May 6 – 12, 2023

Jim Chalmers’ embarrassment of riches

Labor’s budget is built on cost-of-living support and improvements for the most vulnerable. It announces the first surplus in more than a decade, declaring that inflation has peaked and the economy will continue to grow.

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Transport Minister Catherine King speaks to the press in Hobart, after the federal government pledged an additional $240 million to the Tasmanian government to build a new AFL stadium.


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Leader of the Opposition Peter Dutton and Shadow Treasurer Angus Taylor dressed in suits.
Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott dressed in a suit and speaking into a microphone.
A playground reduced to ash amongst a bushfire.
A Royal Saudi Naval Forces sailor carries a child as evacuees arrive at King Faisal Navy Base in Jeddah


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The lobbyist prime minister

It is almost too perfect. Scott Morrison will leave parliament to become a lobbyist, an oily little stain trailing him out of the office. The irony is that this will be the first time he has represented somebody other than himself. He will finally go to Canberra with a purpose.


Petering out

Chris Wallace has said something I have been thinking for some time (“Maybe Peter Dutton’s just not that smart”, April 29–May 5). Continuing to treat women – half the adult population …

Fair comparison

In Karen Middleton’s article (“Inside Labor’s Defence strategy”, April 29–May 5) we read that “with China’s posture becoming increasingly aggressive, the situation has changed”. …

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Book cover: Portrait photograph of a middle-aged man  in white shirt and tie.

André Dao

A blue book cover with the title, 'Hear the Art', printed in gold text and capitalised.

Andy Jackson
Hear the Art: Visual Poetry as Sculpture

Book cover: The back of a canvas with the silhouette of a person inside. The book title and author name are printed across the front.

Robert Gott
Naked Ambition


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Parcel slow-roasted lamb shoulder

Landscape image of a beach with white sand and crystal blue water.


Hiking Tasmania’s Bay of Fires

Tasmania’s Bay of Fires is an alternate reality – a wild coastal walk characterised by orange lichen-covered boulders, crystal-clear water and white-sand beaches.

A dog peaks over a neighbourhood fence.


The sweetest fruit

Despite marauding native wildlife, a seaside harvest fills the fruit bowl, fridge and pantry – all under the watchful eye of an attentive neighbour.


Top shots

From Collingwood proving their winning streak is about more than just luck to the NRL gambling on an American audience, the world of sport again provided an action-packed highlight reel.

Players of Sydney FC celebrate on-field.




“We are very up-front in terms of recognising that the customer experience was not where we wanted it to be.”

Vanessa HudsonThe incoming chief executive of Qantas draws a pithy comparison between her priorities for the company and the state of your luggage after a flight.


“But I respect people for whoever they are. And it’s up to people to be respectful.”

Anthony AlbaneseThe prime minister, in an awkwardly chummy exchange, manages to exempt whatever Piers Morgan is from the obligation to behave respectfully.


“Putin is a great leader for his country and the people love him.”

Oliver StoneThe director pays tribute to the Russian president while promoting his new film. Both this statement and his four-hour documentary are further evidence, if we needed any, of his inability to self-edit.


“We don’t have time.”

Jenny WareThe Liberal Member for Hughes cuts off an Aboriginal man’s request to speak at a “community consultation” on the Voice. In fairness, she may just have developed a keener appreciation of life’s brevity after two hours listening to Tony Abbott and Joe Hildebrand.


“I have got an absolutely open mind; the name of the Tasmanian team should be owned by the people of Tasmania.”

Andrew DillonThe incoming AFL chief executive announces plans to allow the Tasmanian people to name the state’s AFL team. Which is a nice consolation for spending $240 million of public money on a new stadium that no one needs.


“It was the diversity in that community which made for some seriously interesting people-watching.”

Guy SebastianThe performer praises the guest list at the wedding of Kyle Sandilands and Tegan Kynaston, which was apparently more inclusive than the groom’s Australian Idol panel.