November 12 – 18, 2022


Governor-General David Hurley (right) and his wife, Linda, with then prime minister Scott Morrison at a special prayer service to commemorate the death of Prince Philip, held the day before Morrison asked to be appointed Resources minister.


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Angst into anger

When the police came, Bob Brown was waiting on a tree stump. Except for his height and narrow shoulders, he is exactly like the Lorax.


Absurdist comedy

Rick Morton’s piece outlining robo-debt and its dubious beginnings (“Robo-debt: Liberals knew it was illegal before it started”, November 5-11) is a frightening insight into a public service more …

A bigger penalty

The exposure of the illegality of the robo-debt scheme by Rick Morton again raises the question of what penalties are to be imposed, and by whom, on the individuals found to have perpetrated this crime. I am sick …

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Paddy Manning
The Successor: The High-Stakes Life of Lachlan Murdoch

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Philip Salom
Sweeney and the Bicycles

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Thea Lenarduzzi


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Lemongrass pork torpedo wraps

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What’s the answer to Australia’s bee crisis?

We all want to ‘save the bees’ – but which bees need saving, from what, and why? Might the loss of feral bees be good?

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Elon Musk and the fate of Twitter

Just weeks after his takeover, Elon Musk is already transforming Twitter in ways that will likely hasten the platform’s slide into a cesspit overrun by trolls.


The sorry saga of the Brooklyn Nets

From Dream Team to Scream Team, the Brooklyn Nets have become the laughing stock of the NBA as the Ben Simmons–Kyrie Irving sideshow rolls on.

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“Why is the ABC grooming Australian children with this sort of adult content?”

Alex Antic

The Liberal senator complains about drag performer Courtney Act reading a book on Play School. Based simply on the bail court suit and hair gel, this is not the first time Antic has misunderstood what is meant by grooming.


“This exercise is nothing but a politicised witch-hunt.”

Paul FletcherThe manager for opposition business complains about questions from the robo-debt royal commission. Really, the integrity commission should just assess two weeks of corruption during Scott Morrison’s term and average it out.


“There comes a time when you are at the ballot box and it is just you and your conscience.”

Pat AndersonThe co-chair of the Uluru process pushes for a “Yes” vote in the referendum on an Indigenous Voice to Parliament. Let’s hope.


“There are two people in the world most responsible … One of them sits in the Kremlin and the other one sits over there.”

Jim ChalmersThe treasurer blames Angus Taylor and Vladimir Putin for rising power bills. Both men have also poisoned their opponents – although Taylor’s main opponent was endangered grassland. (Our lawyers point out he was not a director of the company that did this and is not responsible.)


“It shouldn’t be beyond these big supermarkets to come up with a viable solution to allow Australians to continue to recycle.”

Tanya PlibersekThe Environment minister responds to news the soft plastics recycling programs at Coles and Woolworths resulted in waste stockpiling. Other than that, the oligopoly works great.


“I’ve made it very clear that dialogue is a good thing …”

Anthony AlbaneseThe prime minister talks up the prospect of a meeting with Xi Jinping on the sidelines of the G20 summit. That or he’s expressing his famous contempt for the art of mime.