October 1 – 7, 2022


The Liberal member for Bass, Bridget Archer, speaks with the independent member for Clark, Andrew Wilkie, in the house on Wednesday.


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Peter patter

Peter Dutton has tried this previously. For years he has been promising a softer side. His wife has told the media that he is not a monster. He has hoped aloud for the country to see ‘the rest of my character, the side my family, friends and colleagues see’. This week he tried again. ‘I think some of the harder edges come off as you get older.’



Rick Morton (“Exclusive: Cabinet documents show funding for new hospital staff refused”, September 24-30) exposes confidential documents that confirm politicians like shiny new buildings and ribbons to cut rather …

Private pain

Rick Morton’s article on the unfunded medical infrastructure filled me with dread. It’s straight out of the neo-conservative playbook: spend millions of taxpayer dollars on infrastructure, underfund its …

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Image for article: Black Lives, White Law: Locked Up and Locked Out in Australia

Russell Marks
Black Lives, White Law: Locked Up and Locked Out in Australia

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Anne Casey-Hardy
Cautionary Tales for Excitable Girls

Image for article: Cells: Memories for My Mother

Gavin McCrea
Cells: Memories for My Mother


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Ricotta gnudi with asparagus and anchovy

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A chicken layover

Many travellers may see nothing of Singapore beyond its famously pristine airport – but this visitor ventured slightly beyond for a special local dish.

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Botanic gardens plan for a drier future

The famed white oak in Melbourne’s botanic gardens is gone, but in its place is diverse new life and a fresh approach to planning for a hotter, drier future.


Tom Boyd’s change of heart

While much of the speculation surrounding Tom Boyd’s early exit from AFL was around the state of his mental health, the real reason was much simpler: he no longer loved the game.

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“We don’t have policies. We’re in opposition.”

Jane HumeThe former minister for Women’s Economic Security responds to a question about whether the fuel excise cut should be continued. She’s copping a lot of flak but both statements are undeniably true.


“Obviously that’s on the internet, but no one’s picked up the phone and called us, so to speak.”

Sally OelerichThe head of corporate affairs at Optus responds to the theft of personal data from millions of customers and the subsequent extortion attempt. The comments display the company’s unique grasp on information security and the world wide web.


“We got carried away and paid too much.”

David WalshThe founder of Tasmania’s Museum of Old and New Art confirms he paid $334,958 for the handwritten lyrics to David Bowie’s 1972 song “Starman”. But who is to say what is too much for a rhyme like “Didn’t know what time it was, and the lights were low / I leaned back on my radio”?


“If you want to get something done, the best system is the Chinese one … they don’t give a fuck what the people say.”

Gerry HarveyThe furniture tycoon laments the direction of Australia’s democracy. It’s not clear just how much rorted JobKeeper it would take for him to love what he already has.


“I made a mistake.”

Jacqui LambieThe senator expresses her regret at supporting the Coalition’s stage three tax cuts. While we’re talking about being wrong, there’s still no detail on the secret national security deal she did to sell out refugees’ medical rights.


“Now we know we can aim a spacecraft with the precision needed to impact even a small body in space.”

Thomas ZurbuchenThe NASA administrator confirms the agency was able to crash a shuttle the size of a vending machine into an asteroid, to see if it could protect the Earth from collisions. At this point, though, don’t we want the peace the dinosaurs knew?