May 20 – 26, 2023

Commissioner Catherine Holmes during a royal commission hearing.


A man wearing a black jacket and glasses walks outside with documents under his arm.
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A Ukrainian soldier gives water to a captured Russian army serviceman, near the front-line city of Bakhmut in the Donetsk region.


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Lipstick on your prejudice

Late last year, Liberal senator Alex Antic made a calculated intervention into the panic about drag and gender identity. No doubt he had watched excitedly as the same panic played out in America.


Major failure

Hats off to Anonymous (“We are responsible”, May 13-19) who clearly lays out how we are “failing our duty of care in youth detention”. Many inquiries have been held into Victoria’s youth …

Cuts in support

Anonymous clearly outlines the abuse and neglect of our youth in detention. It is an indictment of our collective lack of care and responsibility for those most at risk in our society. I’m a retired child, …

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Paul Schrader.


Screenwriter and director Paul Schrader

Screenwriter and director Paul Schrader created some of the most acclaimed films of the 1970s and 1980s, and as he releases his new film, Master Gardener, it’s clear age hasn’t wearied him.

A tin of paint, shoes and other items displayed on a white table with a Hornet jet in the background.


The Iraq War gallery

The forthcoming Iraq War gallery at the Australian War Memorial promises to display differing views about this controversial conflict, but the curatorial approach seems heavily compromised.

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Flipside Circus

Flipside Circus’s bright new Brisbane headquarters are built from shipping containers – a possible metaphor for the contingent place of the arts in Australian culture.

A family laughing together around a kitchen table.

The Influence

Lynn Nottage

At various stages of her life, American playwright Lynn Nottage has revisited the award-winning play A Raisin in the Sun. Each time, she sees its reflections on life and class through a different character’s eyes.


Reasonable boy

“I didn’t strike him, for I was a reasonable child. But how I wanted to. “Answer me properly, slave.”

Manis breathed long, as adults so often do. “Philosophers mock common ideas, master. Perhaps the stonemason said...”

Squinting up at the sky, the philosopher turned so that his back was fully to the sun. His laughter became forceful, more of a phlegmy wheeze, his mouth wide. I saw what he was pointing at now: his own shadow. Blackness on the grey dirt, a grotesque, misshapen version of his grotesque, misshapen being. ”


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Deborah Levy
August Blue

Book cover: the sketch of a naked leg with colours swirling around it.

Katia Ariel
The Swift Dark Tide

Book cover: Five youths with long hair pose in an alleyway for a band photogragh.

Donald Robertson
No Fixed Address


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Hot sauce with choko

A model with dark brown hair wears a blue, loose-hanging outfit.


Alix Higgins’s Australian Fashion Week collection

Alix Higgins has harnessed a strong sense of community and a love of words in his new collection for Australian Fashion Week, which flaunts his skill in textile design.

A market with a tall brick building in the background.


The housing crisis and nimbys v yimbys

Australia’s housing crisis will not be solved by the generational conflict between the ‘nimbys’ who reject development and the ‘yimbys’ calling for more.


Heroes, villains and the booing of Buddy Franklin

One legend endured a hostile Magpies fan base, another backflipped her way to FA Cup glory, and a third turned the LA Lakers into genuine contenders. Here, a look at the latest heroes and villains in sport.

An AFL player in a white and red jersey runs with the ball, an opponent chasing behind him.




“Roger never had his hand off the wheel when it came to Fox.”

Elizabeth AilesThe widow of disgraced Fox chief executive Roger Ailes blames Rupert Murdoch and his “Tweedle Dumb” and “Tweedle Dumber” sons for the network’s struggles. Roger never took his hands off the staff, either.


“Rugby Australia is the latest sports body to succumb to moral blackmail and come out for the Voice.”

Tony AbbottThe former prime minister condemns the governing body of the sport he once played for supporting the Voice. It’s proof of how much more work they still have to do to address acquired brain injuries.


“In the current high school national curriculum … iron ore is referenced only twice.”

Gina RinehartThe mining magnate complains about the focus on climate change in schools. If you doubt her commitment to education, just look at what she’s done to teach her own children a lesson.


“The Speaker is now considering possible dates for the byelection for the electoral division of Fadden…”

Milton DickThe speaker of the house of representatives confirms that Stuart Robert has formally resigned. Robert is expected to go back to working in the store on Cuddles Avenue and tricking those teddy bears.


“I mean … we can’t take responsibility for their heinous behaviour and we certainly don’t condone it.”

Angus TaylorThe shadow treasurer explains that his party’s rhetoric on migration cannot be linked to neo-Nazi demonstrations in Melbourne. His very next sentence did begin with the word “but”.


“The Eurovision Song Contest is an international entertainment show and governed by strict rules and principles…”

SpokespersonA representative of the European Broadcasting Union explains why Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky was not allowed to address the event. If you don’t have your principles, all you have is Eurovision.