October 22 – 28, 2022


A resident outside their flood-hit home in the Melbourne suburb of Maribyrnong earlier this month.


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The organ grinder

Last month, Scott Morrison updated his register of interests. It’s a brief document, but then disclosure does not come naturally to the former prime minister. The words ‘not applicable’ appear 22 times.


Signs of hope

It was heartening to read Katherine Wilson’s article (“Logging out”, October 15-21) and discover that people in the former timber town of Orbost have come together to endorse a more appropriate forestry …

Taking care

Rick Morton’s article (“Exclusive: Nursing homes advised to avoid ‘high-needs’ residents”, October 15-21) exposes the simple challenge with a care sector driven by the profit motive. It …

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The Influence

Laura Murphy

Joni Mitchell’s classic “Both Sides, Now” has inspired writer and performer Laura Murphy since she was 14 years old.


The children’s cubby

“The children’s cubby has the look of a big top. It’s the sort of blanket that is cotton-waffled, woven, and when the light shines through it, it looks holey, like surgical mesh. This morning the sun is coming through the windows on the east side of the lounge room, just like it always does, honeyed on the floorboards. There used to be ankle-thick shag pile carpet on this floor, mustard coloured. We pulled that furry scab and revealed the shiny underneath. The floorboards are beautiful, waxed but spotted with white paint. In places there are white footprints, handprints smudged, the ghostly remnants of people. I like the paint spots; it means the kids don’t have to worry, the floor is not precious. They drop paint on it, too.”


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Cormac McCarthy
The Passenger

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Rob Wilkins
Terry Pratchett: A Life With Footnotes

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Angela Meyer
Moon Sugar


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Mandarin, yoghurt and almond cake

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How to get more electric vehicles on the road

Electric vehicles are the future, but how quickly and efficiently we get more of them on our roads is a question for good policy to answer.

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E Nolan’s strong suit

Making shirts, pants and jackets tailored to real bodies is Emily Nolan’s calling.


The Aussie hoax of the fair game

A new book that holds Australian sport up as inspiration for a better society ignores its lavish history of drug abuse,  assault and racism.

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“James Corden is a hugely gifted Comedian, but a tiny Cretin of a man.”

Keith McNally

The owner of New York restaurant Balthazar briefly bans the late-night host from his establishment. Weirdly, the ban was for being “the most abusive customer” he’d seen and not for Corden’s performance in Cats.


“If I would just talk about it, it wouldn’t demonstrate my commitment to the issue.”

Mike Itkis

The independent candidate in New York’s 12th Congressional District releases his own sex tape to highlight sex positivity. Unfortunately, no one who has seen the tape feels positively about sex anymore.


“I feel so bad for him. I follow what is happening to him.’’

Ghislaine Maxwell

The convicted sex trafficker expresses concern over the welfare of Prince Andrew. The prince, who she calls her “dear friend”, continues to deny they know each other well.


“We met through Blak activism and briefly dated in early 2021.”

Lidia Thorpe

The senator resigns as the Greens’ deputy leader in the upper house after failing to disclose a relationship with a former bikie boss. Who says the party is against the 1 per cent?


“Our predecessors more or less booby-trapped the budget.”

Jim Chalmers

The treasurer prepares to deliver his first budget next week. Frankly, the description makes Josh Frydenberg sound more interesting than he is.


“If you want to know about kitchen amendments and you want to put a new toilet in the corridor somewhere, call the NSW Institute of Architects.”

Paul Keating

The former prime minister celebrates 10 years since construction started at the redeveloped Barangaroo. Everyone was wrong about it except him and a shady casino operator.