March 18 – 24, 2023

The Minns interview: Is this NSW’s next premier?

For the first time in more than a decade, NSW is set to have a Labor government. The man running the show is cunning, cautious and happy to be largely unknown.

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Former Hillsong pastor Brian Houston arrives at the Downing Centre Local Court in Sydney late last year.


NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet walking down a street in a white shirt and tie. He carries a blazer over his shoulder.
Portrait photograph of climate activist Violet CoCo. She has dark brown hair and is wearing a bright floral dress.
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The president of China, Xi Jinping dressed in a suit with a name tag attached. He has a hand raised while the other rests on a book, swearing an oath.


The AUKUS submarines will never happen

Multiple points of failure are built into this program, coupled with the deep flaws in its strategic logic. AUKUS will become an embarrassing memory, if it is remembered at all.

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Letters, Cartoon & Editorial


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Geppetto logic

There is something perverse about the prime minister announcing he will spend $368 billion to make Australia less safe – and for the press to record this as an act of political genius. It’s like a child announcing he has fouled himself at the dinner table only for his parents to tell him how clever he is.


Fair game

There must be consequences for the perpetrators of an unlawful scheme – Scott Morrison, Alan Tudge, Stuart Robert – along with their craven senior public servant enablers (Rick Morton, “Robo-debt final week: …

Character Studies

Rick Morton deserves a medal. All through the prevarications, the memory lapses, the caveats, the buck-passing and the outright lies, Rick has sifted the vast amount of detail down to its minutiae, crosschecking …

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The Influence

Zahra Newman

For celebrated actor Zahra Newman, Louise Bennett’s iconic collection of poems, Jamaica Labrish, is a reminder of the power of owning your own history.



“Final plans, he announced, in his very best baritone. He shunted his coffee mug aside and stubbed a blunt finger on the architect’s drawings. Council approved, he added, and gestured to a sheath of papers with unintelligible signatures.
Congratulations, I replied, nodding to simulate excitement.

Lounge chairs and sofa go here. Opposite the TV – 152 centimetres. Home cinema.

That’ll save you, I said.

I wish. Gunna cost a bomb. All this wall is double glazing. From inside you can see the deck and outdoor spa.

Save you going out, I mean. Not for the first time, I worried for my neighbour and his budget.

Lots of natural light. Ceramic dolphins either side of the spa.

Ah, symmetry, I said.”


Portrait image of Tanya Plibersek in a white shirt and a red blazer.

Margaret Simons
Tanya Plibersek: On Her Own Terms

Book cover: Portrait graphic design of a man with dark hair and a moustache. The book blurb, title and byline is printed across his face.

Matt Easton
We Have Tired of Violence

Book cover: drawing of a white cat with yellow eyes. The author's name and book title printed above in yellow and pink text.

Margaret Atwood
Old Babes in the Wood


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Banana leaf baked fish with aromatic coriander paste

Soul II Soul performing at the Golden Plains Festival last weekend.


Golden Plains 2023

After a two-year hiatus, Golden Plains Festival returned with its trademark feeling of community and camaraderie, interspersed with unexpected gems and straight-up bangers.

Below Jupiter’s horizon, two Jovian moons: Callisto (below) and Io (above).


The many moons of Jupiter

The discovery of 12 additional moons orbiting Jupiter has much to teach us about the evolution of our solar system.


Plagiarism and the AFL’s concussion adviser

The AFL’s investigation into claims against the league’s former adviser on concussion found Paul McCrory’s plagiarism didn’t affect the content of his advice. Other experts strongly disagree.

Brad Sheppard is assessed for concussion by the West Coast Eagles doctor in 2021.




“Never watched it.”

Rupert Murdoch

The billionaire says he is yet to watch an episode of Succession. It’s a shame: he might find some of the characters quite relatable.


“It is a legacy greater than many other prime ministers have left behind them.”

George BrandisThe former attorney-general says history will remember Scott Morrison fondly for setting up AUKUS. More likely, history will remember him for being a power-hungry sociopath whose extravagant incompetence damaged every part of public life.


“Rome was burning and I was trying to put on a brave face.”

Bruce LehrmannThe former staffer explains that he was lying to his then girlfriend in a string of text messages tabled as part of his defamation trial. Likening yourself to Nero is a bold strategy, but it was bold of Nero to kick his own wife to death (allegedly) and then marry a castrato who reminded him of her.


“I was told about it and then shut it down.”

Scott MorrisonThe former prime minister takes credit for ending robo-debt. If you average it out, you almost forget he started the scheme.


“The vast majority chose not to tap into their super … those who did overwhelmingly demonstrated a lack of foresight.”

Steven HamiltonThe former treasury official details how 2.6 million Australians emptied their super accounts during the pandemic. It is another way the previous government utterly squandered its responsibilities to the poor.


“Running around the Pacific Islands with a lei around your neck … is not foreign policy.”

Paul KeatingThe former prime minister complains that the Albanese government does not understand diplomacy. When Keating wore a lei it was different, obviously because he wore it with a headdress.