February 4 – 10, 2023

Alan Tudge, Rachelle Miller and Christian Porter appear at the robo-debt royal commission this week.


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Penal codes

Bail laws are the chum of state politics. They are dug out of the bucket after every major crime and during every election campaign. They light up talkback radio and provide easy headlines in the tabloid press. The laws and their arbitrary tightening satisfy an unsettling truth about Australia: that this country loves prisons.


Time to speak up

Like scientist Joëlle Gergis and the many who have suffered from climate-change-fuelled extreme weather events, I worry about what future summers will bring (“La Niña’s endgame”, January …

Title claim waiting

Tony Windsor is right. Australia has no gas shortage. Gas production must not be allowed to expand. In November, Climate Action Tracker revealed the world’s future gas projects are likely to cause warming …

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Vigdis Hjorth (translated by Charlotte Barslund)
Is Mother Dead

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Paul Biegler
Why Does It Still Hurt? How the power of knowledge can overcome chronic pain

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Don Watson
The Passion of Private White


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Buckwheat noodles

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The fight for academic freedoms

Australian universities risk their reputations if they fail to respond to increasing efforts by foreign actors to spread propaganda and stifle research, says a former honorary fellow of the Australia India Institute.

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How Canberra became interesting

The nation’s capital is locked in an architectural battle between the Worst of Sydney and the Way of the Griffins. Happily, it looks as if the Griffins are slowly winning.


Novak Djokovic, Bridget McKenzie and hypocrisy

As debate rages over Novak Djokovic’s tennis supremacy – surely beyond question now – the hypocrisy of a certain former minister for Sport should also be garnering attention.

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“I said no canonisations at funerals.”

Anthony FisherThe archbishop puts on a ghostly voice and pretends he can hear George Pell protesting against the generous eulogies at his funeral. The joke doesn’t quite work, because not speaking up was sort of a defining part of Pell’s service to the church.


“I would like to apologise for the distress this matter may have caused to all of you, but rest assured we always put you and your pets first.”

Chris LeeThe owner of Kingston Animal Hospital issues a statement after a former employee was filmed having sex with a live trout. Fair to say this wasn’t how he thought his day would go.


“I think it’s another attack on our systems, on our society and our institutions.”

Peter DuttonThe opposition leader complains that First Nations history will be featured on new banknotes rather than King Charles III. It’s a shame, too, because Charles is used to being the face of something in the process of being phased out.


“He said, ‘Boris, I don’t want to hurt you but, with a missile, it would only take a minute.’”

Boris JohnsonThe former British prime minister recalls a conversation with Russian president Vladimir Putin ahead of the invasion of Ukraine. This was back when people still thought you needed weapons to blow up Boris Johnson.


“I’ve been blessed with a great education that’s given me significant opportunities…”

Dominic PerrottetThe New South Wales premier responds to an investigation revealing bizarre teaching practices at Opus Dei schools, including at one where he was school captain. Apparently, students were taught pornography causes holes in your brain, which is ridiculous: everyone knows it makes you blind.


“I contend that his conduct was driven by malice towards me personally. I also consider that his conduct was political.”

Bruce LehrmannThe former staffer lodges a complaint against Shane Drumgold, alleging the ACT director of public prosecutions failed to ensure a fair trial. No joke for this one – sorry.