February 25 – March 3, 2023

Former DHS director Jason Ryman and Commissioner Catherine Holmes at the royal commission this week.


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Close-up of Rhys Cauzzo gazing back at the camera.
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President Joe Biden sits at a table signing a document while President Volodymyr Zelenskyy stares at the ceiling above him.


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The koala strike

This is a proposal for a koala strike. For as long as the Albanese government continues to approve fossil fuel projects, there should be a ban on ministers entering zoos and animal parks for photo opportunities.


Unasked questions

Karen Middleton’s report (“Lowe regard: RBA governor fights for his job”, February 18-24) notes Philip Lowe raised questions to bond traders relating to household spending, likely evolution of the …

Wrong target

The extraordinary pile-on of abuse of the RBA board and its governor, Philip Lowe, in all levels of the media has reached the point of absurdity. The principal reason for the existence of the RBA is to provide some …

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Singer/songwriter Paul Simon on stage with an electric guitar slung to his waist as he sings into a microphone. A drummer and guitarist play behind him under a red light.

The Influence

Brendan Cowell

When he first heard Paul Simon’s song ‘The Boy in the Bubble’, Brendan Cowell realised that he wanted to be a writer.


The wardrobe

“One day, some older boys had a tomato sauce fight at recess, squeezing their sauce packets and wiping them on squealing victims. When the boy ran the wrong way, straight into the path of a kid from year 5 who was primed and waiting, he received a smear of tomato sauce down the front of his shirt. He was not upset – none of them were – they were having the time of their lives. But over the following days when the game was long forgotten, the boy still sported his wound. It dried and hardened and eventually flaked off, leaving behind a henna stain that he wore every day like a birthmark.”


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Caitlin Mahar
The Good Death Through Time

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Tom Petsinis

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David McCooey
The Book of Falling


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Salted fish
al pil-pil

A man in weather/water protection gear paddling a large blue kayak with "Blue Moon" written on its side. The ocean is grey and the sky cloudy, with land distant on the horizon.


How a solo kayaker crossed the Tasman

Kayaker Richard Barnes took 67 days to cross from Tasmania to New Zealand in a record-setting battle of nerves on one of the world’s most turbulent seas.

Performer Britt Plummer is in make-up and holds an empty banana peel to the side of her face as she gazes into the camera.


Adelaide Fringe Festival

Adelaide has the largest fringe festival outside Edinburgh, and its increasing dominance by big-name acts means it caters less and less to emerging artists.




“The lead singer of Sticky Fingers has been extremely apologetic about his bipolar schizophrenia and substance abuse during that time and is also Maori.”

Peter NobleThe Bluesfest founder issues a third statement after his decision to book the band saw other headliners quit. Soon the only thing being performed at the festival will be allyship.


“When it comes to our rich and varied literary heritage … we shouldn’t gobblefunk around with words.”

Rishi SunakThe British prime minister adds his views to the storm over a decision to remove offensive language from the books of Roald Dahl. Honestly, it’s exciting to hear a Tory who is against rewriting history.


“Our proposal is that the waters around Macquarie Island – the whole exclusive economic zone – will become marine park.”

Tanya PlibersekThe Environment minister announces a plan to expand the Macquarie Island Marine Park. The park will be about the size of Germany but significantly less full of Germans.


“You get more value with Qantas …”

Alan JoyceThe Qantas chief executive explains why the airline charges more than others, as he announces a $1 billion profit. It’s true: sometimes they will take your bag on a whole separate holiday without you.


“It sounds like something a bitter 14-year-old girl has written about an ex-boyfriend.”

Rita PanahiThe Sky News contributor responds to last weekend’s editorial in The Saturday Paper. It’s one of the rare times the network has mentioned a teenager without also defending George Pell.


“Recent regulatory changes have increased compliance costs…”

Star Entertainment Group The casino operator posts a $1.26 billion loss for the first half of the 2023 financial year. It’s almost as if, without the money laundering, the business is really suffering.