August 20 – 26, 2022


Former prime minister Scott Morrison at a press conference this week.


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Scott of the autarchic

Morrison’s contempt for process is famous. He lives without contrition. He will say whatever he thinks he can get away with saying. It is strange that a man so fundamentally unserious could so seriously rig and bend the political system.


Intervention needed

If you were seeking a snapshot of the decline of conservative politics and the subsequent degradation of any initial inclination to serve the public with integrity, Rick Morton’s piece depressingly provides …

Hateful complaint

Always fun to see Pauline Hanson, leader of a two-person parliamentary party, complaining about giving political benefits to “a minority of people” (Editorial, “Domain of the charlatan”, …

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Jessie Cole
Desire: A Reckoning

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Siang Lu
The Whitewash

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Jay Carmichael


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Caramelised red braised kangaroo tail with balsamic

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Navigating menopause at work

For many women, the flushes and drenchings of menopause can make middle age a misery and professional life more precarious. Now, finally, workplaces are catching up.

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El Agua Mágica

Holly Ryan’s new collection of jewellery is a sweet homecoming, fashioned from recycled materials and inspired by her lifelong fascination with the ocean.


The evolution of brand Serena

Serena Williams has never hidden her light under a bushel, but the lavish corporate spin on her career as she prepares to walk away from tennis cheapens her achievements.

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“My concern is that I feel like socialists are taking over. They’re marching through the institutions.”

John Mackey The founder of organic grocery chain Whole Foods shares his loathing for progressives, who he believes have taken over the military and most corporations. Selling broccoli and fascism have more in common than you might think.


“Without knowing a lot more than I have read in the papers, I would be reluctant to condemn what seems to have happened.”

Tony Abbott The former prime minister refuses to criticise Scott Morrison for secretly appointing himself to ministries. Incidentally, “without knowing more than I read in the papers” is how Abbott approaches life in general.


“It will send shivers down the spines of some bishops in the Anglican Church of Australia.”

Glenn DaviesThe former Sydney archbishop announces a breakaway arm of the Anglican Church, set up in boycott of same-sex marriage. Wait until they find out why Henry VIII started the thing in the first place.


“Without the help I was given, my work would have been hasty and shallow, and my working life harder and more painfully fragmented.”

Helen GarnerThe author makes a submission to the development of a national cultural policy, thanking taxpayers for supporting her early writing. Money well spent.


“Sick in the toilet and his mate went in to help him.”

Andre PongaThe father of rugby league star Kalyn Ponga explains why his son was filmed coming out of a toilet cubicle with a teammate. They definitely, absolutely, weren’t doing drugs in there.


“I read a couple pages. I didn’t read the whole thing cover to cover.”

Hadi MatarThe man accused of stabbing Salman Rushdie admits he didn’t get all the way through The Satanic Verses. What kind of world do we live in where even adherence to a violent fatwa is not enough to get a young man to read?