January 14 – 20, 2023

An old Caucasian man with a lined face and saggy jowls wearing a red cardinal's cap and black robes is looking on to the foreground of the picture which is out of focus, but you can see a body dressed in papal robes with a white hat.


A closeup of a middle-aged Caucasian man wearing tortoiseshell glasses, with brown hair flecked with grey and a lined and unshaven face. He is wearing a blue shirt and dark grey suit jacket.
A bald middle-aged Caucasian man appears to be speaking at a press conference. His expression is grumpy and his brow is furrowed. He's wearing a blue suit jacket and shirt, with green trees visible in the background.
Image for article: Australia’s new arms race
Image for article: Freed Russian prisoners lead destruction in Ukraine’s east


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Finding the will

In the foreword to the latest ‘World Report’ from Human Rights Watch, the organisation notes that crises do not come from nowhere. They are cultivated by governments that do not uphold their obligations to their people.


Out of touch

I wept while reading Marcia Langton’s “Fighting for a Voice” (January 7-13). Her essay is written with great profundity and yet, in one sentence, is the message of clarity: “It is the duty of Australians …

From the beginning

There is just one question Australians need to ask themselves to decide whether or not they support the Voice to Parliament: If Aboriginal people had been able to speak to lawmakers from the very beginning, would …

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Image for article: Venison en crépinette with green pepper sauce (caillettes)


Venison en crépinette with green pepper sauce (caillettes)

Two young Caucasian people in athletic gear look up towards the top of the image; their faces are hopeful and apprehensive.


The lost life of Ekaterina Alexandrovskaya

A documentary on one of Australia’s most successful figure-skating duos focuses on their professional rise and aspirations but fails to interrogate why, away from the sport, a young woman’s life was spinning out of control.




“Let Catholics remember him as a man, flawed but holy, martyred by pagans to pay for their sins.”

Andrew BoltThe commentator remembers the life of George Pell. It helps with the grief to think of it not as dying but being systematically moved between parishes.


“Kidney, perhaps. Blood transfusion. Speck of bone marrow.”

Prince HarryThe prince explains he was bred for spare parts should his brother, William, need them. He also revealed he is circumcised, which is one less trade to worry about.


“The report concerns complex matters of law and fact …”

ICAC statementThe New South Wales Independent Commission Against Corruption says its report into Gladys Berejiklian’s secret relationship will not be released before the March election. Even then, it’s not going to be enough time to establish how anyone could be attracted to Daryl Maguire.


“By doing that, I really think he’s treating people like mugs.”

Peter DuttonThe opposition leader demands more details on the Indigenous Voice to Parliament. Dutton’s face would also benefit from more details – lips, eyebrows et cetera – but no one’s talking about that.


“Well, like a lot of people today, I had easily gotten sucked into some things I had seen on the internet.”

Marjorie Taylor GreeneThe Republican explains how she came to be a QAnon conspiracy theorist. It was a choice between that or buying a Thermomix.


“I’m deeply ashamed of what I did.”

Dominic PerrottetThe NSW premier apologises for dressing as a Nazi at his 21st birthday. The party’s theme was “Future Liberal politicians”.