August 6 – 12, 2022

Witness J, pictured at the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia.


‘Damaging to democracy’: The secret trial of  Witness J

“The public should be intrinsically concerned about that because there is nothing more damaging to democracy than the government using procedures to prevent the people knowing its embarrassing conduct.”

New details have emerged in the prosecution of Witness J, who was secretly jailed for sharing classified information.


Image for article: Exclusive: Private schools win millions in disability funding


Exclusive: Private schools win millions in disability funding

Disabled students in public schools are missing out on $600 million a year, because of onerous and unfair funding arrangements.

Image for article: Exclusive: DFAT told Afghans to travel without passports


Exclusive: DFAT told Afghans to travel without passports

Almost a year after the Taliban seized Kabul, Afghans who worked for Australia are being told to cross the border into Pakistan, some without documentation, without their families and at great risk.

Image for article: Does Australia actually need nuclear submarines?


Does Australia actually need nuclear submarines?

As experts question the diplomatic, strategic and economic rationale behind Australia’s purchase of nuclear-powered submarines, the gaps in the country’s defensive fleet could be filled by conventional subs.

Image for article: Victoria’s Indigenous legal service forced to turn away clients


Victoria’s Indigenous legal service forced to turn away clients

In a move that highlights a critical shortage of funding, Victoria’s only legal service for First Nations communities has been forced to implement a freeze on new clients.

Image for article: Beijing warns of backlash over Pelosi’s Taiwan visit


Beijing warns of backlash over Pelosi’s Taiwan visit

New government forming in Papua New Guinea. Violent protests in Democratic Republic of Congo over peacekeeper ineffectiveness. US assassinates senior al-Qaeda leader in Kabul. 

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Megan Davis
What happens next for the Voice?

“Curiosity and impatience for referendum detail is unsurprising. This is the second decade of the constitutional recognition journey in Australia, and it is Australia’s first referendum since 1999. It is worth pointing out, however, that much of the early mainstream media discussion is consciously or subconsciously mimicking the republic referendum debate.”


Paul Bongiorno
The Peter Dutton schtick

“It still hasn’t dawned on the Liberal and National parties why they suffered such a stunning defeat at the May election. Maybe Labor’s slender majority masks the rejection of the Liberals in their heartland seats, which resulted in a near-record number of independents. So far the Liberals seem to have no obvious strategy to win back support.”


John Hewson
Budget reality bites

“The policy challenge for the Albanese government is compounded by pressures left deliberately by the Morrison government, or attributable to its incompetence and neglect – in aggregate, record debt with budget deficits stretching as far as the eye can see. Important and urgent structural challenges are needed in the health system, and aged and disability care in particular, along with energy, housing, defence and climate policy.”

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Grifters all the way down

The kindest thing that could be said about Matthew Guy is that he looks like a cartoon shrimp. It is not just the spinelessness and the bottom feeding: there is also the perpetual sense of him being pulled up in a net.


Joyous and long overdue

The proposed wording of an amendment to embed an Indigenous Voice to Parliament in Australia’s constitution is unexceptionable (Karen Middleton, “A hand outstretched”, July 30–August …

Big picture thinking

Thanks to Mike Seccombe for reporting the Greens’ policy on coal, namely “a staged phase-out of thermal coal – used to generate electricity – by 2030 and metallurgical coal – used …

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The Influence

Gordon Hookey

Gordon Hookey’s epic series MURRILAND! was inspired by Congolese artist Tshibumba Kanda-Matulu’s rewriting of colonial history.


The crab

“I came across a crab while surfing an empty beach break one afternoon. It was a real big one. ‘Howdy, partner,’ he said as I waited for a wave. ‘G’day,’ I said, in my friendliest voice. I didn’t want any trouble. ‘How’s it going?’ he said, just floating there on the surface of the water. He didn’t seem to mean any harm. His blue claws, both bulbous and sharp as a tack, remained closed. ‘Pretty good, man. Say, I thought you guys sort of just scuttled along the sea floor?’ ‘Hehe,’ he said, but it sounded forced. ‘Nah, mate.’ He showed me his back legs, shaped like paddles. ‘I’m a swimmer crab, see?’”


Image for article: Train Lord

Oliver Mol
Train Lord

Image for article: Legitimate Sexpectations: The Power of Sex-ed

Katrina Marson
Legitimate Sexpectations: The Power of Sex-ed

Image for article: Mothercare: On Obligation, Love, Death, and Ambivalence

Lynne Tillman
Mothercare: On Obligation, Love, Death, and Ambivalence


Image for article: Poutine



Image for article: A walk through history on the Larapinta Trail


A walk through history on the Larapinta Trail

Hiking the Larapinta Trail is like being transported into the foreground of an Albert Namatjira landscape.

Image for article: The enormous environmental cost of crypto mining


The enormous environmental cost of crypto mining

Crypto’s mines-to-ledgers technology has roots as far back as early Micronesian society, though today’s energy-intensive process is a far greater threat to the planet, requiring urgent solutions to reduce its carbon footprint.


Manly pride jersey debate goes beyond the binary

The furore surrounding seven Manly NRL players’ refusal to wear the club’s rainbow pride jersey provides easy fodder for columnists but fails to interrogate what true inclusivity means.

Image for article: Manly pride jersey debate goes beyond the binary




“I value integrity.”

Matthew GuyThe Victorian opposition leader accepts his chief of staff’s resignation, after it was alleged he had asked a donor to spend $100,000 with his private marketing business. If there was a brown paper bag full of money with a grease stain on it, Matthew Guy would be the grease stain.


“This bill records the government’s ambition to take the country forward on climate action…”

Anthony AlbaneseThe prime minister celebrates his climate change bill passing through the house of representatives. Finally.


“In light of these matters, Ms Petinos’s service as a minister will cease with immediate effect.”

Dominic PerrottetThe New South Wales premier announces the sacking of Small Business minister Eleni Petinos after bullying accusations against her. Of course, bullying staff is the essence of small business.


“George Christensen has never been a mate of mine and it’s a good thing he’s not in this parliament.”

David LittleproudThe Nationals leader distances himself from his former colleague after the release of federal police advice on Christensen’s frequent travel to Manila. We are sure he just really liked the weather.


“Everything about the proposed Voice drips with entrenching separatism as an atonement for dispossession...”

Tony AbbottThe former prime minister argues against an Indigenous Voice to Parliament. Surely a system that gave the world Tony Abbott is not above improvement.


“The game has not been worth the candle.”

Michael LeeThe federal court judge criticises Clive Palmer and Mark McGowan for wasting resources in their defamation claims against each other. He awarded both of them minor damages.