June 11 – 17, 2022


Prime Minister Anthony Albanese in Darwin on Wednesday.


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Other people’s lies

“If we want to consider 32 per cent of the primary vote a mandate, we might need to have to review what a mandate looks like,” says Hollie Hughes. The lack of talent and imagination in the right-wing parties has seen the Coalition ape the nativism of the Republican Party. They play mindless dress-ups, pretending that America’s politics are our politics.


One for none

Peter Dutton is the most dangerous of leaders – one who seeks to divide. There is nothing remotely threatening about officially recognising Indigenous languages through naming (Karen Middleton, “Exclusive: …

Power of the people

Peter Dutton’s choice of language betrays what he attempts to deny – “symbolism” on the apology to the Stolen Generations. Sussan Ley has the same deaf ear: “To the women of Australia,” …

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George Haddad
Losing Face

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Sam Wallman
Our Members Be Unlimited: A comic about workers and their unions

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Edwina Preston
Bad Art Mother


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Chicken Kiev

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How to speed up Australia’s EV revolution

Australia has lagged behind other developed nations in adopting electric vehicles, but a multipronged strategy using plentiful solar resources will help hasten the transition.

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Fight to save ‘punk turtle’ hit by floods

Endangered turtles in the Mary River are among the species suffering devastating setbacks after record flooding in southern Queensland that caused extensive damage to habitat and food sources.


The slow rise of the Fremantle Dockers

For the Fremantle Dockers, the slow road to success has been paved with good intentions, some ugly footy and flashes of  wizardry. Finally, the club’s devoted fans have hit a gratifying purple patch.

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“Government ministers have – and must have – the discretion to step outside bureaucratic recommendations ...”

Barnaby JoyceThe former deputy prime minister explains his objection to an integrity commission. His view of democracy is quite like his view of marriage.


“Reading The Power, I gained a stronger and more visceral sense of the abuse and injustice many women experience today.”

Bill GatesThe fourth-richest man in the world recommends people read Naomi Alderman’s novel. All the suffering on the planet is worth it if one billionaire becomes a better man.


“Wake up to him. I have nothing to gain. I just believe you deserve to be treated with a bit more respect.”

Pauline HansonThe One Nation leader texts Brian Burston’s wife, telling her that her husband thinks she is becoming her mother and wants her to “drop dead”. Defamation trials are terrible except when they’re not.


“It’s just a complete joke.”

Chris BowenThe Energy minister rejects the Nationals’ suggestion that nuclear power be considered to ease costs. It’s not necessarily helpful, but it must feel nice.


“Sebuah pesan untuk masyarakat Indonesia dari Menteri Luar Negeri yang baru Australia Penny Wong”

Penny WongThe Foreign Affairs minister speaks fluent Indonesian during a visit to the country. For contrast, Barnaby Joyce once told a story about how he tore his suit and his “red grundies” hung out on a high-level visit to the United States.


“I’ll be quite honest … it was the misogyny.”

Elizabeth Ann MacgregorThe former director of the Museum of Contemporary Art explains that she was yelled at “many, many times” by politicians during her 22 years running the gallery. She said this was “just a modus operandi for politics in this country”.