July 16 – 22, 2022

Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall in Los Angeles in 2018.


JERRY CANNED! New details in Murdoch divorce

The reason for Rupert Murdoch’s divorce from Jerry Hall is a disagreement over how her adult children would be looked after.


Image for article: Reframing the Australia–China relationship


Reframing the Australia–China relationship

The Labor government needs to rethink relations with China as the country vies with the US for dominance in the Pacific.

Image for article: Labor set to shake up the High Court


Labor set to shake up the High Court

With two new appointments to the High Court pending, a controversial case over the constitutional status of Indigenous Australians, and a federal judicial conduct commission in the wings, Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus has a packed legal agenda.

Image for article: The case against prescribed burning to fight bushfires


The case against prescribed burning to fight bushfires

Scientists hope the belated listing of fires as a threat to forest species can stop the destructive use of hazard-reduction burning.

Image for article: Albanese offers no relief for jobseekers


Albanese offers no relief for jobseekers

The Labor government has left in place ‘mutual obligations’, as new tender documents show the punitive system channels billions of dollars into private companies.

Image for article: Sri Lankan president flees to Maldives


Sri Lankan president flees to Maldives

Putin to meet Turkey and Iran leaders to build support. Foot-and-mouth disease still spreading in Indonesia. Dark underside of Uber origin story.

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Rebecca Huntley
Like Covid, populism isn’t over

“Boris Johnson has joined Donald Trump and Scott Morrison on the list of leaders who have lost office in the past two years. We can say with some confidence they were all a particular kind of Covid-19 fatality: their inability to manage the pandemic – both in terms of appearing to manage it as well as actually managing it – was the main reason the three of them went from victorious to vanquished in one election cycle.”


Paul Bongiorno
What’s behind Tony Abbott’s return to the spotlight?

“No one did more to shape the direction of Australian politics in the past decade than Tony Abbott. His ruthless and determined resistance to effective action on climate change was reprehensibly short-sighted but was the template for four election campaigns.”


John Hewson
The obstacles to Australia becoming a green superpower

“The concept of Australia becoming a renewable energy superpower should be a no-brainer. A clean-energy revolution is under way that will drive societies around the globe to a low-carbon existence. This will rival in significance the Industrial Revolution, which was driven by fossil fuels – coal-fired power, and petrol and diesel engines.”

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Mutually assured corruption

What is most curious about John Barilaro is the honesty of his politics. Not in the conventional sense of integrity or commitment to the people he represents, but in the way that the truth sometimes bubbles up out of him. Accused of pork-barrelling, he says: yes, of course, that’s how we get elected.


No fairytales

Peter Dutton, history cannot be rewritten to suit your warped sense of what should be taught in the national history curriculum (Rick Morton, “ ‘Pushing bullshit’: Leaked docs reveal Dutton’s …

Going backwards

There can be no more glaring example of the Coalition’s primitive, half-baked world view than its persistent denial and misrepresentation of the need to act more urgently on climate change. Except that this …

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Image for article: Lilly and Her Slave

Hans Fallada (translated by Alexandra Roesch)
Lilly and Her Slave

Image for article: Uncanny Angles

Sean Williams
Uncanny Angles

Image for article: What the Fuck Is This

Celeste Mountjoy
What the Fuck Is This


Image for article: Grilled octopus


Grilled octopus

Image for article: How native foods are transforming Australian cuisine


How native foods are transforming Australian cuisine

Long overlooked outside Indigenous communities, the native food industry is poised to transform what is considered Australian cuisine.

Image for article: Bernard Collaery’s divine intervener


Bernard Collaery’s divine intervener

The energy behind the campaign to support whistleblower Bernard Collaery was a remarkable 76-year-old nun, Susan Connelly.


Nick Kyrgios and a lesson in public outrage

When it comes to dividing the public, Nick Kyrgios is second to none among sports stars. But while he happily trades on his renowned recalcitrance, it is both his friend and his enemy in equal measure.

Image for article: Nick Kyrgios and a lesson in public outrage




“I will help you get out of your comfort zone and be the best version of yourself.”

Alfreda ScheuerThe recently retired CIA officer, who oversaw torture and rendition programs under George W. Bush, reinvents herself as a beauty adviser and life coach. Her advice is to drink at least four litres of water a day, with your head at a 10-degree incline.


“I disagree with that, as somebody who has helped plan coups d’etat, not here, but you know, other places. It takes a lot of work.”

John BoltonThe former White House national security adviser and ambassador to the United Nations admits on national television to having organised foreign coups. There’s very little for which this man won’t take credit.


“Due to an administrative oversight these particular disclosures by me to the senate were delayed.”

Linda ReynoldsThe former Defence minister explains why she was six months late in declaring that she was a shareholder in a defence company to which she awarded government contracts. If only the illegal robo-debt scheme was as understanding.


“The system is silencing everybody.”

Gerry HarveyThe retail mogul complains about ‘cancel culture’ and the suppression of speech in a 23-minute interview on one of Melbourne’s highest-rating radio shows. You can’t pay for that sort of audacity, except the previous government did to the tune of about $22 million in JobKeeper.


“We are confident we will prevail in the Delaware Court of Chancery.”

Bret TaylorThe chair of the Twitter board indicates he intends to force Elon Musk to complete the takeover from which he dramatically withdrew this week. Musk is beginning to wish the contract had a character limit.


“People are going to hear crab whiskey, and I’d venture to say three-quarters of them are going to go, ‘No, absolutely not.’ ”

Will RobinsonA New Hampshire distillery finds a novel way to help curb the locally invasive green crab population. Apparently the Crab Trapper is a “thinking, sipping” drink.