April 15 – 21, 2023

Peter Dutton at a press conference with an Australia flag behind him.


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Mirage 2000 fighter jet taking off at a military base.
An activist protests outside Fox News headquarters last month.
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Letters, Cartoon & Editorial


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Dutton’s grift

This is the grift. Peter Dutton flies to Alice Springs and says they should send in the federal police. He meets with a white bakery owner who is concerned about crime in the town. He says there are no consequences for “kids and adults”.


No nous

John Hewson (“The rotten core”, April 8-14) aptly describes the many Liberal policy failures. He suggests fixing such a tragically broken party will take time. Unfortunately, Peter Dutton does not have time, or …

Moderately upset

Listening to Peter Dutton justify his and his party’s decision to oppose the Voice referendum was like listening to the death throes of a once-great political party. Karen Middleton (“Aston, we have …

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Greyscale portrait image of theatre director Adena Jacobs.


Theatre director Adena Jacobs

For theatre director Adena Jacobs, pushing the boundaries has always been key to her art. Now pregnant and with a burgeoning career in Europe, she ponders the ‘wildness’ of creating life, the complexities of a queer family and the value of ancient stories.

A video projection displays a man walking through bushland.

Visual Art

The National 4: Australian Art Now

Recoiling from bold statements, Sydney’s The National seems to gesture towards a new type of contemporary art that is neither Australian nor global.

A woman dressed in a pink outfit holds the paw of a poodle sitting on an armchair


Melbourne International Comedy Festival

The best performers at this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival bring a new buoyancy to observations of social ills and private sorrows.

Britney Spears wearing a floral dress. The lights in the night are out of focus behind her.

The Influence

Simon Laherty on Britney Spears

Britney Spears’ lifelong struggle for respect and autonomy strikes a deep chord for Back to Back Theatre ensemble member Simon Laherty.


Prime time

“Steph was lying on a hospital bed then or later – a gurney, was it? – like someone in a movie. A male nurse, Russian he said, tried and failed three times to insert a catheter into her left arm. She said she thought a catheter was something you stuck up your urethra in order to pee, and for some reason he found this funny. She was shaking then – rattle, rattle, rattle went the teeth in her head as if she were a skeleton in a cartoon. She recognised her skeleton then, or she understood it somehow, in the same way she had not recognised the finger the surgeon said was hers.”


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Han Kang (translated by Deborah Smith and Emily Yae Won)
Greek Lessons

Bok cover: A jellyfish floating upside down.

John Kinsella
Cellnight: A Verse Novel

Book cover: an illustration of trees with a blue sky in the background.

Peter Wohlleben (translated by Jane Billinghurst)
The Power of Trees: How ancient forests can save us if we let them


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Beetroot, black pepper and yoghurt ‘cake’

A pair of boots resting on a rock.


R. M. Williams’ carbon boot print

R. M. Williams’ iconic boot has become the marketing centrepiece of a multi-strategy campaign to boost the retailer’s environmental credibility.

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Cultivating memories

What began as a fresh and neatly paved area transformed over the years into a lived space of success, failure and memory.


Footy and father–daughter bonding

When his own faith is waning, can a sports-mad dad lure his daughter away from her My Little Ponies and into the sad embrace of his beloved Fremantle FC?

The Fremantle Dockers walking off the pitch in purple jerseys, a sparsely populated stand behind them.




“In a lot of ways, we saw this as being Victoria’s funeral.”

Eddie McGuireThe broadcaster defends his production company after it was revealed the state spent $1.6 million on Shane Warne’s funeral. In fairness, Warne could spend that much on phone credit and pies in a single weekend.


“I think it is proper that people including the prime minister should apologise to Julian Leeser.”

Peter DuttonThe opposition leader suggests Anthony Albanese should apologise to the shadow attorney-general, who quit the frontbench over Dutton’s position on the Voice. Apologies are obviously confusing for Dutton: if he’s not walking out on them, he’s asking the wrong people to give them.


“President Xi is a brilliant man ... the look, the brain, the whole thing.”

Donald TrumpThe former United States president shares his thoughts on China’s leader. This is the first time Xi has been complimented on his “look” by anyone other than Christopher Robin.


“We don’t need a treasurer that hides behind the Reserve Bank on these issues.”

Angus TaylorThe shadow treasurer says Jim Chalmers needs to show “fiscal constraint” in the forthcoming budget. Speaking of hiding behind, what happened to those accounts in the Cayman Islands?


“I’m writing to let you know that we have made the difficult decision … MilkRun will cease trading this Friday.”

Dany MilhamThe founder of ultra-fast delivery service MilkRun explains that the company is shutting, citing poor economic conditions. It turns out you can’t order six eggs and a pack of chewing gum and expect it to arrive in 10 minutes.


“Painting was our father’s life, and he was painting right up to the last.”

Louise and Tim OlsenThe children of artist John Olsen announce his death. He was 95.