June 18 – 24, 2022


Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce.


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The cow and milk for free

Angus Taylor knew what he was doing. Despite all evidence to the contrary, he is a bright man. He understands accounting tricks. He knew there was a crisis and he preferred to wait for it.


Committing to promises

Rick Morton’s “‘Negligent in the extreme’: Labor inherits crises across portfolios” (June 11-17) had me contemplating an unlikely possibility – the coming national integrity …

Not fixed yet

Over the last week we had extensive media coverage of the Nadesalingam family and their return to Biloela. While it might seem like a welcome good news story, the resulting glow of self-satisfaction should be vanquished …

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Geraldine Brooks

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Hayley Scrivenor
Dirt Town

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Scott McCulloch


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A quiet winter of neglect

A reflection on the lilies of Galilee, the orchid of the building site and the karmic power of poo bags.

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Why Australia should ban private schools

The Morrison government’s overblown funding of private schools exacerbated inequality, undermined social cohesion and sabotaged cultural creativity.


Socceroos head to the World Cup

Just when it looked as though the Socceroos would be watching the 2022 FIFA World Cup at home on their tellies, a penalty shootout pulled victory from the jaws of defeat.

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“It is also appropriate to observe that the last time I had the honour of leading the Liberal Party Senate ticket I easily outpolled the Labor Senate ticket leader with below the line votes.”

Eric AbetzThe Tasmanian Liberal loses his senate spot after 28 years. The country is poorer for it, but only because of his pension.


“This episode was far from ideal, and while there was no malice involved, I recognise our mistakes and apologise for them.”

Bevan Shields

The editor of The Sydney Morning Herald attempts to justify reporting that led to the outing of Rebel Wilson. People should be allowed to come out in their own time or after being arrested at Mardi Gras in 1978.


“Matt Kean says the blackouts are caused by a market failure … that’s the failure, caused by the mad cult of closing down coal fired power stations.”

Barnaby JoyceThe former deputy prime minister complains that the power crisis is caused by a lack of coal. It’s like saying the Coalition lost because of a lack of Barnaby.


“The fact is, it’s not what you take but what you do with it that counts.”

John HughesThe Australian author responds to evidence his latest book includes plagiarism of Svetlana Alexievich, as well as F. Scott Fitzgerald and Leo Tolstoy. Looked at another way, it’s four or five books for the price of one.


“The key persons who were responsible for or failed to stop misconduct are no longer at Star.”

Kate RichardsonThe senior counsel closes Star’s case, arguing the casino should keep its licence after claims it enabled money laundering and organised crime. The house always wins, except in inquiries.


“He had the control and power and what he did was touch them deliberately in a sexualised way ...”

Shaun CronerThe prosecutor opens the case against former Craig Kelly staffer Frank Zumbo, who is charged with sexual touching and indecent assault. Zumbo has pleaded not guilty to all counts.