July 9 –15, 2022


Opposition Leader Peter Dutton.


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Not riding shotgun

Labor’s recalibration of the relationship with China is not simple. It is not a question of appeasement. One side is not good and the other bad. What is clear is old logics no longer hold. America would not obviously win a war with China, nor would it necessarily defend Australia against Beijing. The balance then is between the two.


No time for secrets

Your plain-speaking editorial (“Free Assange”, July 2-8) sets out all the valid reasons why Julian Assange, courageous journalist and truth-teller, deserves to have the charges against him dropped and …

Mismatched penalties

Imagine a world where a New South Wales government, instead of trying to enact draconian anti-protest laws, introduced laws to properly punish those who destroyed the environment, including declaring illegal …

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The Influence

Andrea Battistoni

A rising star on the international music scene, conductor Andrea Battistoni looks to Hieronymus Bosch’s The Garden of Earthly Delights for divine inspiration.


The receptionist

“Lucy sat on a chair that used to swivel, behind a desk that once greeted hundreds of people. The building’s staff had been working from home for months. There was no one to notice whether the secretary was alive. Packages still came occasionally, and Lucy gnawed at their corners. She no longer needed sleep, and spent her nights under the desk or roaming the empty docklands. Trains still rattled past but even the homeless had been swept up by the government and tucked away in the city’s flickering towers to protect their lungs, brains and hearts.”


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Louise Omer
Holy Woman

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Elaine Hsieh Chou

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Beth Spencer
The Age of Fibs


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Mussels in a tamarind broth

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Cities in the fast lane

A dream of innocence for unfettered, frictionless speed turned into a multi-laned nightmare when poets, painters and polemicists fanned the spark into a conflagration. Can art now offer any kind of remedy?

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Travels in Toulouse

A father–son trip planned as a way of improving the teenager’s French paid dividends when it came to ordering pastries. But, strangely, it also necessitated fluent German for future Netflix viewing.


The story of the Australian Sports Museum

As well as providing a location for the most revered sporting paraphernalia, the Australian Sports Museum – one of the few success stories of its kind in the world – also serves as an important lens into the national psyche.

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“I’ve got news for him: PMs don’t get days off.”

Sussan LeyThe deputy Liberal leader criticises Anthony Albanese for being overseas during recent floods, somehow confusing a wartime visit to Ukraine with a holiday to Hawaii. Opposition Leader Peter Dutton is on leave.


“What I want to do today is to encourage every 17-year-old in Queensland to apply for the Queensland Police Service.”

Katarina CarrollThe Queensland Police Commissioner poses the question: What’s scarier than a Queensland copper? One without a fully formed prefrontal cortex.


“We have finally skewered the greased piglet.”

AnonymousA colleague celebrates the demise of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. It’s the first time Johnson’s rooted something and taken responsibility.


“Obviously I read about it and obviously everyone else was asking questions.”

Nick KyrgiosThe tennis player responds to a summons to appear on charges relating to the alleged assault of a former partner. The phrase “read about it” is uncharacteristically distant.


“The only reason you’re celebrating Independence Day is because citizens were armed. #FourthofJuly.”

National Rifle Association The gun rights lobby tweets in support of armed citizens an hour before one shot seven people dead and injured 24 during a July 4 celebration in Chicago. There have been more than 300 mass shootings in the country this year.


“It is my view that the prosecution of Mr Collaery should end.”

Mark DreyfusThe attorney-general ends the prosecution of lawyer Bernard Collaery for his role in exposing the bugging of Timor-Leste during oil negotiations. It’s almost as if he doesn’t want a job with Woodside after this.