March 4 – 10, 2023

Former Coalition minister Stuart Robert appears before the robo-debt royal commission on Thursday.


Senator Sarah Hanson-Young at the committee hearing.
A woman sits by an open window with a dog by her side. It's sunny outside, and from the window is a view of green trees.
Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and minister for Home Affairs, Clare O’Neil sit by a microphone at a conference.
Keenan Mundine of Deadly Connections speaks at a press conference wearing a 'Justice for Patrick Fisher' t-shirt.
A man with a grey beard and wearing a blue t-shirt walks across an airport runway with a plane behind him. He carries a backpack on his shoulder.
A soldier stands in salute, facing two men in suits. The men are standing on a raised platform and, behind them, many other men in suits watch the affair with masks on.


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The line has always been that Rupert Murdoch does not direct his editors. This is the pretence of his empire: that he doesn’t need to direct his staff because they already think the way he thinks. The only problem with this is that it’s not true.


Be strong and pivot

Excellent article by Mike Seccombe (“The true drivers of the cost-of-living crisis”, February 25–March 3) on what is fuelling inflation. Wages are not the culprit. It is so clear but still the …

Character revealed

The robo-debt royal commission has been remarkably revealing of the character of those who rule us. The piece by Jenny Miller (“I’m not going anywhere”, February 25–March 3) is a …

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Book cover: elderly man in a suit leans toward a woman holding a teacup and saucer. They're both gazing at something out of frame. The book's author and title are printed in white text above their heads.

Chris Wallace
Political Lives: Australian prime ministers and their biographers

Book cover: a black background with white text stating the book title and author.

Chris Ferrie
Quantum Bullsh*t: How to Ruin Your Life with Advice from Quantum Physics

Book cover: an impressionist painting of a field and a gloomy sky above. In the centre, a sketch of a face with tree roots for a body and mushrooms growing out the top of their head.

Gregory Day
The Bell of the World


Image for article: Prawn pilaf


Prawn pilaf

A warehouse filled with clothes that are separated into metal cages. A a large banner with the print of a colourful knit hangs from the wall as workers sort clothes.


The battle to lessen clothing wastage

The Australian fashion industry is finally trying to curb overproduction, which is a big contributor to the 227,000 tonnes of clothing – much of it never worn – that winds up in landfill each year.

Court buildings in Melbourne.


How the Family Court has failed children

The Family Court’s emphasis on shared custody has left children vulnerable to abusive fathers, but changes are coming that should put the child’s interests first.


The ascent of Diamonds defender Sunday Aryang

After last year becoming the first African-born netballer to play for the Australian Diamonds, Sunday Aryang is set for an epic 2023, with a domestic title defence and a World Cup in her sights.

A netball player on court with the ball in her hands, and empty stand behind her.




“I would have liked us to be stronger in denouncing it, in hindsight.”

Rupert MurdochThe News Corp chairman regrets Fox News’s coverage of claims the 2020 US election was stolen. Fortunately, voting systems were harder to hack than the phones of dead teenagers.


“There’s a new sheriff in town and accountability will be the order of the day.”

Ron DeSantisThe presidential hopeful passes laws to give himself greater control over Disney World, Florida. He doesn’t like made-up characters, except the ones he makes up, like “threatening trans person”.


“Their tactics they applied … should have been different.”

Murray SmalpageThe deputy commissioner of the Northern Territory Police Force gives evidence at the inquiry into the shooting of Warlpiri teenager Kumanjayi Walker. Unfortunately, the force gives out medals for bravery but not understatement.


“As a cabinet minister I don’t get to choose the policies I agree with or don’t agree with.”

Stuart RobertThe former minister for Government Services explains that he had to defend robo-debt even when he knew it was unlawful. Another time cabinet told him to pretend he was competent and he just had to go along with it.


“It’s definitely a different approach to the men’s game.”

Gen DohrmannThe president of Women Sport Australia responds to FIFA’s decision to appoint supermodel Adriana Lima as an ambassador for the Women’s World Cup. The fact it is in bad taste rather than corrupt is still a step forward for the body.


“I love any man who can get nailed for three days straight and come back for more.”

Reuben Kaye The comedian describes Jesus during a broadcast of The Project, for which Channel Ten later apologised. As a mark of respect, the show is watched by only 12 people and frankly whoever complained is a real Judas.