April 22 – 28, 2023

Shadow Minister for Indigenous Australians Jacinta Nampijinpa Price with Peter Dutton in Adelaide on Tuesday.


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Letters, Cartoon & Editorial


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Poverty underline

In the report, the words of people on welfare are set in italics. The letters are thinned slightly and pushed off-centre, as if after being written down they are still straining to be heard.


Dutton despair

Peter Dutton says that an Indigenous Voice to Parliament is unlikely to reduce the youth violence being seen in Alice Springs and other regional centres (Editorial, “Dutton’s grift”, April 15-21). While …

The too-hard basket

Thanks to Mike Seccombe for his article on plastic recycling (“Soft on plastics, soft on the causes of plastics”, April 15-21). There is an urgent need to dig deeper into why plastics recycling in …

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William Blake’s Satan Arousing the Rebel Angels (1808), which was inspired by Milton’s Paradise Lost, and Diego Ramírez (below).

The Influence

Diego Ramírez

For artist Diego Ramírez, John Milton’s charismatic Satan – the central character in his epic poem Paradise Lost – is a deeply resonant figure.


A certain stage

“Voula looked around the kitchen. The kettle gathered its breath.

“Where is your dog?”

They waited for an answer.

“In the freezer.”

There was a strange moment between Lance and Voula.

“How long has it been in the freezer?”

“Two years.”

“Dad, I thought the vet took Pixie, after she died,” said Lance.

Mr Harvey shook his head sadly.

Voula slowly rose and opened the freezer door. There, behind a packet of frozen peas, was a large, misted-over plastic bag with a couple of dark paws visible through it. And was that an eye peering out like something left behind in Shackleton’s icy hut? Mr Harvey sniffed back a tear.”


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Jente Posthuma (translated by Sarah Timmer Harvey)
What I’d Rather Not Think About

Book cover: various illustrations of fish swimming around the book title.

Kerri Sackville
The Secret Life of You

Book cover: Illustration of green leaves.

Alison Pouliot
Underground Lovers: Encounters with Fungi


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Pistachio and purslane ‘tabouli’ with grilled fish

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Turtle love and the messages of Roald Dahl

When a pet turtle joined the author’s family she had no idea of the lessons it would teach her and her children about love, loss and Roald Dahl.

Birds-eye view of a suburban neighbourhood.


Collapsing the public–private divide

The forces of social media and neoliberalism have all but erased the line between public and private – and while that’s helped lift the burden of shame, there are drawbacks to rewriting the rules of discourse.


A lens on the rise and fall of Boris Becker

A new documentary on German tennis great Boris Becker reveals how his prodigious self-belief became the catalyst for both his success and his spectacular unravelling.

Boris Becker on court and eyeing a tennis ball, preparing for a forehand.




“Australians are the most stupidest humans alive and they have a lot of money for no reason. A lot of money and no sense at all.”

KerasidThe hacker explains why Australians are a common target for scams. It’s hard to hear, but it’s also hard to argue.


“He swallowed some sort of Cold War pills back … when he was born, and he couldn’t get his mindset out of that.”

Mark McGowanThe Western Australian premier is recorded mocking Andrew Hastie during a trade visit to China. Until now, we thought “Cold War pills” were cyanide capsules, which would explain a lot about Hastie’s demeanour.


“I was there. I was admitted even though I was not wearing a kilt.”

Daniel AndrewsThe Victorian premier defends attending trucking magnate Lindsay Fox’s birthday, which was reportedly a male-only function. It’s not that Fox doesn’t know any women; he just doesn’t like any.


“I’m not an ideal presidential candidate for normal times.”

Robert F. Kennedy JrThe nephew of former president John F. Kennedy announces he intends to run in the Democratic primaries. Kennedy is an avowed anti-vaxxer, which is to say he has a theory about a second booster.


“There’s probably a range of factors that contribute to that.”

Karen AndrewsThe former minister for Home Affairs announces she will not contest the next election. Better to announce her intentions now than in a text message on polling day about boat arrivals.


“A man of warmth and faith who faced struggles with a cheeky grin.”

Anthony AlbaneseThe prime minister mourns Father Bob Maguire, who died this week after being removed from the board of his charity. He was 88.