January 7 – 13, 2023

A Caucasian man with brown hair going grey in his forties, wearing a formal suit and green tie is in focus looking on to a woman out of focus to the right of the frame, who appears to be speaking to the media in front of a microphone


A TV screen in a US Congress building shows a Caucasian man in his 60s with white hair, rectangular glasses and a striped tie who appears to be speaking. Below the TV are two people wearing masks and a television camera.
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Two workers wearing white clothing, baseball caps and face masks are in a bright car factory surrounded by machinery and parts. The foremost one is looking into the open bonnet of a car.
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The ferryman

Reading through the cabinet papers is like seeing exhibits for the royal commission that will one day be held into immigration detention. Already obvious is the willingness to overlook advice, to act with grandiose disregard for the people the system will harm, to spend baffling amounts of money in the name of secrecy and control.


Malignant saga

The robo-debt saga could have been avoided by a responsible minister in a responsible government actually doing his job (Rick Morton, “Morrison and Porter sought robo-debt advice to woo Hanson”, December …

Courage and principle

Reading the retired Centrelink worker’s comments re robo-debt in Rick Morton’s article made me want to send her a Christmas card. I suspect she may not have been on a 10th of the salary of …

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Beef spring rolls

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The greatest penalty for Australian soccer

Just as Australian soccer was basking in the glory of the Socceroos’ unexpected World Cup success, ugly scenes at an A-League Melbourne derby threaten to damage the game’s reputation beyond repair.