June 4 – 10, 2022

The new Liberal Party leader, Peter Dutton, and his deputy, Sussan Ley, after a party room meeting at Parliament House, Canberra, on Monday.


Exclusive: Dutton blocked Indigenous names at bases

“About the same time, Dutton instructed Defence to stop pursuing ‘a woke agenda’”

As Peter Dutton addresses his decision to boycott the apology, it can be revealed  he shut down reconciliation initiatives while serving as Defence minister.


Image for article: Albanese promises ‘most experienced’ Labor cabinet since Federation


Albanese promises ‘most experienced’ Labor cabinet since Federation

In assembling Labor’s first government cabinet for almost a decade, Anthony Albanese has struck a careful balance of factions, geography, merit and loyalty.

Image for article: Penny Wong’s Pacific mission


Penny Wong’s Pacific mission

Australia’s new government is racing to repair relationships with Pacific Island nations as China works to expand its influence across the region.

Image for article: Kinship carers left broken and abandoned by states


Kinship carers left broken and abandoned by states

Hundred of thousands of children have been left in the unofficial care of relatives, many of whom are suffering severe financial stress with no support – and in some cases outright intimidation – from child protection authorities.

Image for article: The ‘institutional rot’ of Australian universities


The ‘institutional rot’ of Australian universities

Threatened cuts to key support positions and research have sparked unprecedented protests at the University of Sydney and elsewhere and jeopardised the top-tier status that draws students.

Image for article: Biden vows to send more military support to Ukraine


Biden vows to send more military support to Ukraine

Pacific Islands reject Beijing deal. First visit to China by UN human rights chief since 2005. Canada tightens guns laws while US maintains status quo.

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Rod Bower
That feeling you have is called ‘moral injury’

“Although the Labor Party has now secured the required majority to govern, Anthony Albanese is far from having won the electorate’s hearts and minds. This will take time. Moral injury does not go away with a change of leader; this kind of injury must be addressed by truth-telling, justice and reconciliation.”


Paul Bongiorno
Ghosts of prime ministers past

“Albanese brings to the job the enormous authority of leading the party out of the wilderness after almost a decade. Over the past three years there were plenty of wellwishers but also plenty of doubters. Albanese’s ‘come from behind, kicking with the wind in the fourth quarter’ strategy was a worry.”


John Hewson
The RBA risks bursting the household debt bubble

“In many ways, the economy is a poisoned chalice for the incoming Labor government. So much for the Coalition’s boast of being ‘better economic managers’ – perhaps they were just better economic manipulators. ”

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Bacon and eggs

In the first days of a new government, the treatment of the public service is a useful indicator of the vision a prime minister might have for the country. John Howard immediately sacked several departmental secretaries. Scott Morrison told bureaucrats that it was not their job to guide policy. Anthony Albanese’s first moves have been entirely different.


Lost in the wilderness

None of the media’s analysis of Scott Morrison’s fall from grace comes as close to nailing it as Rick Morton’s (“Coalition loss: ‘The transphobe thing was an absolute disaster’ ”, …

On-water stunt

Bruce Haigh’s allegations (Karen Middleton, “Morrison’s last boat”, May 28–June 3) of a secret deal between the Australian and Sri Lankan governments on asylum-seeking boat turn-backs …

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Image for article: Machines Behaving Badly

Toby Walsh
Machines Behaving Badly

Image for article: This All Come Back Now

Mykaela Saunders (ed.)
This All Come Back Now

Image for article: Sunbathing

Isobel Beech


Image for article: Jackfruit salad with  dry-aged duck


Jackfruit salad with dry-aged duck

Image for article: By any other name


By any other name

Ara Sarafian was raised to cherish his Armenian heritage – but he never saw names like his own in 1980s Australia. Here he traces the country’s steps beyond Acropolis Now, towards multiculturalism.

Image for article: How did Australia get so bad at building cities?


How did Australia get so bad at building cities?

As Parramatta is rezoned to make way for massive skyscrapers, the decision is a reminder that the world has forgotten how to build beautiful cities.


The case for handing golf courses back to the public

The pandemic’s transformation of a Melbourne golf course into a public oasis has become part of a broader movement to open up these spaces for community use.

Image for article: The case for handing golf courses back to the public




“The challenges he faces are daunting and I don’t envy him his success.”

Billy BraggThe folk singer responds to Anthony Albanese quoting a lyric of his, as a way to explain fairness. After a prime minister whose only frame for music was Tina Arena, it’s a welcome change.


“He is a warm-hearted, very, decent, competent individual.”

Stuart RobertThe Liberal offers his view of new leader Peter Dutton. It’s not clear how he made the assessment, but it probably involved the same algorithm he used for robo-debt.


“Now, I have a chance to get back to my second greatest love, after my family.”

Barnaby Joyce The former deputy prime minister reacts to being dumped by his party room. Just to be clear, he’s talking about his electorate and not a third family.


“This is less than we ask of factory workers.”

Elon MuskThe Tesla chief executive instructs staff that they must be in the office at least 40 hours a week. In fairness, what he asks of factory workers is sometimes their lives.


“… sometimes people are prepared to go to extreme lengths to damage their former partner.”

Ben FordhamThe shock jock explains his concerns about affirmative consent laws introduced in New South Wales. A man who has illegally recorded people for stories is not exactly familiar with the notion of an enthusiastic yes.


“The case for Angus Taylor as shadow treasurer is compelling…”

Peta CredlinThe former chief-of-staff pre-empts Angus Taylor’s appointment to the shadow ministry. Who knows more about money than a man who absolutely doesn’t have any of it hidden in the Cayman Islands?