October 8 – 14, 2022


Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations Tony Burke.


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CPAC of liars

In 160 years of record keeping, it has never rained more in Sydney. With three months left before Christmas, readings have already exceeded the peak set 72 years ago. Parts of the city are inundated and buildings are set in the mould and decay of a third La Niña summer. Climate change is no longer a warning: it is washing away roads and growing in black patches on the walls.


Victim of its ‘success’

It is heartening to read of the growing irrelevance of right-wing think tanks, particularly the IPA (Mike Seccombe, “Exclusive: IPA has lost all funding from ASX 100”, October 1-7). This is quite …

Rightly at risk

John Roskam has some very concerning ideas regarding progressive thinking. He appears to be so far to the right that he would indeed be at risk of toppling over. It’s no wonder his precious IPA – whose …

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Image for article: A Kind of Magic: A memoir about anxiety, our minds, and optimism in spite of it all

Anna Spargo-Ryan
A Kind of Magic: A memoir about anxiety, our minds, and optimism in spite of it all

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Leah Jing McIntosh and Adolfo Aranjuez (eds)
Against Disappearance: Essays on Memory

Image for article: When Jokers Were Kings: A love story

John Tesarsch
When Jokers Were Kings: A love story


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Seafood salad

A view from the house where Emma Phillips lived when she was robbed and her identity stolen.


What happens when your identity is stolen

What actually happens when your identity is stolen? And how do you go about getting it back? 

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The lasting impact of Julia Gillard’s misogyny speech

A new wave of women in parliament is taking up the unfinished fight for equality, channelling the outrage unleashed 10 years ago by Julia Gillard’s famous speech against misogyny.


A tragic week in sport

In a week where more than 100 Indonesian soccer fans died senselessly in a pitch invasion and the AFL sank deeper into controversy, there seemed little – save Lauren Jackson’s last hurrah – to be inspired and optimistic about.

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“They were too afraid of being called a nasty name to speak up.”

Amanda StokerThe former Liberal senator argues the Coalition will remain in opposition “for a very long time” unless it focuses more on conservative social issues. It’s odd that a person who thinks so little could be wrong about so much.


“We’re here to win. We’re not here to come an honourable second.”

Matthew GuyThe Victorian Opposition leader speaks to voters after his campaign loses a fourth staffer, less than two months out from the state election. Presumably he hasn’t seen the polling.


“It’s time for me to move on. I’ve been a drum for an ARM and now we probably need a flute.”

Peter FitzSimonsThe author and former sportsman steps down as head of the Australian Republic Movement. Apparently, by “flute” he means “Craig Foster”.


“My faith has helped me become a better leader.”

Andrew ThorburnThe now former chief executive of Essendon Football Club reassures fans that his role as chairman of City on a Hill church was a strong qualification. And for a full day it was.


“Buying Twitter is an accelerant to creating X, the everything app.”

Elon MuskThe billionaire explains why he is rebooting his plan to buy Twitter, weeks before a court case that may force him to do so. Until now, X was just the name of one of the children he denied having with a staff member.


“We made it absolutely clear that there would be no tolerance for the criminal use of this stolen data.”

Justine GoughThe Australian Federal Police’s assistant commissioner cyber command says a man has been charged over attempting to extort money from people whose details were posted online as part of the Optus breach. He was unsuccessful and 19.