July 2 – 8, 2022

A virologist at Sydney’s St Vincent’s Centre for Applied Medical Research.


The next coronavirus variant is already here

“Overnight on Tuesday, as an independent medical advisory committee met in the United States to discuss a booster program for Covid-19, a new wave of infections was already taking hold.”

New research shows the latest Omicron strains are more able to infect people who have been vaccinated, and multiple infections can cause future serious illness.


Image for article: Reserve Bank: ‘If you know about monetary policy, you’re disqualified’


Reserve Bank: ‘If you know about monetary policy, you’re disqualified’

As a review is set to begin into the Reserve Bank of Australia, questions are being asked about its opaque operations and the absence of qualifications on its board.

Image for article: Inside the police crackdown on Blockade Australia


Inside the police crackdown on Blockade Australia

As Blockade Australia concludes a week of climate protests in Sydney, police are using extraordinary tactics against the group, arresting and rearresting dozens of people.

Image for article: Profits up, wages down in today’s Australia


Profits up, wages down in today’s Australia

As Australia attempts to control inflation, it is ignoring the impacts of monopoly ownership and price gouging.

Image for article: Papua New Guinea’s election challenges


Papua New Guinea’s election challenges

On the election trail in Papua New Guinea, political campaigns are awash with money and guns but reformers are trying to turn the tide against corruption.

Image for article: NATO places 260,000 more troops on high alert


NATO places 260,000 more troops on high alert

US creates a five-nation group to strengthen ties with Pacific Islands. Sri Lanka’s economic crisis deepens. Impact of the overturning of Roe v Wade.

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Judith Brett
Can the Liberals stay relevant?

“The greatest challenge facing the defeated federal Liberal Party is not whether to move to the right or the left, nor whether to court voters in the outer suburbs or try to win back its once blue-ribbon seats. It is how to stay relevant.”


Chris Wallace
A world away from Morrison

“The de-ScoMofication of Australia on the world stage took a leap forward this week as the Albanese government consolidated its international relations edge over an enfeebled opposition in a series of high-level meetings in Europe.”


John Hewson
Preparing for future crises

“While the climate debate intensifies over the inevitability of further, even more extreme weather events, and the necessary transitions to a low-carbon Australia, it seems that governments are ignoring or playing down the possibility of further pandemics and the need to be better prepared next time.”

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Free Assange

The indictment against Julian Assange runs to 37 pages. It was signed on May 23, 2019. It details Assange’s interactions with Chelsea Manning, how he encouraged her to access secret files and helped her with password-breaking.


The world’s quarry

Mike Seccombe’s excellent article (“Energy crisis: The truth behind the price surge”, June 25–July 1) exposes the complete failure of successive governments through what most of us …

Widespread profiteering

Mike Seccombe referred to complaints that some companies involved in the energy market were “price gouging”. This dishonest, even heinous, practice is not confined to the big energy companies. …

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Chris Womersley
The Diplomat

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Claire G. Coleman

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Ottessa Moshfegh


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Cappelletti in brodo

Image for article: The right to safety in aged care


The right to safety in aged care

More than 40 people a week are sexually assaulted in residential aged care. These dementia advocates are trying to change those numbers.

Image for article: <em>Roe v Wade</em> in Australia: ‘When I was pregnant, I was not a person’


Roe v Wade in Australia: ‘When I was pregnant, I was not a person’

Those who believe the overturning of Roe v Wade in the US will not have implications in Australia are blind to the ways in which healthcare already prioritises unborn children over pregnant women.


Adam Sandler’s basketball Hustle

Adam Sandler’s turn as an NBA scout elevates Hustle to sit among the great sports films.

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“It is clear that my taking up this role is now not tenable with the amount of media attention this appointment has gained.”

John BarilaroThe former leader of the New South Wales Nationals steps back from a $500,000 trade role in New York. America’s loss is nobody’s gain.


“We’re really delighted with the outcome and end product.”

David HurleyThe governor-general appears in a promotional video for the luxury builder who renovated his private home. He later said it was a mistake made “on the spur of a happy moment” – like sacking an elected government.


“It turns out Marxists don’t like being called Marxists.”

Hollie HughesThe Liberal senator continues to claim the school system is run by “Marxists”. It’s possible she just doesn’t understand what unpaid labour is.


“These people are dumb, divisive, disrespectful and they’re bloody idiots who will face the full force of the law.”

Dominic Perrottet

The NSW premier condemns climate protesters. In fairness, he made these comments after a man drove into the protesters – so you can’t say he caused that.


“It’s a really difficult conversation to have and we want to make sure people are comfortable how it happens.”

Dugald SaundersThe NSW minister for Agriculture announces an eradication zone to contain a varroa mite outbreak, which will involve destroying hundreds of hives. It’s amazing how often bad luck looks like climate change.


“When someone of his calibre dies, it feels like he belongs to the public.”

Catharine LumbyThe author of a forthcoming biography of Frank Moorhouse reflects on his death this week. He was 83.