February 11 – 17, 2023

Minister for Health and Aged Care Mark Butler at a press conference this week.


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Deeply suffers

This week, not quite to the hour, as Behrouz Boochani spoke in Parliament House, the Albanese government moved to suspend standing orders. It did not want debate on a bill to redesignate Nauru as a regional processing centre.


Impossible challenge

The cruelty, mendacity and incompetence of recent Coalition governments has been on daily display at the robo-debt royal commission (Rick Morton, “FW: URGENT: HEADS UP: Tudge leaked personal data to cow welfare …

Words fail

As I read Rick Morton’s excellent article on the robo-debt debacle, I couldn’t stop wondering what is wrong with these people? Are they innately cruel or just so caught up in the political play that any empathy …

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Janet Malcolm
Still Pictures: On Photography and Memory

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Paul Dalgarno
A Country of Eternal Light

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Saman Shad
The Matchmaker


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Sarde a beccafico

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The solution to our plastic addiction

Recycling scams and government inaction will do nothing to stop a projected quadrupling of plastic production by 2050 – but there are ways to stem the tide of waste.

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How to design housing for happiness

As housing becomes less affordable and the search for adequate accommodation more desperate, the author reflects on an escape from the urban sprawl.


Sponsorship shockwaves in FIFA Women’s World Cup

FIFA’s rumoured Women’s World Cup sponsorship deal with Saudi Arabia has left the host nations – and the Matildas – feeling hijacked and frustrated.

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“We need more genuine science and less groupthink in this debate.”

Tony AbbottThe former prime minister joins the board of a British think tank established to challenge climate action. However many times he was hit in the head as a boxer, it was clearly too often and also not often enough.


“This doesn’t happen to people like me very often and this is so, so nice.”

Harry StylesThe singer wins album of the year at the Grammys. Representation matters, even for the uncommonly handsome former members of massively successful boy bands.


“The text we generated was a mistake, we are super embarrassed.”

Skyler HartleThe co-creator of a never-ending episode of Seinfeld written by artificial intelligence apologises after one of the characters started spouting transphobic profanities. In fairness to Hartle, that’s basically what the actor who played Kramer does for a living now.


“Alan is a good friend who has dealt with some difficult challenges in recent years.”

Scott MorrisonThe former prime minister celebrates Alan Tudge before his resignation from parliament. Morrison said Tudge was one of the most capable people he served with, which is frankly horrifying.


“On harm minimisation, my record and Labor’s, both in opposition and in government, is strong.”

Michelle RowlandThe Communications minister ducks a question on donations she’s received from Sportsbet, including $19,000 to her campaign. Presumably she didn’t check the odds before taking it.


“The risk of pollution and irreversible damage to the reef is very real.”

Tanya PlibersekThe Environment minister blocks final approvals for Clive Palmer’s central Queensland coalmine. Sometimes the right decision is also the extremely gratifying decision.