February 18 – 24, 2023

Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia Philip Lowe, sitting in Parliament House beside a microphone.


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Phillip Mark Mehrtens wearing a blue denim jacket and standing with his fist raised. He is flanked on both sides with his separatists – Papua separatists who hold machine guns.
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On Dutton

Say what you will about Peter Dutton, he is a truly terrible person. He is a man best known for his awfulness. When newspapers speak to his friends, most of them ask to be anonymous. The best they can say is he’s funny.


Vaccine confusion

Karen Middleton’s report (“Exclusive: 26.8 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine wasted”, February 11-17) on the Halton review describes a confused, inarticulate, and sub-optimal government response …

Too late

Mike Seccombe’s depressing account of alleged sexual abuse within the Anglican Church (“Howard’s $12 million man”, February 11-17) provides further evidence that the church I grew up in has …

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Kate Auty
O’Leary of the Underworld: The Untold Story of the Forrest River Massacre

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Eve Vincent
Who Cares? Life on Welfare in Australia

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Imants Tillers


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Tomato tart with thyme, olives and honey

The Black Rhinos basketball team stand on the edge of a basketball court with their awards, underneath national flags.


Black Rhinos teams lift a community

A club that began as a grassroots crime prevention program has ended up a dominant force in the Melbourne Metropolitan Basketball League – and athletic organisations, academics and government are taking note.

Two women in white bridal dresses in front of a projector screen, surrounded by clear balloons. One of the women is signing a wedding contract while the other watches with a balloon in hand.


Marriage in the metaverse

Blockchain could revolutionise the marriage contract for non-traditional unions, provided it can surmount legal hurdles and marketing hype.


Testing times for the Australian cricket team

After an uninspiring and one-sided summer of Test cricket on home soil, the Australian men’s team now faces annihilation in India and a barrage of angry questions from fans and ex-players.

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“I failed to grasp the significance.”

Peter DuttonThe opposition leader acknowledges he was wrong to boycott the apology to the Stolen Generations. At the time he thought it was only about stealing Indigenous children.


“No one is perfect. I’ve made a number of mistakes in life.”

Dominic PerrottetThe NSW premier responds to news Liberal MLC Peter Poulos circulated nude photos of a colleague. Poulos’s punishment will be to run as an endorsed candidate at the upcoming state election.


“What the fuck are you crying about?”

Charlie TeoThe brain surgeon allegedly confronts a patient, according to evidence at the Health Care Complaints Commission. We’re not doctors, but probably she was crying about her prognosis.


“The allegations in the complaint are absurd, ridiculous, scurrilous and blatantly false.”

Karin PouwThe Church of Scientology spokeswoman responds to a human-trafficking case brought against church leader David Miscavige. Remember: she is calling this absurd in the context of having also read the works of L. Ron Hubbard.


“I have finally been acquitted after more than 11 years of suffering, of mudslinging and incalculable political damage.”

Silvio BerlusconiThe former Italian prime minister is acquitted of witness tampering in one of several ‘bunga bunga’ court cases. To be clear, the mudslinging was in an inflatable pool and he kind of liked it.


“Our assessment has concluded that Nathaniel, Gareth and Stacey Train acted as an autonomous cell and executed a religiously motivated terrorist attack.”

Tracy LinfordThe Queensland deputy police commissioner announces the findings of inquiries into last year’s mass shooting. The Trains killed two police officers and a neighbour.