Albanese (centre) and Richard Marles (right) after being sworn in at Government House, Canberra, this week.


Week one: Albanese seeks to build Hawke-like consensus

Anthony Albanese’s first phone calls as prime minister reveal a man keen to rebuild the parliament and implement an ambitious agenda.


Image for article: Coalition loss: ‘The transphobe thing was an absolute disaster’


Coalition loss: ‘The transphobe thing was an absolute disaster’

Interviews with more than a dozen senior Liberals show how Scott Morrison’s belief in his own ‘genius’ and self-image as a ‘master strategist’ cost the party government.

Image for article: Claims Coalition colluded in election day boat arrival


Claims Coalition colluded in election day boat arrival

The timing of a report that an asylum-seeker boat had been intercepted on its way to Australia has led to claims of manipulation and concerns over the Coalition’s links to the Sri Lankan government.

Image for article: Labor urged to act to prevent Julian Assange extradition


Labor urged to act to prevent Julian Assange extradition

With a final decision on Julian Assange’s extradition to the US due in coming days, the fate of the WikiLeaks founder could be largely in the hands of Australia’s new prime minister.

Image for article: Adam Bandt on how the Greens triumphed


Adam Bandt on how the Greens triumphed

Following unprecedented success in the house and the senate, Adam Bandt explains how the Greens orchestrated their strongest result with a campaign that stretched from doorknocking and community gardens to Grindr and ‘the chaos of the internet’.

Image for article: Albanese pledges climate action at Quad summit


Albanese pledges climate action at Quad summit

New government ponders China relationship. Penny Wong’s message to Pacific Islands. Labor signals a pivot to South-East Asia.

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Simon Holmes à Court
Lessons from the teal seats

“The phrase was coined by a volunteer for Sophie Scamps in Mackellar, but it was just as fitting in Kooyong or Goldstein or anywhere else that people were experiencing the optimism and satisfaction of engaging for the first time in a political campaign. The phrase was ‘active hope’.”


Paul Bongiorno
Labor’s Quad workout

“There has been an earthquake in Australian parliamentary democracy, which has checked the dominance of the two major parties and demonstrated two-thirds of the country were hungry for change.”


John Hewson
How the media failed this election

“After such a decisive election outcome, soul-searching about what happened and why is only natural. One of the most conspicuous failures in the campaign was the role played by the media – they certainly tried to undermine our democracy.”

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On-water martyrs

In one of the first decisions of the new government, the then acting prime minister, Richard Marles, instructed Border Force to continue with the return of a boat of asylum seekers trying to reach Australia from Sri Lanka. He intended this as a lesson.


The most urgent reform

Kevin Rudd (May 21-27) asks of Labor, “What happens if you win?” Rhetorically he provides five challenges for Labor across foreign and domestic policy but closes with the need for media reform and …

An addition to Rudd’s list

Kevin Rudd asked “What happens if you win?” Well, Labor did win and we have to see soon what the new government decides to do. Rudd’s article includes the following five beneficial …

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Image for article: Indelible City: Dispossession and Defiance in Hong Kong

Louisa Lim
Indelible City: Dispossession and Defiance in Hong Kong

Image for article: Time Is a Mother

Ocean Vuong
Time Is a Mother

Image for article: My Heart Is a Little Wild Thing

Nigel Featherstone
My Heart Is a Little Wild Thing


Image for article: Apple fritole with calvados crème anglaise


Apple fritole with calvados crème anglaise

Image for article: A bonfire of the piano keys


A bonfire of the piano keys

David Sornig’s piano will be engulfed in flames next month as part of RISING's “Piano Burning”, in a performance resonant with both personal and historical significance.

Image for article: Going home to Biloela


Going home to Biloela

For the Nadesalingam family, trapped in community detention in Perth, the election result has provided hope that they can return to their rural Queensland home.


Skye Nicolson on boxing and resilience

Boxer Skye Nicolson began life knowing the world can be cruel, but every personal and professional blow has helped shape her into the resilient and determined person she is today.

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“Welcome to the first meeting of the new resistance.”

Paul MurrayThe Sky News host emotionally declares himself a rebel leader following Scott Morrison’s defeat. His show has always felt like an impotence commercial and now it’s stopped pretending to be anything else.


“He doesn’t seem to listen. He’s extremely conservative. I actually don’t think he’s that smart.”

Mark McGowanThe West Australian premier offers his view of Peter Dutton, who is favoured to become the next federal opposition leader. Party officials are busy fitting the member for Dickson with eyelashes and working out what to do with his tail.


“Full disclosure: in real life, of course, I support trans rights.”

Ricky GervaisThe comic opens his Netflix special with a string of slurs against trans women. A man who laboured for years under the misapprehension that he invented atheism is now as one with the Catholic Church.


“There was excessive alcohol consumption … One individual was sick.”

Sue GreyThe senior British civil servant releases her final report into lockdown parties at 10 Downing Street. Prime Minister Boris Johnson says he takes “full responsibility”, which presumably means sending money on birthdays and seeking an injunction to deny paternity.


“Josh, I can’t just call a friend – I can refer to him as a brother. Josh and I have a deep and abiding friendship.”

Scott MorrisonThe former prime minister acknowledges his defeated treasurer during a concession speech. Only family would talk that much about trans athletes at lunch.


“This isn’t inevitable. These kids weren’t ‘unlucky’. This only happens in this country, and nowhere else.”

Chris MurphyThe Democrat demands gun reform on the floor of the United States senate, a day after his country’s second deadliest school shooting. No joke for this one, only sadness.